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Mirage is a echidna who got stuck in a time warp during Mobius' Ancient Egypt period. Now with no way to get back she's decided to stick with the तारा, स्टार Meteors. Her hobbies include reading, searching the internet(though technology does bug her a lot)and learning.Due to her प्यार for learning she's sort of the team's historian and translater, mainly when they come across Ancient Egyptian writing. She's currently trying to learn a powerful हटाइए that highly-classed echidnas from her time period knew, but it usually backfires. Resulting in talking Eygptian babble.


Arlene is the hedgehog...
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Cliff was walking along when he suddenly heard voices."Thats weard....I did'nt think many people came here any more.Cliff walked tward the voices.
They where robots.Alot.Cliff ducked behind a झाड़ी, बुश and peeked through the leaves.In the middle of the robots there was a hedgehog.
The hedgehog commanded to the robots,"Robot army!
Go fetch me the crystal key!"Cliff asked without thinking,"Whats that?"The hedgehog glared at the robots."Who कहा that?"But none of the robots या Cliff कहा anything."Do'nt आप listen to anything I say number 107?"A robot labled 107 made a beeping noise."Ummm sir there...
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Source: Credit goes to SEGA and Sonic Team for making the Sonic franchise.
Here's Rina's Profile!!!, Tell me if आप have any questions!:

Name: Rina the Hedgehog

Age: 13

Gander: Female/Girl

Country: Green Forest(None-Country)

Currently living in: Her Big, Girly and Cool पेड़ House made out of Trees, Coconuts, Leafs ect.

Love stats: No crush, Single

Fav Color: Green

Eye Color: Green

Likes: Jumping पेड़ To Tree, Animals, Neture, The Sea, Anything that has to do with Neture, Stars, Making Wishes, Shooting Stars, The Night, Rain, Chao, Peace

Dislikes: Evil, Eggman, Being mean, Distruction, Bad words, Being called sexy, कुतिया, मतलबी ect.

Ability: Jumping high, Not getting hurt द्वारा flame,...
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Source: Credit to SEGA and Sonic Team for making the Sonic Franchise.
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