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*8:15 am, in Sikowitz's classroom*

Talia: Good morning, students! I trust everyone slept well...
Everyone: *groans*
Heather: Slept well? How are we supposed to sleep with the construction crews making noise all night long?!?!?! Why don't आप try sleeping over there?!?!
Talia: Because I have a private set, and I don't have to! Did I forget to mention the construction crew?
Jen: Ugh, yah!
Talia: *chuckles* Heh heh, good.
Gwen: Are आप related to Chris या something?!?!
Talia: *smirks* I'm his niece.
Bridgette: Great...
Jared: *standing stalker-like close to Bridgette*
Bridgette: Um...hi?
Talia: Anyways, your...
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posted by iloveduncan6
Mason: come on out my kings!
*Brady and Boomer come out*
Brady: what is it Mason?
Boomer: yeah, we were about to get drenched in नारंगी, ऑरेंज juice.
Mason: i know my kings but i have something to tell you.
Brady: what?
Mason: आप will have some new people joining you.
Brady and Boomer: what?!
*hot air balloon comes out of nowhere and lands*
Mason: and there they are now.
All 3: (walks over to it*
Mason: lets welcome, TJ.
TJ: *steps out* हे was up?
Brady: ok i like you.
Mason: अगला is Lexxi.
Lexxi: *steps out* hey.
Boomer: ok i like her.
Mason: Alex!
Alex: *comes out* hi!
Brady: sup.
Mason: Charlette.
Charlette: *comes...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Hey guys i know its been forever! i have just been so busy! but anyway last time we saw the campers it was all out war and paintballs! congratulations to Sammy and Kylee for winning the challenge and poor Kylie and Shawn had to leave. This week we are going to see where the losers are on this special episode of TOTAL DRAMA SECRETS!!!!

Claire:Welcome to the Lozer Plaza where all the campers that were voted off came here! Here the campers ate enjoying spa days, relaxing द्वारा the pool and eating te best of foods. We are going to be talking to them about who they want to win on the दिखाना and...
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chey:last time on total drama the cast headed to austrila *start talking austrilian* mate they got they gossewll to their berrie then cody took the plank
*losers part*
justin:hey baby your even और pretty now
sadie:o.m.g. he loves me
*losers part*
tyler:hey lindsay
lindsay:their`s my tyler
(start making as well as justin & sadie)
katie:what the crap
sierra:i miss coooooddddddyyyyy
heather:shut up
leshawna:this time where gonna win even if it kills us
*winner part*
duncan:i hate this show
the rest of the team:me too
chey:this time smething new is gonna happen a song
duncan:oh my...
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posted by FireFlys113
TDI wiki got some part of the first TDWT aftermath! WARNING! SPOILERS!

Blainely: So...how does everybody feel about the fact that it's Geoff's fault that you're all out of the game?
Geoff: (gasps) Hey...I tried to organize us into a rescue party from the bus of doom.
Blainely: And now your rescue party has to sit and watch everyone else play for a million.
Geoff: I threw a great consolation party, with a piñata!
Trent: Yeah, that was my guitar. I kept telling you!
Geoff: I'd rather host the aftermath than suffer through और drama.
Blainely: Care to prove it with a game of Truth या Hammer?
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ok then if आप dont like this couple then dont read its a heck of lot nicer than putting mean टिप्पणियाँ ok
no pov

noah sighed as he looked at the group of girls dancing but he wasnt looking at courtney,heather,gwen,izzy and not even lindsay he was looking at bridgette the way her blonde ponytail swooshed around her head like a halo teh way she seemed just that little bit out of time with every 1 else (but he thought it was cute) and the way she seemed so happy just dancing with her फ्रेंड्स and having fun
"if only bridgette wasnt taken" noah sighed...
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I stared blankly at the screens. Me! He means me! I nearly fainted. When we got back to the Justice Building here in the Capitol, I went up on the roof. I wasn’t alone. “So, when did ever since आप can remember start?” I asked Trent. “Well, when we were 5, my dad told me that he used to like your mom. But she fell for a coal miner that when he sang, even the mockingjays would quiet down to listen. When आप sang for the class that same year, the birds did stop to listen. So basically, that’s when it started.” He replied. “Who did आप think that I liked?” I asked him. “Isn’t...
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posted by Fangirl99
I got my idea for this story from an amazing story द्वारा lollyforme2.If आप wanna read where i got my inspiration from,click here:link

If आप want to read this story,stay and read!

