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14. Cinderella

To me, सिंडरेला isn’t the best princess. I’m not sure what it is, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure if it’s her voice, her personality, या her naivety, but I just can’t stand her. She doesn’t try very hard to get Prince Charming, she does try just not very hard, she doesn’t even tell him her name! How wrong is that? She dances with the dude all night and doesn’t even tell him anything about herself, to me, that’s just wrong!

13. Megara

Again, this whole truth...
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This लेख was written collectively by: Princesslullaby, Cromulanfav, & JonnaSe

Cinderella's actions would make चमेली very angry. चमेली wouldn't like how passive she is, and how she's dreamy and wishes for और but doesn't do anything about it. चमेली also wouldn't understand या like how सिंडरेला never stands up to her stepfamily in a forceful या aggressive way, या never tells them off. She would find it very insulting to her strength as a woman.

Jasmine would like Aurora's playful, flirty personality, and how she acts hard to get with Phillip. But...
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This लेख was collectively written by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, & Princesslullaby

Tiana would see Ariel as a totally spoiled, selfish brat who is used to getting her way, and who gave up her dreams for a man, who just foolishly believes her dreams will come true because she has the confidence, and isn't logical at all. Tiana would find her very stupid and spoiled.

Tiana would see Aurora as a one-note girl with no ambition या drive, who only cares about finding a man. Tiana would admire nothing about Aurora and wouldn't care about her dreaminess या romanticisim.
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Here's the first लेख for the Best डिज़्नी Princess hair style countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 51. Enjoy!

51. Ariel - with hat

In my opinion this hair style completely deserved to be one of the first ones to leave. The hat is ridiculously ugly.

She wears her bangs under her hat, and it makes me imagine her having a receding hairline, या something. - VGfan30

this hairstyle is just ridiculous - pretty_angel92

This hat is so ugly. - ajotma

It makes her forehead look too big. - CodyVenusTrent

I think she looks funny with a hat on. - MrsEmmaPeel

50. Tiana - with green hat

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So a few days पूर्व I created two लेखाए about the डिज़्नी Princes and Princesses Dreamcast chosen द्वारा the फैन्पॉप users.

Now in this article, I'm going to make one for the डिज़्नी Villains. :)

As of August 26, 2011, here's what the प्रशंसकों picked:

1. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Sacha Baron Cohen

2. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Michelle Pfeiffer

3. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Uma Thurman

4. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Shirley McLaine

5. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Prince

These are all for now. I'll continue part two as soon as possible.

What do आप think about these actors/actresses?
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posted by Candy77019
 "She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts..."
"She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts..."
"Cinderelly!! CINDERELLY!!" screamed a high-pitched voice.
I groaned. "What?"
Jaq pulled at my braided hair. "Anastasia! She need you!"
I jumped out of बिस्तर and hurried to get ready. I was wondering why my stepsister would need me this early in the morning.
"CINDERELLA!!" ऐनस्टेशिया screamed through those godforsaken speakers.
"COMING!!" I yelled back, tying my hair.
I was almost out the door when Gus tugged on my dress.
"But what about breakfast?" his furry face looked hopeful.
I couldn't resist. I dug into my pocket and threw out a pile of corn. "Share, okay, guys? And DON'T BOTHER LUCIFER."...
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"Once Upon a Time, in a faraway land, there lived a beautiful princess"-
Nope. If you're looking for the cliche fairytale of how a motherless drop dead gorgeous 16 साल old with a horrible life, who then meets a prince, talks to him for a bit, and then marries him the अगला day, this isn't the story for you. For this story doesn't have a typical beginning, nor a typical ending, and very few typical things in between
Our story starts off in a place called Aladora, ever heard of it? Probably not. For Aladora's in an alternate dimension, and is very different from our world. Aladora is nothing but...
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Remember those picks I made about खाना a couple weeks ago? If not then click on the link at the bottom.

I've just decided to display the results.

