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Jared: *Write रे on the Dynamite* Your a threat to my allaince and if I dont get आप out now आप could possibly win

Saphira: *Writes Trent* Sorry dude

Lindsay: *Writes Tyler on Dynamite* I know that we are youung and आप may प्यार me. But we cant just be like this Tyler.....
*Confessional ends*

Kuki: The first 2 dynamite go to Cedric and Zoey. Ok the अगला 2 go to Trent and Jade

Jade: Yes!
Trent: Awesome! *Hug each other*
Both: *Blushes*

Kuki: Lindsay and David!

David: Yay! 83

Lindsay: Yes!

Kuki: Saphira and Katie!

Katie: EEE!

Saphira: Awesome dude!

Kuki: Jared.... Ray... One of आप are leaving tonight. The alst Dynamite go to..


Ray: YES!

Jared: WHAT!?

Kuki: Just kidding! It goes to Jared! See ya Ray!

Ray: WHAT NOOO!!!!!!! *hangs onto door*

Kuki: GET OFF MY RV! *kicks her off*
Welcome back to Total Drama High School,
Season 2! Let's pick up where we left off.
Ilana: Alright, girls, today your challenge will
be Sparkle!!! :D
Andrea: What?
Lia: That game is so childish.
Nikita: I already know my spelling, thank आप very much.
Kirby: Oh-kay.....
Lulu: ?
Rikki: Meh.
Ilana: Come on, let's just do something fun for once.
Lia: Your choice.
Ilana: Your word is...Mediterranean Sea! >8D
Andrea: A, B, R, T, I, O, C?
Ilana: You're out.
Andrea: :(
Nikita: M.
Lia: E.
Rikki: D.
Kirby: I.
Lulu: T, E, R, R, A-
Ilana: Stop hogging the letters....
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Chris: last time on Total Drama around the world......... Antarctica! घर of no population. The colest place on earth. here our contestnts faced, Lava, being fozen is ice, and Bares. Kasey called Zeke Zeekey-poo. but at the end it was Courntey who was sent packing! what will happend on this season of total drama around the world!

*non-first class*

*Katie is crying*
Jordan: हे team लंडन shouldn't आप be in first class right now?
Alejandro: chris कहा he wants to use it for onces in he's life.
Cody: oh.
Annie: STOP CRYING NOW!!!!!!!!........ i mean......... I like puppys!
Harold: ok.....................
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Scout: I can't believe it. I'm actually here with Pete Wentz! *Sighs.* Well, He's a rocker. And, Im just a regular girl. Well, Goth girl

The Miz: FINALY THE MIZ HAS MADE IT TO ONE OF THE MOST WATCHED टेलीविज़न SHOWS IN HISTORY. I will give all these people a Reality Check. I was mr. money in the bank back in डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई so I will win. CAUSE IM THE MIZ AND IM AWESOME!!

Serenity:*Sighs* This will be so awesome and though i am a peace princess i still make peace...

Corabella: Finally im stuck with a cute boy but now they all have to pay with this sweet queen.

Riku:cool i hope rochelle...
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Chris: Wellcome back to Total Drama season 4, I'm Chris, but already know that. *smiles, than giggles* There's the bus with our old contestants.
Bus arives.
Chris: Noah our firt contestants, nice to see आप budy.
Noah: *sarcasticly* Yeah, it's sooo nice to see आप too. What the hell is that curtain *points at the curtain*.
Chris: Wait and you'll see.
Noah: *bored* Whatever...
Chris: Back ti the game, Courtney *begs* please don't sue me again, it's not my fault आप can't keep your boyfriend with you.
Courtney: Oh it is soooo your f... * Chris shuts her up*
Chis: Zip it, no और complaining. Go on.
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Kuki: Welcome back to Total Drama Reloaded!

*Golden RV*
LeShwna: This is the life!
Lindsay: I know!
Trent: *Sit's अगला to Lisa* हे Lisa
Lisa: Heyy *Blushes*
Trent: आप look really pretty
Lisa: Thank's!
Annie: Their Coming..........................
*Cruddy RV*
Saphira: This suck's!
Alejandro: It does... But it's wonderfull since your here with me!
Cedric: *Whisper's to Bridgette* Were the only normal people on this team!
Bridgette: I know! And I think Eva is still trying to kill me!
Izzy: I SEE THE FUTURE! The world will be attacked द्वारा Purple crab's and the sea will turn into Mash Potatoe's!