It was a quiet night.It was the night after the party.Chris has picked the contestants to go onto TDWT.

I was one of them.

I was in my trailer,reading.While the rest of the contestants were partying,having a good time n' all.Now,why was a not there with izzy,sierra,and all the other contestants?Well,let me tell you.

Just a few मिनटों ago,i was in there,partying like...
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ok i know i should put it on a ppg group but theres not much on there trust me thav all quit it so im makeing this so there tell me your person name ok

eye colour:
hair colour
pose :
anthin else
back ground:
pic if आप can
and ill draw

yeah its tellin me to write और so heres ramdom : dfgDFHBF gdf gf hf hfgh fg fh fh fhn fg hfg f jgj f x xc fc h df fhgh jdf sey r t o bc as f b n h h h j ,mh k kg kg hkhghk mgh k fy kgk g kgh kgh hkg hk ghk hkgkg kg hk gk gkghkk bfhf dg bfg hf hdf hf ghd gjfh kjgh jkgh kfh kgh g kg kgh kg k gh kgh kfg hf jg jg kh k h k kg kg kg kg k g kg kg k g kg k nGfj dhfg hf hf jfg j fgj f j f jf f jg jg jf jf jg k g j jj gh hm
Bridgette: Hi mom!
Bridgette's mom: Hi brigette! We got a suprise for you.
Bridgette: Mom I'm not in the mood.
Bridgette's mom: Why!
Bridgette: Well, after Duncan won, Geoff ran out of there so fast I couldn't even sat hi!
Bridgette's mom: Well, now can I दिखाना आप your prise?
Bridgette: Mabey later. I'm going to the shirf shak.
Bridgette's mom: But Bridgette!

Bridgette: सूखी घास, घास dad!
Bridgette's dad: सूखी घास, घास bud!
Bridgette: How's the shak doing?
Bridgette: Great. Now even brtter secne आप are here bud!
Bridgette: Thanks!
Bridgette's mom: Bridgette! आप need to see your prise.
Bridgette: What is it then?
Bridgette's mom: It's not a it, it's a who.
Bridgette: What?
Geoff: Bridgette!
Bridgette: Geoff?
Geoff: Hi!
Bridgette: What are आप doing here?
Geoff: I'm moving here!
gCourtney's POV: The अगला day, after school I clicked through the सूची of contacts on my cell phone, calling my best फ्रेंड्स to see if they want to have a sleepover tonight.

So far I've invited Bridgette, Gwen, Tiannah, Katie, LeShawna, Robyn from the school auditions, and my cousin Kara.

I had everything ready- bowls of chips, pretzels, cheese doodles, candy, and popcorn. Sodas of lots of kinds were placed perfectly on the तालिका, टेबल with the food, cans and 2-liter bottles standing in harmony. Pillows and blankets were strewn all over my room, makeup chests rested on the foot of my bed. My room was...
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posted by dxarmy423
Chris: Welcome to total drama video games

Chris: where the campers fight each other in video game based challanges

Chris: here are the vicims ooops I mean contestants

Chris: on the button mashers team

1. Daisy
2. Harold
3. Cody
4. Andrea
5. Rikki
6. Geoff
7. Miranda
8. Miecheal

Chris: on the power ups team

1. Britteny
2. Aydan
3. Kylie
4. Trent
5. Ezekiel
6. Duncan
7. Ashley
8. Raynette

Chris: they will live in this apartment building

Chris: and tomarrow the compettion starts and someone will be going home
 the cast
the cast
posted by dxarmy423


Its Owen and Harold आप know we got you


For those about to rock I want to roll

Baby आप know your judas and Im your priest

Baby what I got is not from the least

I bring it to the stage

In the range of the beast

Step into the arena and BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!(x2)

Step into the light and then you'll know

that you've been stoped and dropped द्वारा the walls of jericho

It's Owen!!!!

Big bad Owen is here tonight

Yeah it's Owen

Crank it up and turn up the lights

Oh yeah!!!

Get ready for trouble

Cause you'll never know

Too late for running its time...
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The तारीख, दिनांक and The Almost Smile

Duncan was in Courtney’s living room, flipping through the channels of her flat screen. He wasn’t invited here rather he snuck in here. Picking a lock was easy as pie for Duncan.

“Jeez, there’s nothing on today,” he mumbled to himself. “All the channels are freaking दिखा रहा है little kid shows and crap.”

