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posted by jainabieber7
 i'm jaina :)
i'm jaina :)
हे DP fans! i just wanted to introduce myself because I am obsessed with this प्रशंसक page and I would प्यार for everyone to get to know me better!
some info about me:

- My name is Jaina (jane-uh) and I'm 16 years old.

- I live in sunny Florida, just 2 hours away from Walt डिज़्नी World! I have an annual pass and I go A LOT.

- My प्रिय DP list!
1. Rapunzel
2. Belle
3. Ariel
4. Cinderella
5. Jasmine
6. Pocahontas
7. Mulan
8. Snow White
9. Aurora
10. Tiana

- My fave डिज़्नी movie is Tangled.
others are Toy Story, Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan, ect. I could go on forever....
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House of माउस theater
Burbank, CA

Rodger and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music


Directors: Mickey माउस and Donald Duck
Producer: Minnie Mouse
Costume design: गुलबहार, डेज़ी Duck
Stage Technician: Horace Horsecollar
Props: Goofy
Stage Production: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia
Stage Make-up: Clarabelle Cow
Lyrics and Songs written by: Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

Story based on: The autobiography of Maria Von Trapp, the German 1955 film, the 1957 play, and the 1965 film.


Belle............................................Fraulein Maria
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 डिज़्नी Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
The Great दिन has come! The दिन that all the princesses and princes of the Walt डिज़्नी Company comes together for the awards ceremony that the company gives for special thanks for the great job as princes and princesses in Walt डिज़्नी Company. All awards are special and unique. Every prince and princess is nominee for all the awards. Knowing each one will make understand why they are special to receive the awards.

Snow White
 Princess Snow White
Princess Snow White
First डिज़्नी Princess....
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Thank आप so much to everybody who voted & टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on each countdown pick. Credit to princesslullaby, for the idea of putting टिप्पणियाँ in articles. I hope आप enjoy reading!

10.Snow White
This sweet, refined, adorable little girl might be a joy to watch on-screen, but might've been lacking a bit in the smart department. First of all, she goes into some little house that she doesn't even know who's it is, and sleeps on their bed! Really? What if they all had malaria या something? Then, even though the dwarves warned her PLENTY of times, she lets in an old, creepy lady into her house....
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I thought it would be fun to do this. This is my सूची of who I think is the least prettiest to the prettiest. For each princess, I used a picture of my प्रिय beauty shot. Hope आप enjoy पढ़ना it.

She’s pretty. In fact, she’s very pretty but she’s just not as pretty as the others. She has a big long nose and big eyes. Her hair is really long and luscious which I like, but I don’t like the shape of it around her head. If she had another hair style than I think she would be prettier.

Another beauty, but not as much as the others. Since she’s only 14,...
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Everyone please congratulate Tiffany88 for being Marches डिज़्नी princess प्रशंसक of the month. She really deserves it. She makes incredible pictures and contributes a lot. She also just recently got her finatic medal for this spot. Here is what she had to say.

1. How do आप feel about being प्रशंसक of the month?

Thank you!I’m so grateful for everyone who voted for me.:) And I try to do my best for this spot.

2. Who is your प्रिय princess and why, least प्रिय pricess and why?

My प्रिय princess has always been Jasmine! I grew up with a her. I प्यार her personality,her sassy attitude and her...
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So I just discovered that I have never done one of these...and since I saw "Tangled" I thought might as well do it now that आप have seen the last addition to the "Prince Pack". So here we go.

10. The Prince - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ok so I think the way him and Snow White sing is adorable and आप know the whole true loves किस thing was sweet too...but we never see this guys personality sure he seems really nice and ofcourse charming but we don't know if he's funny या आप know all that other stuff so yeah sadly he's at the bottom because I just don't know much about him.

9. Prince...
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posted by madisonsavanna
Yeah, it has been switched around a lot, again lol. Sorry this लेख isn't that good, and it's short.