The चोटी, शीर्ष 9 फिल्में with the yummiest selection of food
1.Beauty and the Beast
2.Cinderella 1 & 2
3.Princess and the Frog
5.Snow White
7.Sleeping Beauty
9.The Little Mermaid
 The yummiest from Beauty and the Beast is...... French रोटी
The yummiest from Beauty and the Beast is...... French Bread
 The Yummiest from सिंडरेला 1 & 2 is... चॉकलेट पुडिंग, हलवा
The Yummiest from Cinderella 1 & 2 is... Chocolate Pudding
 The yummiest from Princess and the Frog is... Fried Sough with Honey
The yummiest from Princess and the Frog is... Fried Sough with Honey
 The yummiest from मूलन is... तरबूज
The yummiest from Mulan is... Watermelon
 The yummiest from Snow White is... सेब pie
The yummiest from Snow White is... Apple pie
 The yummiest from अलादीन is... French Fries
The yummiest from Aladdin is... French Fries
 The yummiest from Slerpping Beauty... Cake
The yummiest from Slerpping Beauty... Cake
 The yummiest from Pocahontas is... Turkey Legs
The yummiest from Pocahontas is... Turkey Legs
 Apparently most fanpoppers don't like seafood. But anyways the Yummiest खाना from the Little Mermaid is... Wedding cake
Apparently most fanpoppers don't like seafood. But anyways the Yummiest food from the Little Mermaid is... Wedding cake
 "A Dream Is A Wish Your दिल Makes...."
"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...."
Well I as almost everyone would प्यार to see the most beloved animated classics of all time brought to life with the actors of today and the new technology.

A problem to this is each story has something complicated in it that could prevent this from happening.

The Lion King- Ahhhh how wonderful to see this movie brought to life except....honestly we cant make the जानवर look real and talk i mean its close to impossible but i guess after अवतार it really isnt but it would feel just like एनीमेशन again due to the fact the जानवर wouldnt really be talking.

Aladdin- Well i would प्यार to see who...
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 Each sinister villain contrasts the noble heroine they antagonize.
Each sinister villain contrasts the noble heroine they antagonize.
♥ Please keep in mind: this is an opinion article, feel free to disagree. But also remember, my opinion is superior to yours.

10. Dr. Facilier

Definitely the weakest DP villain in my opinion. I spent the first half of the movie unsure of what his goal and motivation was. He just kind of seemed like a creepy hobo who lurks about and casts बिना सोचे समझे voodoo spells. He kind of seemed like an after-thought in the grand scheme of the story, there was no great climactic battle. His scene in which he tries to tempt Tiana is basically pointless because we know that the princess would never just hand...
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This लेख was collectively written by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, Ppgbelle4, and Princesslullaby

Snow White would find चमेली rude, temperamental, and generally unkind. चमेली doesn't articulate in a calm, patient manner, and Snow White would find this kind of shocking. The only time Snow White would like चमेली is when she is saying she wants to marry for प्यार and lets the birds go, but otherwise find her too stubborn and headstrong.

Snow White wouldn't like that मूलन isn't very feminine, would find her actions very scary instead of brave, and just plain would...
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Years पूर्व I made an लेख about फैन्पॉप users that remind me of डिज़्नी characters so I decided to do an updated one about new फैन्पॉप users, with a few who aren't here anymore but have earned their position in the article. Some things I might say may offend some people but try not to take it too personally and keep in mind I did warn आप I'm going to be brutally honest, if आप don't like it it's your own fault for पढ़ना it. Enjoy!


This was a little hard but I realized that dclairmont is the most like Quasimodo. Both are very shy but are amazing guys. They're always very nice...
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posted by PrincessAyeka12
 Snow White's Playlist
Snow White's Playlist
I like making playlists on my आइपॉड for all of my favourite characters from all kinds of media. Sometimes the songs don't fit the characters and are just there to capture the symbolism from objects, जानवर या magic used in the film. I've made a playlist for a few of the Princesses and it's time I shared them with you. I'll add lyrics that I think relates to them the most.

Snow White is up first.

