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posted by NoahxCourtney77
If They Ever Become A Couple (Witch Might Be Happeing द्वारा What Taliah Tells Me) Then This Song Would Fit.

If timings everything
stop telling me you're taking your time
I know you're anxious
But you're running your mouth like you're five
Years old again
It's so hard to pretend

Like I know everything
I dont know anything
I wanted आप to see
That I got nothin

I'll sit back and I'll watch the show
I'll lay awake and I'll watch the stars as they collide

My eyes they do see
I don't breathe the way I used to
My lips they don't sing
I won't be the way I was on that night

Steady breathing is all I can advise
To a girl...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
A Song I Think Fits Gwen And Trent Even Though They Broke Up =(
*Swears Once या Twice*

I'm in trouble
I'm an addict
I'm addicted to this girl
She's got my दिल tied in a knot
And my stomach in a whirl

But even worse
I can't stop calling her
She's all I want and more
I mean damn
What's not to adore?

I've been playing too much guitar
I, I've been listening to jazz
I called so many times
I swear she's going mad
And that cellular will be the death of us
I swear, I swear

And oh
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh

I'm running my mouth
Just like I got her
But I surely don't

Because she's so
O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh
Rock 'n roll
And out of my league...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
I Think This Song Really Fits Them!
*It Swears Twice, So..Yeah*

Baby, I प्यार you
I never want to let आप go
The और I think about,
The और I want to let आप know:
That everything आप do,
Is super fucking cute
And I can't stand it

I've been searching for
A girl that's just like you
Cause I know
That your दिल is true

Baby, I प्यार you
I never want to let आप go
The और I think about,
The और I want to let आप know:
That everything आप do,
Is super duper cute
And I can't stand it

Let's sell all our shit,
And run away
To sail the ocean blue
Then you'll know,
That my दिल is true

Baby, I प्यार you
I never want to let...
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 Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart:Your first challenge is making your hou-I MEAN TRUTH या DARE!!!
Dani:*hugs Patrick like shes scared*
Martha Stewart:Lindsay,you go first!
Lindsay:*looks confused*
Martha Steart:Ask someone truth या dare...
Lindsay:What does buying कुकीज़ have to do with...what?
Blaine and Lindsay:*walk away sad*
Martha Stewart:Zoey,you go first!
Zoey:Um,D.J!Truth,or dare?
Kenys:*teeth starts chattering*
Zoey:Do आप think any girls beside Kenya are hot?
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 Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart:Hello,and welcom to Mar- wait!This is a differant show!
Intern:HURRY UP!
Martha Stewart:OK!Hello,and welcome to um,Total Drama Couples!Are first gues- COUPLE!Is Briony and Devon!
Briony:Um.......were am I?
Devon:*pushes Briony*
Martha Stewart:Next is...Kenya and D.J!
Kenya:D.J STOP!
Martha Stewart:awwwww!Next is Zoey,and Lucas
*no one comes out*
Martha Stewart:ZOEY AND LUCAS!!!!
*no one comes out*
Martha Stewart:GET OUT HERE!
Zoey and Lucas:*are making out*
Martha Stewart:Ugh!Next is Chase and Duncan!
Duncan:Ugh!*looks mad*
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Briony: I vote off Zack!

Zack: I VOTE OFF THE कुतिया, मतलबी BRIONY!

Lexxi: I vote off Briony!

Rochelle: I vote off Briony!

Duncan: I vote for Zack!

Izzy: I vote for Zack!

Karen: I vote off Briony!

Bridgette: I vote off Zack!

Lindsay: *Closes eyes and picks name out of Hat* Ooooo! hee hee!

*Confessionals end*

Chris: This is a um, surprise?

Briony: Whats the surprise Chris?

Chris: Briony, Get your Fake ugly नितंब, गधा off my land! YOUR VOTED OFF!!

Zoey: *Runs in laughing*

Annie: *follows Zoey and laughs with her*

Annie: BYE BYE BRIONY! *picks up briony and throws her into the bus of shame*


Chris: Wow, nice girls! *high fives Zoey and Annie*

Annie&Zoey: Thanks Chris!

Chris: And the game begins....NOW!

Jordan: I got it! *Hits the puck with the Hockey Stick*

*The Puck soars through the air and Zack Jumps up and kicks it*


Chris: Yes he is, both teams can do whatever they want!

*Lexxi gets the puck and passes it to Izzy*

Izzy: BOOM BOOM! *Izzy hits the puck with her Hockey stick and it soars through the air and lands in the goal*

Annie: Aww Crap!

Jordan: *skates over to Annie* Its Okay! Its just one goal!

Chris: Team Wonderful has 1 goal and Team Greatness has 0!

