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Jordan: Oh how am i'm glad i wasn't in the last round. Our team would have lost. We would have lose anyway if it wasn't for Owen Mc.Farty pants.

Katie: *crying and Coughing* wow ! What did Owen eat? *Barfs* well anyway.......... i'm votting off my self! *stamps her* *coughs and Barfs*

Harold: *coughing hard* Why owen why??????

Draven: *coughing* I got some of Owen's Fart in my mounth cause it hit me! aggggggg....... at the merg...... if Owen is still in........... He is outty!
*Chris walks in*
Chris: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......... No merg this season!
Draven: what???

Jasper:*Cheers.* Yes!...
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Welcome back to Total Drama High School, Season 2!
Let's pick up where we left off.
*Outside of School*
Annie: Um, wow. That was really weird last night.
Sammy: I wanted to शामिल होइए that pool party. :(
Nikita: Aren't आप going to get eliminated, though?
Sammy: It's a risk worth to take.
Scout: Omg hahaha xD
Corabella: Sh, guys! Ilana's coming!
Ilana: Well guys, no challenge today. We still have to clean up the school
thanks to you-know-who.
All girls: YAY!!!!!!!
Corabella: Like, OMG! Nikita, want to do our nails!
Nikita: I'm not some type of girly girl, thank you.
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posted by RandomlyJacob
Chris:Ok now that all 12 of आप have arrived.....
All: What?
Chris: That's right and first to arrive is.....Zoey!
Courtney: Wait a minute....THAT'S MY HAIRSTYLE!
Yup,the Courtney Mendoza HAIRDOOOOO!You should feel ashamm...
Zoey: *slaps Courtney* I dont have time for this...
Chris: everyone welcome,Lia and Shawn
Noah:*gasps* आप let HER in!
Chris: Yeah I knew it'd make आप mad..
Noah: Well welcome shorty...
Lia: Im only 2 inches shorter!
Noah: Your still shorter.
Shawn: I like your nephew *high fives noah*
Owen: Nephew? They look like the same age...
Lia: It's a long story....
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posted by RandomlyJacob
Welcome to...Total Drama Hotel! The 4th season of Total Drama. As आप all remember last time Ezekiel fell into the ज्वर भाता, ज्वालामुखी and Heather got no money....*flashblacks play* haha wow. But this time we're gonna have 11 old contestants and 10 NEW contestants........so stay tuned as the contestants compete in this crummy 1 तारा, स्टार hotel..right here right now on....TOTAL DRAMA HOTEL!!!
--Theme music---
Duncan: Im sorry Courtney but I have a new girl-friend now....and her name is Gwen.
Gwen: *holds Duncan's hand and blushes*
Courtney: Ugh....Im gonna call my lawyers and prooooove to them that cheating should...
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Ilana: Welcome back to Total Drama High School, Season 2! Let's
pick up where we left off, shall we? ;)
Ilana: Alright, since last time we had people cussing, this will be
the cussing challenge. Whoever cusses will lose the challenge, and the
person who doesn't cuss the most words wins invinicibility and a tape
of the contestants embarrassing moments.
All girls: >:O WHAT?!
Rene: That's mean! D:
Ilana: Let's get started, shall we?
Lexxi: Um, Nikita, I accidentally broke your हार when I was looking for
something in your केबिन D: Sorry.
Nikita: WHAT?!...
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Ilana: Alright, it's time for आप girls to हटाइए into cabins! :D

Girls: Yay?

Ilana: -_-....
Cabin 1 will have Nikita, Kirby, and Rikki.
Cabin 2 will have Celine, Ashley, and Lulu.
Cabin 3 will have Sammy, Scout, and Annie.
Cabin 4 will have Lexxi, Lia, and Rene.
Cabin 5 will have Corabella and Andrea.

Now, for the challenge! :) Today, आप will hunt for some jewelry hidden
somewhere in the school, and place them with this basket with pearls woven in!

Corabella: Shiny....*Tries to touch pearls*
Ilana: DON'T TOUCH IT! *Slaps Corabella's hand*
Ilana: Too bad because you'll...
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*Theme संगीत plays*

Chris: last time on Total drama video games Heather left as Courtney and Trent started up a whole lot of drama!!

*in the hotel lobby*

Courtney: *sitting अगला to trent* ugh we have to get rid of alejandro and Gwen

Trent: well Alejandro first

Courtney: what I want gwen gone now!!

Trent: she isnt even on our team!!