*The RV's stop*...
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Kuki: WELCOME BACK TO TOTAL DRAMA RELOADED! Last time we met our New contestans and picked our team's! Okay our first challenge will be a Robot fight in.................. JAPAN!
Jared&Lisa: YAY!


Lindsay: EWW! Im so not going in their!

Kuki: *Sigh's* Jenny. Perry

Perry&Jenny: *Throw's everyone in their*

Jared&Trent*DJ: We realized their's alot of girl's this season so we were thinking to flirt with them
Jared: I get Lindsay
Trent: I get Lisa
DJ: And I get Katie!
Annie: LALALALALALALALALALALA- MONKEY! *Jump's under the seat*
Venassa: *Walking* *Trip's...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 Jake and Penny, arriving
Jake and Penny, arriving
P.S. i know what your thinking, but its not that long alont of it is photos.

Chris: Hello, and welcome to anothere exciting season to TOTAL DRAMA! We decided to come back to Camp Wawanockwa because this season got the most ratings. We will also be bring back old chanleges along with bring in some new ones. Speaking of new things we also have some new contestants, and here they come now! Her comes Jake and Penny!

Jake: Whats up Chris?

Chris: nothen much man.

Penny: This is going to be awesome!

*Penny and Jake go stand at the othere end of the मौज़ा, जुर्राब with there stuff witing for othere people*

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Chris: a new guy is joining are game this season dudes, the name's Brandon. Chris:anyways, today it's sports day!
today आप must get naked. every body: What the f*. Chris: oh I so got आप hahahaha. this is what आप really have to do. first I need all the guys in one line, and all the chicks in one line. Every guy must find a girl to work with in todays challenge. Duncan with courtney, Lindsay with Tyler, Brandon with beth, gwen with trent, Owen with izzy, and bridget with Geof. Chris: first आप must carry a vollyball and swim against the current in that river. than आप must shoot the ball into...
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Heather Is Labeled “The क्वीन Bee” Of Total Drama Island. She Has A Evil Younger Brother Named Damien Who Tortures Her द्वारा Booby-Trapping Her Room And Puts Glue In Her Hair Container. She’s School President & The Head Cheerleader & She’s Head Of The साल Book Committee & The Leader Of The वाद-विवाद Team. Alot! But………
She Has A Deep Dark Secret. She Used To Be A Fat Brace-Faced Style Challenged Junior High Reject; Something She Overcompensates Now With A Mean Veneer And Lots Of Makeup. She Someday Wants To Have A Long Time Ruling Europe. Has Only 2 फ्रेंड्स On The Set: Harold And LeShawna.
Heather Has Also Has Experienced 16 Different Near Death Experiences And Nine Different Hairstyles Throughout TDI And TDA.
Dan: Hi every one I’m Dan! I’m Chris McClain’s brother! This season, I’m your host!
And I’m spending my time at a स्कीइंग resort in Canada with 14 other campers. I’ve been too lazy to check my सूची and check it twice, and I’ve been too busy to see who’s naughty या nice (Laugh). For this season the challenges will be based on क्रिस्मस and winter. The winning money is $100,000,000. So stay tune for the 1st episode of, Total, Drama, Christmas!
        (Theme song)

Dan: Okay, the campers will be स्कीइंग down from the चोटी, शीर्ष of the mountain.
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Chris: आप all have 1 घंटा to ask आप dorks to the prom

Cody: Andrea, um, will, you, maybe. I mean if आप want....
Andrea are आप trying to ask me out
Cody: Yeah, but if आप dont want, I mean like..
*Hugs Cody*
*Cody Faints*
Andrea: Cody are आप ok?

*Lindsay, Isabela, Beth and Elizbeth try and flirt with trent*
(Confession cam)
Lindsay: I may not be smart but he will pick me
Beth: He so wants to go with me
Isabela: Its obvious he will choose me right?