*Zoey gets the puck and passes it to Lucas*

*Lucas skates around...
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My Reward द्वारा Hail the Villain

Gave up my loving for all that I’m hating
Hating the loving I gave
Oh terrified द्वारा the horrible lies
Lies the evil we’ve made

Wake up! I’m sweating, I’m burning, I’m dreading
Dreading the life that I hate
There was a time when at least I was winning
Living a life that’s okay

Here’s my reward for your life
That आप gave me

Let me प्यार you
Fear and blame you
Let me प्यार you
Scar and burn you

Started defending, was seeing the ending
Finished before it began
Came in deceiving, left here believing
I am a terrible man

Wake up! I’m sweating, I’m burning, I’m dreading
Dreading this horrible trend
Now that I see that your दिल is for loving
Why did I break it again?

Here’s my reward for your life
That आप gave me

Let me प्यार you
Fear and blame you
Let me प्यार you
Scar and burn you


Let me प्यार you, fear and blame you
Let me प्यार you, SCAR AND BURN YOU! x4
Chris: Welcome to total…drama…killing in the name of!! Our contestants are here!! First joining us is Aydan!
Aydan: Sup? So er…what do we do in this season?
Chris: अगला up is Brandon.
Brandon: *goes up to Chris* Pound it!
Chris: Uh…no. Here is Zoey!!
Zoey: Oh my god it is sooo good to be here Chris!!
Chris: Ok? आप guys are going to annoy the heck out of me! Brittney get your butt out here.
Brittney: *enters and trips* Ow, that kind of hurt…OH MY GOD! IS THAT PIXIE STIX?!?!?
Chris: Ugh…Allie.
Allie: Hi there!!
Chris: Talia! Get out here please.
Talia: Hiya!
Chris: Here is Avery.
Avery: Hi Chris!...
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posted by ellarainbow129
"Hello and welcome to toal drama reloded im your host chris mclean. Lets welcome our old contestensts back, ducan and gwen". They came in holding hands."Hey chris" ducan कहा "WOW" Chris siad he Really कहा हे to me, he must be in love. Later chris and the contestants went into the main hall, Where chef was seving slop. "Your first challenge will be in half and hour." chris कहा to te conestants. " the pasty, wana dich all this and go be naugthy". " mh hum" gwen siad with a look in her eye. ducan grubbed gwen hand and they snuck away from the main hall. gwen started to walk to the boys cabbin....
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posted by soxfan89
The Hospital Where The Campers Sit Outside And Watch Chris On His Hospital Bed.
Doctor:Chris' Chance Of Survival Is 23%. I'm Truly Sorry!
Gwen:No, It's Not Fair. He Can't Die! *cries*
Trent:Gwen, आप Can't Say That. आप Don't Know It Yet!
Bridgette:If I Only I Took Care Of Him More.
Geoff:Bridgette, It Isn't Your Fault!
Lindsay:*crying* Oh Tyler, What Are We Going To Do About It?
Tyler:I Don't Know What To Tell You. He Looks Bad!
Heather:Alejandro, Stop Looking Through The Window.
Alejandro:The Pain, It's Just So Miserable! *sobs*
Courtney:Oh Duncan, How Did आप Not Tell Me About This Before?
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posted by soxfan89
It Was A Sunny Afternoon At Camp Wawanawka And The Campers Were Finishing Eating Lunch.
Izzy:How Did आप Enjoy The Meal?
Bridgette:It Was Very Good, First Vegetarian Meal In A Week.
Gwen:It Was Great.
Heather:The Best Yet!
Lindsay:I'm Gonna Go Now!
Sadie And Katie:Game Time.
Duncan:So Princess, Should We Go Outside?
Courtney:Yes Duncan!
Noah:I'm Getting Bored Myself.
Leshawna:I Need Rest!
Harold:That's The Best Bet.
Owen:(Burps) Great खाना Today!
Geoff:It Filled Me Up.
Chris:Ok Everyone, Grab A Board Game And Let's Start Playing. (Clutches His Chest)
Tyler:What's Happening To Him?
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(completely ignores Total Drama World Tour)

Chris: Hello people, we are back for a third season! With some old and some new faces!! The first new face is my new cohost, Alyssa aka GinnyXHarryluv!
Alyssa: Hello! How do y'all do? Welcome to Total Drama Band!
Chris: I was gonna say that!
Alyssa: Well I कहा it for you. Now let's meet our contestants!!
Chris: Returning is:
Izzy: Boom-boom
Lindsay: Hi Chris!!
Heather: Whatever
LeShawna: हे y'all!
Gwen: Hi everyone!!
Beth: Hi guys!
Bridgette: Hi dudes!
Duncan: Hello morons
Geoff: Hi dudes!
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World: We got Traped in लंडन cause someone took Chef! So I made everyone do a boot camp! The first to finsh was Buddy and Draven who found Chef from Alejandro! and Alejandro Went on team लंडन again. So Lulu was the 3rd to finsh the boot camp so her team didn't lose and didn't win. and team लंडन loast and almost everyone votted AL out. But i कहा no al out! and Jax got booted! Who win? who will lose? find out on Total Drama around the World!

