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1. ShadAmy
2. Star
3. Emo
4. Christmas
5. Misletoe

Well those are all my Girls for now!!!!

1. Shadnic no i do not know any body else
2. Sexy
4. Killer
5. loonitick

That is All Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Source: Credit to SEGA and Sonic Team for making the Sonic Franchise.
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Pain swohsed his tail at Cliff."Hey!I कहा I do'nt want to fight!"
"Cliff just fight already!"Called Mindy.Cliff shook his head."I'm not going to hurt him."
Pain made a sarcastic noise."C'mon Mindy lets go."
Pain followed Cliff and Mindy and kept trying to pick a fight.
Finally Mindy spin around and punched Pain.It did not hurt Pain one bit.Pain laughed.That seemed to really get on Mindy's nerves so she kicked him this time.He douged."Mindy what are आप doing?"Mindy was'nt listening.She kept on punching and kicking.Pain douged every single attack.
"Mindy lets go!"Pain sluged Mindy,then hit her with his tail.Mindy was knocked down.It hurt but she got up.Mindy and Pain where standing in front of each other ready to attack.Cliff did'nt know what to do.
To be continued....
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Source: Me, And SonicIsMine helped me with Alice's colourscheme.