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Behold, a James Bond parody featuring Fluttershy. Our story starts in the Atlantic Ocean

Equestrian ponies: We got sight of something.
Captain: What?
Equestrian ponies: It looks like an oil barge.
Captain: What the fuck are आप looking at that for?
Equestrian ponies: Something unusual is sticking out from the bottom.

And suddenly the alarm went off, and the submarine was being forced to go up.

Captain: How is this happening?!
Equestrian ponies: WE have no idea!!
mexican: *drive barge near sub*
Captain: Of course. Mexicans!!
Mexicans: *go past submarine*

Speaking of Mexicans, the mexican secret...
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Prologue: The beginning
Rift's father: He's so cute honey, I knew he would what should we name him?
Rift's mother: How about Rift.
Rift's father: Rift?
Rift's mother: Rift, for that scar going down his eye.
Rift's father: That's just perfect, our little Rift.
Nurse: Ahh I see he's awake.
Rift: Daddy.
Rift's father: *gasp* Honey he कहा his first word
*5 years later*
Rift: हे dad where are we goin'?
Dad: We are going to see a play at your school.
Rift: Awwwww, how'd आप find out?
Mom: We saw the flyer आप tried to throw away mister.
Rift: Shoot. 
*at Rifts school*
Teacher: Ok class we have a new student today...
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