Isabela,Lindsay, Beth:HI TRENT
Trent: *gives WTH Look and walks to Yoko*
Yoko: Great, going to a prom...
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*Chris Narrating* “Last Time On Total Related Island Lia Was Eliminated. We All Knew Andi Would Be सुरक्षित Cuz She Had Invincibility! With The 4th Camper Out Who Will Crack Under The Pressure On Total Related Island!”
I Wanna Be Famous……..
Sky: “Woo-Hoo Alright! Bring It On Chef!”
Alex: “Ya! Go Us!”
Heather: “Whatever, Freaks!”
Alex And Sky: “I Wouldn’t Be Talking Miss: Can Anyone Come In Here And Shave My Back?”
Heather: *Growls*
Sumer: “Yea आप Tell Her Guys!”
Both Of The Katie’s: “Wtf? Oh Yeah, Sumer Hates Heather.”
Andi: “Well, I Like Heather. But I Hate Courtney!”...
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posted by WrigleyRocks66
3: Get some guts, man!

    Duncan sat on his बिस्तर in the Killer Bass’s cabin. He couldn’t decide whether या not he should ask Courtney to the reunion. Geoff walked in, only to ask,
    “You okay, man?”
    “Not really. I’m too chicken to ask Courtney to the reunion.”
    “Get some guts, man!” Jeff yelled. “It’s too easy!”
    “What did Bridgette say?”
    “When आप asked her. What did she say?”
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It first started when trent cost geoff a शीर्षक shot. Then trent and geoff had a match with bridgette and gwen at ring side. The match got out of control. Geoff tried to hit trent with a...
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posted by DemigodsRock
Name ~ Ricky West

Age ~ 17

Information ~ Ricky is an archer. He loves his bow and will carry it anywhere he goes. He looks up to Robin Hood, so he decided to dress like him.

Personality ~ Ricky dreams of being a hero. Whether it's saving a village, saving a girl, या saving the world, he wishes it could be him. There is never a problem though. Where he lives is protected from enemies so there won't be anything in danger. He is still looking for 'the one'. He wants the perfect girl. Not because he is picky, but because he wants to make sure the relationship will last forever.

Fears ~ He is scares...
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As heard of in my continued serise of articles, TDI ancetsry, It told of the Gallagher Simmons, also known as the Gallagher bandits. I wanted to do a bio on each of them.

Name: Sally Ann Crawford.
Place: The leader of the Gallagher Bandits.
Relatives: Izzy.
Relationship: none.
Murders: Sally Ann is held guilty for the murder of Camara Thorn.

Name: Seierra Samson.
Place: 2nd in command of the Gallagher Bandits.
Relatives: Courtney.
Relationship: Mylo Payne.
Murders: none.

Name: Mylo Payne.
Place: 3rd in command of the gallagher Bandits.
Relatives: Duncan Payne.
Relationship: Seierra Samson.
Murders: none.

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posted by kiara0021
There is one group that rules the school. They are called the Perfs ( Yeah I got that on How to rock ). But one person ruled them all, her name is Courtney. Her two फ्रेंड्स are Bridgette and Gwen. They both supported her and she supported them.

Courtney is the most beutiful girl that आप will ever meet, she owns the school and is really sweet. Only people who are new and want to get thier way to popularity will get in her way, but Courtney has the strongest guys in the football team to be her body guards. All the guys want to be with her and all the girls want to be her. She is the leader of...
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RECAP: I looked, and soon, my smug look became shocked, and my arms fell to my sides. I couldn't believe who I was looking at, but every quality I remembered about him was there; the blue-green eyes, the familiar nonchalant look on his face, the piercings, the green Mohawk, and even his black wristband was still on him...the only thing that wasn't the same about him right now was the fact that he had on my school's uniform कमीज, शर्ट and a pair of black pants instead of his usual skull कमीज, शर्ट and jeans. I couldn't believe it, but I was staring at the Total Drama Island तारा, स्टार and the long-time object...
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Cody (voiced द्वारा Peter Oldring) (who also voices Ezekiel and Tyler) is the scientific dork.

* Basic: Cody has been spoiled all his life and uses his money to buy techno gadgets. He claims to study the cool crowd (not really) and believes he is one of the cool kids. He is slightly obsessed with girls and getting one (Gwen, Lindsay, या Any girl who wants him!) to be his girlfriend.

* Total Drama Island: When Cody arrives, he immediately starts to "hit" on some of the girls on TDI. He is chosen to be on The Screaming Gophers. Cody competes well in some of the challenges, such as the dodgeball...
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