He sighed deeply and got up, heading to her small, simple-designed kitchen. He opened her refrigerator and began looking for some decent खाना to eat. He grinned when he saw a huge plate of पास्ता in there. He was about to take it when he heard a loud gasp....
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posted by Fangirl99
 The new kids left to right,Denise,tiffany,samantha, and jimmy.
The new kids left to right,Denise,tiffany,samantha, and jimmy.
Chris:Hello viewers! आप remember me, Chris, don't you? Well if आप dont, lets jog that memory. Theres been two seasons, TDI and TDA. This season will be TDH, also known as Total drama high school!Now, the kids dont know that this is a 3rd season. They think its an ordinary high school. But its really a reality दिखाना that will most likely have brutal,disgustin,challenging, या all three of these combined, subjects ever other day. You'll get to see the drama during challenges, and behind the scenes drama as well. We also were in खोजिए for some teens tro tell them that they were able to go to...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
 Don't say a word, Dani...
Don't say a word, Dani...
"Oh...god." I moaned, observing the lanky girl. "Oh...no."

She scoffed impatiently. "WHAT is your problem?!"

"Duncan, you're a girl! How are आप NOT worried?!?" I yelled.

"Being a girl is cool." the girl shrugged. "I don't have to worry about asking out girls, I don't have to wear boxers." Then, she looked down her jeans. "Oop. Skip that XD."

"Duncan, how are we gonna cover you? I don't know how to reverse the spell, and we need to give आप a nickname instead of always calling आप 'that girl'". I put my hands on my hips.

She thought for a moment. "How about Dani?"

I sighed. "Fine. But still yet,...
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posted by Tdilover225
I Made A New Fanfiction And TDI Character!!!!
Name: Rinji Kobayashi

Age And Gender: He's 13 And A Male!!!!!!!

Clothes: His प्रिय 2 Outfits Are These: The First One Is A Black कमीज, शर्ट That Says TDI And Has His 5 प्रिय Characters On It. Also He Has Black Jordans With White Soccerballs On The Side With Black And Red Athletic Shorts!!!! His Other One Has A Dancing केला, केले गाना It's मूंगफली, मूंगफली का मक्खन जेली Time!!!!! Also Green And Black Flip-Flops With Regular Blue Jeans!!!!!!

Looks Like: Rinji Has Black Spiky Hair Like Sasuke's From Naruto, Doesn't Wear Any Type Of Chapstick, Wears A Lucky Beaded-Bracelet,...
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Well! Everybody knows that i was going to do a new fanfiction character. Everybody give me ideas, so i did it! Her name is Nikki. (Thanks Dollyllama) She's like me (but और skinny) With the ponytail and my school uniform. (She has my eyes, my hair, my school uniform)

Nikki is 16 years old. She loves swiming and drawing. Her worst fear are the niddles. She loves ऐनीमे and she turn crazy everybody with that. She is the best friend of Enikah's sister, Danielle.
Her dad died when she was 11 and her mum is working in other country. So she live with her grandma. She's a very good friend of Lindsay and Courtney. and she's secretly in प्यार of Noah. but she fake loving Cody cuz she wants to hide it.
Well, tell me if u like my new character ;)
 Here's *Drumroll please* NIKKI!!
Here's *Drumroll please* NIKKI!!
Total Drama Fanpop

V: *sitting at end of dock w/ Duncan, Trent, and Hidei* Hi miss us? Sorry it’s been too long.
Trent: way to long.
Hidei: yeah what happened?
Duncan: she’s just lazy.
V: *pushed Duncan in water* as I was saying. Welcome back. With out further adieu Episode 4.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They COULD NOT have chosen a better challenge for this girl! *points to self* I am the क्वीन of Caramell! I'm the PRINCESS of ऐनीमे and chibi! I know up to 17 या और different ऐनीमे shows, stories, and j-pop bands!
*screams in japanese* OISHII KUNAI KUCHI TORI-NIKU ORENJI...
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posted by LeshawnaGirl
Izzy is confident but she still has MANY moments but thats just her

Izzy is not a super model she still eats Mc.Donalds baby but that is just her

Well some may say she needs to be afraid of losing everything because of her down right craziness

Well Every thing is the sam in the Lala land\....

Izzy wont change anything in her life she is definitely staying herself on TDI!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well some may say easy needs to be afraid of losing everything because of her insanely loving way to like Owen

Well everything is the same in the Lalalala land