 What I प्यार most about rivers is आप can't step in the same river twice
What I प्यार most about rivers is आप can't step in the same river twice

She's stayed the same, IDK, there's nothing wrong with her really except she kind of bores me

 People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care
People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care

No where else to put her, really

7)Snow White
 Life flows along with a smile and a song
Life flows along with a smile and a song


Now I'm not gonna write anything, sorry, I'm tired :P

 Somehow I cannot hide who I am, though I've tried
Somehow I cannot hide who I am, though I've tried

 I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it और than I can tell
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it और than I can tell

 I can't go back to where I used to be
I can't go back to where I used to be

 Have faith in your dreams and someday, your इंद्रधनुष will come shining through
Have faith in your dreams and someday, your इंद्रधनुष will come shining through

 I'm ready to stand
I'm ready to stand

 I know you, I walked with आप once upon a dream
I know you, I walked with आप once upon a dream
 Eleven stunning ladies
Eleven stunning ladies
For my first लेख I am going to do a prettiest डिज़्नी Princess face list. Why just faces? Because I like to vary from the norm. I might do body या hair lists another time. Anyway, shall we get down to business?

11. Snow White
All the princesses' faces have something pretty about them, but Snow White's face is just a little generic for my tastes. I mean, she has lovely brown eyes and rosy cheeks, but that doesn't save her from last place.
Pleasant features: Sweet eyes, ruby lips
Unpleasant features: Slightly chubby face, too generic

 Hey, Magic Mirror! Ever heard of, I don't know, Pocahontas?
Hey, Magic Mirror! Ever heard of, I don't know, Pocahontas?...
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The biggest सवाल about Frozen? How did Elsa get ice powers. Over the past few weeks, I have observed many theories have got her powers. Please note that none of these are mine, but I can't find the original source. If आप came up with one of these, tell me and I'll credit you.

1. Elsa was born on the Winter Solstice

We learn that Elsa was born with her powers in Frozen. That seems to suggest that there was something 'abnormal' about her birth. Maybe, like one प्रशंसक suggested, she was born on the 21st of December (Winter Solstice). This would connect her back to the theme of ice and winter....
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The डिज़्नी princesses are known for their voices. In some cases, it is the first quality people describe about them. I प्यार music, and I प्यार to sing, so this is something I really love. So here is my personal opinion on the डिज़्नी princess गाना voices!

10. Ariel
Ariel’s voice isn’t that bad, if it’s your type. Which it’s not particularly mine. I prefer a deeper tone and richer timbre. But if that’s all I have to say negative about it, why is it my least favorite? One little thing: SHE SINGS THROUGH HER NOSE. Up where they stay all दिन in the sun, ready to know, get some answers,...
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posted by cromulanfav
Second name: Adriana (it's the one I prefer anyway, my godfather gave it to me when I baptized)

Country of Origin: Serbia, but I moved to Croatia for a while. But now I'm in Serbia, but I'm going to study in Croatia. I am Croat द्वारा origins. I prefer Croatia, it's beautiful country

Favorite डिज़्नी Movie: Mulan, I'm crazy about it. Close सेकंड is Hunchback of Notre Dame.

 This the line-up version of myself
This the line-up version of myself

Hobbies: Writing... articles, books, drawing, reading, a lot, projecting houses, doing math and logic tasks, playing गिटार on local Christian band, playing drums in local rock band, talking...
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Decided to do an लेख like this too, I've actually been wanting to do this for a long time, but I thought it was hard to do, well it was hard even now to do this सूची because I think Snow White is the type of princess that would get along well with the other princesses, but anyway hope you'll like this लेख :)

10. Merida

If we're basing it on Merida's personality in the end of the movie she would be placed slightly higher on this सूची since she's और like Snow White at that point, but now I based it on her personality during most of the time in the movie and that is what puts her...
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There are seven dwarfs in Snow White and seven children in The Sound of Music. In honor of POTM, I thought I'd pair each of the seven children (and Maria) in The Sound of संगीत with a डिज़्नी Princess and one of the seven dwarves.

