V बी टी एस <3

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  • Female, 14 years old
  • I want to travel to anywhere where बी टी एस is, to meet my bias, V <3
  • Favorite TV Show: AFV (america's funniest घर videos)
    Favorite Movie: Moana, Secret life of pets, Minions, Despicable Me 1&2
    Favorite Musician: bts, taylor swift, alessia cara
    Favorite Book or Author: i dont like पढ़ना that much :P
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twinklestar11 बारे मे कहा बिना सोचे समझे
high school sucks. My sister कहा 9th grade is the best school year... ha not even fun. There is a lot of fights going on in the school rn. and this one girl wants to fight me. -_- पोस्टेड ·5घंटे पहले
Mauserfan1910 टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे…
One piece of advice: brass knuckles ·5घंटे पहले
8theGreat टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे…
Another piece of advice- never expect any साल to be the best school साल ·5घंटे पहले
2ntyOnePilots टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे…
@Mamauser where would one find brass knuckles? Those will come in handy (pun intended) ·45मिनट पहले
twinklestar11 बारे मे कहा बी टी एस
this came to mind a while back:

If Rap mon is the god of destruction.....
does that make me the godness of destruction?

cuz just like him, everything i touch it breaks. loz पोस्टेड ·3दिन पहले
Hanii-shi के लिए प्रॉप्स दिया मुझे my answers
Everyone can tell that आप are obsessed with Tae. ^-^ पोस्टेड ·4दिन पहले