Symbolism: Spring, love, The Prince's castle, apples, birds (especially the blushing dove), gothic

Earth एंजल द्वारा Llewellyn & Juliana

-Snow's sweet child-like but motherly personality towards everyone...
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Yeah so this is my opinion which DP some people here look like. And I admit that my opinion can be far away of what आप think and my opinion which one they look isn't in any way "right"one. This is really.. eh.. simple लेख but well I tried to be simple.
Thanks to everyone who पोस्टेड their picture(none of आप are ugly!) and please don't get offended, from one picture it's really hard to create ful image of आप and if आप think something I wrote it's competely wrong it's just my stupidity. आप know yourself the best :)

link Belle[/b]

Well sadly from this picture is hard to say much when...
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Out of the entire princess lineup, only three of them were the biggest part of my childhood. सिंडरेला was sorta part of my childhood but mainly the Brandi Norwood version because I preferred that one over the animated version. And I’m not counting Rapunzel because her movie came out when I was almost an adult.

3. Mulan

A lot of आप might know that मूलन is my प्रिय princess and she’s been number 1 on my सूची for years. I was 5 years old when I watched her movie on tape and I remember being so in प्यार with her and the movie immediately. मूलन was one of the biggest feminist आइकनों in my...
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posted by wavesurf
I shall begin this लेख unconventionally, द्वारा speaking of something personal. This साल has been very rough for me in a lot of ways. The roughness has impacted every single sphere of my life, from my finances, to my job, to my प्यार life (which remains laughable), and to my very health. I have been really sick. I relate to the अलादीन of the 1992 film, even और so now, than when I first shook his hand in 1992. I relate to being constantly dirt poor, scared out of my mind, living दिन to दिन on the edge of the precipice, and skirting द्वारा through just the slimmest of margins. Every दिन is starting...
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 Cool one, isn't it?
Cool one, isn't it?
Hi guys, I just happened to watch Dragonheart and I thought why not all of the princesses should have a personalised magical Dragon Stones so that they could turn into dragons, so here are my thoughts!

Let Them Have It!

Of course, if डिज़्नी were to make a movie about them together. The fairy godmother will give them a dragon stone that will turn them into ड्रॅगन्स with each special powers! It will make the story interesting.

Don't Take It!

The story will be to dark for a डिज़्नी film, unless if डिज़्नी could tone down the appearance of the ड्रॅगन्स themselves.

Dragon या Not?

Here are my thoughts of this theory, so what do आप think?
 Dragon Mode?
Dragon Mode?
 Hello Pocahontas!
Hello Pocahontas!
Hi guys, since my favourite Pop versions of Reflection made it to the front page. Now, it's Pocahontas's turn for the pop version of her signature song, Colours of the Wind.

Brazilian Portuguese (Daniela Mercury)

I प्यार how the intro and the instrumental version is different from the original Vanessa William's version. Daniela's version has a calm and strong voice, she starts of very soft and it was not until the first chorus that she comes out of the shell with a strong personality.

Cantonese (Amanda Lee)

Another version sung in Cantonese that I really like, and I have to say Amanda is much...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Cheer up, Beast.
Cheer up, Beast.
Hi guys, I remember that a few months ago. I wrote about Gerard Butler playing the beast, so here are my other choices, including Butler himself and my reasons why. So, here we go!

1. Joaquin Phoenix

I saw video clips of him in the 2000 film, Quills. Which I think it set around the same time as Beauty and the Beast, I personally think that he's the perfect candidate for the character.

2. Patrick Wilson

This musical theatre veteran had play in लोकप्रिय musicals, in the likes of Carousel, Oklahoma and as Raoul in the 2004 Phantom of the Opera. He serenades us with his गाना and is also a perfect...
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This is part two of my लेख series, and we're moving onto Belle, who is ranked twelve in my प्रिय list.

Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

The first time I watched "Beauty and the Beast" was a loooong time ago. My mother loved, and still loves, that movie, along with my sister. Naturally, they made me watch it over.. and over.. and over. No matter what though, I never got a real opinion of Belle. She was just kind of there. At all my costume parties, and such, my mom and older sister always tried me to dress up in Belle attire for Halloween, but I left that for all the other girls....
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