Courtney: I will find away to get rid of her

Alejandro: *laughing to himself*

*In the restaurant*

Justin* *hiding from katie and sadie* I hate them so much!!

*At the stage*

Chris: ok todays video game is Halo Reach!!!!

Harold: BOOYAH!!!!! *has nerd seizures*

LeShawna: *slaps him*...
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Welcome to Total Drama High School, this time, with a Season 2 comeback! >:D Let's meet the contestants, shall we?

Say hello to Rene, Lia, and Corabella!
All three: Hello :)

Here's Rikki, Lulu, and Kirby!
Lulu: ^_^
Kirby: Hello. Hehe.

Now there's Sammy, Scout, and Annie!
Sammy: Whatever, Psh...
Scout: Oh hi thar!
Annie: Hi.

Then there's Ashley, Lexxi, and Andrea!
Andrea: My name is Ashley, too. :)
Lexxi: Wtf is up with आप and your habit with bringing people to justice for no apparent
Ashley: I WATCH...
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chey:last time bridgette went घर who will go this time
(tolet flushes chey heard a zipper zipping)
duncan:ahhhhh हे sis
chey:total drama world tour हे duncan
*losers part*
duncan:hey girl friend
lindsay:hey bf
(duncan & lindsay make out)
*winner part*
leshawna:i प्यार 1st class
chey:today`s challenge is a गाना contest teams are duncan & lindsay vs. alejandro & leshawna
duncan:cool what song do we sing
chey:if i didn`t have you
lindsay:eeeeewwww my fav
chey: team d&l go 1st
(duncan & lindsay sing the whole song duncan falls off the plane chey jumps)
chey:having your sister...
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Chris: Last time on Total drama around the world! Guatemala! घर of lake Atitlan! Here are team mates fightted way to much. not going to name anyone, but Jasper and Heather! Ezekiel roaded he's team's नाव so fast that he's team got cought in some Vines! But THanks to Jasper she cut the vine! Blaine didn't want lindsay to get hirt and through the नाव to the other side. At the end Heather got botted out. And Alejandro showed he's प्यार to heather द्वारा quiting! What will happen on this episode mate? find out here on total drama around the world!

*theme song*

*non-first class*

*Katie is crying*
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Use the link (or type in the URL) And Vote for who YOU would like to see make a return of epic proportions in TDS5! Only 13 old characters will make it back in 2012, to शामिल होइए the newbies! It's about time we found out which 13 old characters will make it to Season 5!
And who knows, we may actually find the best character our प्रशंसकों प्यार for real this time! चोटी, शीर्ष 13 will make it! So come on Ezekiel, Noah, even Eva fans! Come on everybody! It's time to rejoice, because the Producers have FINALLY decided to get our voices written down! All आप have to do is vote! Its about time we FINALLY get to...
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Kuki: Dynamite Amazon! Your up here again!? Shame Shame. Well the Dynamite goes to

Kuki: Tha last Dynamite goes tooo.................... IT'S A TIE!

Alejandro: BRING IT OWEN!

Kuki: Your both going home!

Both: WHAT!?


Saphira: Payback's a कुतिया, मतलबी Alejandro! I knew आप were gonna BRERAK BREAKKKKK BREAKKK MY HEART! *Kicks him out of the RV*

Kuki: Owen, OUT! *Kicks him out too*
Sorry for the long wait! :3

DS: Last time on Total Drama Nippon!
*flashback begins to play*
We got off on a weak start when no one seemed too excited for the Scavenger Hunt challenge. Luckily Nagisa-chan and Ranma-kun gave each team some encouragement. When each group went their separate ways, things got shaky. At least TR had one thing in common! Most all of them agree that Ranma is a total jerk!

What "fun" awaits the members of TDN today? Find out, right now!

*link Plays*


Lolly and DS: **laying in separate lawn-chairs in front of the bus*
Lolly: *yawns* Man... when are the teams coming back?
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posted by Stellawinx4eva
Me:Hey Gwen
Gwen:Hey *twitches*
Twilightrox43:Why are आप twitching
Gwen:I *twitch* Don't *twitch* Know *twitch*
Me:What do आप mean आप don't know
Gwen:*Starts to scratch*
Me:*turns to twilightrox43*I think shes on steriods या something
Me:Gwen are आप sure आप okay
Me&Twlightrox43:*turn to each other with a WTF look on out faces*
Twlightrox43:Gwen आप need help
Gwen:NO I FREAKING DON'T *A hammer appereas out of nowhere and she starts chasing...
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Ray: (red blotches on her arms) I can't believe I forgot my silicon allergies, even after last season's little Draven incident...(itches) At least we didn't lose this time...and DJ didn't trip on me... -.-