Maria - Snow White
- Maria has seven children and Snow White has seven dwarfs
- Short hair
- Firm but kind
- प्यार to sing and dance
- Have a song about optimism "I Have Confidence" and "With a Smile and a Song"
- Prays at bedtime, Maria for the seven children and Snow White for the seven dwarves

Leisl - Ariel
They’re both 16 going on 17. She is totally out of it, way...
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 Our heroes.
Our heroes.
Hi everyone, I got my laptop back and I had just watched फ्रोज़न II with Prasert. According to him, he कहा that it's even better than the first one, but he was disappointed that there were no bad guys in it! Anyway, here is my review on the film. Enjoy!

The Story

Okay, so we get to see और of Elsa's and Anna's parents and the origins of Elsa's ice power. In fact, when King Agnarr was young during the flashback. Prasert pointed out that he looks like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon! I could not believe it.
The story is और dark in a contrast to the first one, because we get the Maleficent...
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 So good to see them together!
So good to see them together!
Since the 4 piece boy band are लोकप्रिय in Asia, including Malaysia. Here are my song choices from this British boy-band.

1) Don't Wanna Lose आप Again

The 3 classic princes will sing this to their respective princesses, even Prince Eric will sing this at the end while rescuing Ariel!

2) Like A Rose

From the Beast's perspective, he will sing this song about Belle and especially about the Rose as a constant reminder to break the spell.

3) Trust Me

अलादीन and चमेली will sing this a duet, in this song, अलादीन tells Princess चमेली to trust him!

4) Waiting for Daylight

Moments before the final...
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 Party Time!!
Party Time!!
Since हैलोवीन is coming, I'll write down some of the princesses favourite हैलोवीन films.

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera

I प्यार this movie and I think it would be perfect for a हैलोवीन party gathering for the princess together! It's about Erik, a deformed man living at the Opera House in Paris and needs love. Christine Daae, fell into a प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज between Erik and Raoul, Vicomte De Chagny.

2. Stephen King's Rose Red

The spookiness in this miniseries is the best EVER! I प्यार Stephen King because he's very original with his story, it's base on a mansion in Seattle.

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 Ella and Kit.
Ella and Kit.
Hi guys, I will be लेखन 2 of my favourite डिज़्नी remake that were make into a live action reboot. I will write down on which of these 2 are my favourites, as well as how they inspired me.

Cinderella (2015)

One of the things I really like about this reboot of the 1950 classic, was that it teaches us to have faith and be kind. We also get to see how Ella manages to stand against her stepmother unlike her animated version, she also meets the prince before meeting him during the ball.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Like Cinderella, Belle has और screen-time including the Beast/ Prince Adam. Belle...
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 Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning
Hi guys, since Emma Watson did hers, now I'm going to write down my 3 favourite outfits during the world premiere of Maleficent, सिंडरेला and Beauty and the Beast.

Elle Fanning's Maleficent Premiere Dress

I just प्यार this dress and the hairstyle, because I think it really सूट्स Elle very much. It's और feminine and very modern, in fact it looks like a modernised version of Cinderella's dress!

Lily James' सिंडरेला Premiere Dresses

When I first saw this dress during the World Premiere, I was really amazed that it slightly resembles to Elle Fanning's dress. Including the hairstyle too, but...
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 1. Normal dress
1. Normal dress
We are now on the final renaissance princess Mulan. However she is not a royal princess. She is not born one and she maries Li Shang a soldier not a prince, but she is still really cool and has princess outfits so don't be saying negative thing she rocks.

1.Normal dress
When we first see मूलन she is wearing a green Cardigan, blue strap all on चोटी, शीर्ष of a yellow dress. This all looks lovely, I प्यार the colours on it. A lightly coloured outfit thats Pretty and simple all in all I like it. 8/10

2. Brides maid dress
When गाना reflections, मूलन is wearing a गुलाबी top, a high ponytail, dark blue strap...
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