*theme song*

*first class*

Wally: First class Rocks!
Katie: I know right? But it would be better if Jared was...
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Everyone: AN OLD ICE RINK?

Chris: Yeah! And it only costs 10 bucks per hour!

Jake: So, what are we going to do at this crapy ice rink?

Chris: This Guy will explain it! *points to a guy wearing a Chicago Blackhawks Uniform*

Patrick Kane: हे everyone!


Patrick Kane: Yeah...I know...

Zoey: So Mr.Kane...

Patrick Kane: आप can just call me Patrick.

Zoey: Oh sorry, as i was saying what are we going to do today Patrick?

Patrick Kane: We're going to play Hockey! So please विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up into your teams!

*Team Greatness...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
The Total Drama Restrant
Alejandro Burgar Dipped In Heather Sauce
Noah Hot Dog Wennie Dipped In Courtney Sauce (Yes, I Know That Sounds Wrong But It Came Out Of My Mouth Before I Thought About It)
Tyler Fries Salted With Lindsay
Harold Cookie Sprinkeld With LeShawna
Geoff मछली Dipped In Bridgette Sauce
Cody पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा With Sierra On Top

So, What Will आप Have?

Oh Yeah And Add Justin For 5 Cents Only!

But If आप Want Some Trent आप Have To Pay Extra!
Becuz He's Just Awsome!
And Im Random!

Blaine: ugh screw it good bye alejandro

Jasper: O.... Kay. Today was officially screwed up. Alejandro is back... Which officially bites. I mean, I don't want him flirting. I want to play fair! But, I guess I choose Alejandro.

Annie: *sighs in joy* What a wonderful day. Jordan saved me! Hes just so....Perfect. Oh oh right! Im voting off ALEJANDRO!

Jax: Today bites! Alejandro is back, but i'm not votting for him. I will easyly ask him to be in a elicen with him then vote everyone esle off so we will be in the finale. so bye bye Kasey!

Jared: Goodbye Alejandro!

Alejandro: Jax is so...
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*In the plane*

Zoey: हे Chris, How Much longer til we get to Toronto?

Chris: We will be landing the plane in about 15 minutes.

Briony: Why exactly are we going to do in Toronto?

Lindsay: Like, Arnt we going to Play soccer, Because, like सॉकर was made in Canadian world right?

Jordan: ohhh wow... *sighs*

Duncan: We're Probly most likely going to Play Hockey!

Chris: And आप are 100% right Duncan!

Chef: The plane will be landing...right....NOWWW!!! get on the floor!

*everyone lays on the floor of the plane*

*the plane lands*

Chris: So...we're here!!

Everyone: Woah....were at.....

*Stay tuned for episode 2 part 3!*

Lexxi: So, Ronny's gone. Im Fine with that!

Zack: Ronnys gone. Thats uh, good i guess...

Zoey: I have NO idea who got voted off!

Annie: I wonder who got voted off...

Jordan: I bet Duncan got voted off of their team!

*Confessionals end*

*At a बिना सोचे समझे Starbucks*

Jared: I wonder who got voted off of their team, Dont आप guys wonder?

Jordan: Yeah! I want to know so bad, so we can work out some stratigy या something!

Annie: Look, their coming!

Rochelle: हे Guys!

Duncan: Sup.

Zoey: So, Who got voted off?

Briony: Ronny...

Jake: Tragic...*laughs*

Chris: हे everyone! Todays Challange is going to take...
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Zack: Um, I guess i vote off Ronny.

Briony: Bye Ronny!

Duncan: I guess, I vote off Briony? eh, i dont know why, but i hate her.

Lindsay: I vote off Duncan!

Lexxi: I uh, i dont know... *closes eyes and picks up someones name* i vote off Duncan.

Rochelle: I vote off Ronny.

Ronny: I vote off Duncan...

Bridgette: I vote off Ronny. Sorry!

Karen: i vote off Ronny...Sorry girl.

*Confessionals end*

Chris: So, this is a shocker! 1 vote for Briony!

Briony: WHAT!?!

Chris: 3 वोट्स for Duncan!

Duncan: pfft....

Chris: And with 5 votes....Its....Ronny...


Chris: Goodbye Ronny! आप are now required to go on the Bus of Shammme!

*Ronny gets on the bus of Shame*

Chris: Stay tuned for the अगला episode of TOTAL DRAMA THE MUSICALLLLL!