lulu:*chocking noises* owen......*cough*fart.......*cough*not....­...­.*c­oug­h*g­ood­...­..*­cou­gh*­nee­d..­..*­cou­gh*­air­...­*fa­int­s*

kasey:oh zeek cost us the win oh were though the अगला time i see him i,ll break up with him
*zeek walks in confessanail*
zeek:why are आप so mad
kasey:were though
kasey:yep and i vote आप off
zeek:well i vote...
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posted by Fangirl99
It was just an average day. I was sitting on the couch, पढ़ना a magazine, my dad was at work, my mom was making dinner, and my little brother was upstairs playing video games.

The silence was broken द्वारा the ringing phone.

"I got it!" my mother called. "Hello?"

"Hi. Can i please speak to Heather?"

"Who is this?"


"Hang on. Heather, do आप know anyone named 'Alejandro'?

The name gave me. shivers. I tried to forget that name.

That face.

That kiss.

That incident.

"No," I lied.

"Shes says she doesn't know you."

"She's lying."

"Ok. How do आप know her, then."

"We were on TV together"

"What? OH! that...
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posted by tdigirl3496
the अगला day

where is courtney asked Gwen

shes coming कहा duncan

hold on a minet i just got a text कहा duncan

duncan read it out loud कहा Gwen

i have आप girl friend. i wont 2000 या i will kill her. duncan starts to frek out

i need 2000 या she will be killed कहा duncan

here duncan आप can this कहा gwen

what is it asked duncan

a सोना and dimend necles it werth about 2000 dollors कहा gwen

Gwen thank आप कहा duncan

ok i have to go to the ally द्वारा 57th सड़क, स्ट्रीट कहा duncan

in the ally with courtney

he will come. he loves me and he will be here कहा courtney.

he only had 4 min left the man said

you look...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
Courtney's P.O.V
When I Saw Noah At The Camp. I Instenly Became Happy. Not Beacuse We Friend's या Anything But, Because It Was Time For Me To Beat Him. He Was ALWAY'S Beating Me At Everthing. But That Was Going Change. My Plan Was To Be All Nice And Then Get Him Voted Off. The Problem Was He Was The Best At Everything! Maybe I Could Pretend To Like Him Then Ask Him Out. Then again. Ewwww. That Would Never Happen. So I Just Started अभिनय Nice To Everyone And He Noticed."Hi" I Heard Behind. Speak Of The Devil. "Hi Noah!" I Replied Trying To Sound Cheery. "Ok. What's Up With You?" He Asked. Your Freaking Me Out." "Noah, I'm Tired Of Fighting With You." I Lied Through My Teeth. For Some Reason The Smarticle Noah Beleaved Me. Wow He Sure Is Stupid. In A Cute Way Though. Wait. Ewww.
posted by tdigirl3496
सूखी घास, घास babe what are आप doing asked Geoff.

nothing i see Courtney कहा Bridgette

hi courtney कहा Bridgette

hi Bridgette कहा courtney

what are आप doing asked Bridgette

im wating for duncan i need to talk to him कहा courtney

with the guys

सूखी घास, घास man कहा Trent to duncan and geoff

सूखी घास, घास they both कहा back

have आप seen gwen asked trent

no they both said

i hope dhes ok कहा duncan

me to कहा trent

duncan see courteny सूखी घास, घास princess wats up he asked

nothing can we talk alone for a minet asked courtney

yeah कहा duncan

duncan i प्यार आप so much but i am moving to New york कहा courtney

what duncan कहा all up set

i will miss आप so much why do आप need to go asked duncan

my dad got a new job there so we are moving with him कहा courtny

i have to go to class now bye duncan कहा courtney

i will miss आप so much कहा duncan
posted by tori1510
Duncan या Trent? Hmmm Duncan या Trent? Those stupid guys are killing me!Duncan he likes me and we get along great... but he's dating Courtney! And then theres Trent and the only thing I'm doing is holding him back... but I प्यार him and he loves me plus hes such a great musician! If I chose Duncan Courtney will hate me but if I chose Trent I will always want Duncan! I chose Trent atleast Courtney won't want to kill me as much now... but I still want Duncan and I always will.
After TDWT I stuck with Trent who forgave me for चुंबन Duncan. One night I dreamnt of Duncan and me चुंबन and then...
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