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Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*non-First class*

Ray: *crying* noah!!!!!!!!!!!! Noah!!!!!
Jamie: it's going to be ok.
Ray: No it's not!
Jamie: Yes it will
Ray: SHUT UP JAMIE!!!!!!!
Jamie: wow.........
Bridgette: Jordan what's with the down face?
Jordan: nouthin


Jordan: Ok the frown face is because i'm the only boy. Now i know how Cody felt on season 3.


Less: How was i posable that आप can beat up a bull?
Rayven: I'm strong.

*First class*

Ezekiel: This team should be called team win not team USA!
Rochelle: I know right.
Jax: This is crazy that we win so much.
Penny: yeah.
Trent: so Jax were those Baby closes good on you?
Jax: Shut up Trent!
Natalie: So annie do आप like Jared?
Annie: Yes very much so.
Natalie: Ok.
Chris: everyone come to the elmanation room.
Rayven: This cAN't be good.

*Elmanation room*
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*theme संगीत plays*

Chris: welcome to total drama nxt!!!

Blainley: on the last episode Alejandro, Zoey, Gwen and Lucas won gift cards to walmart

Chris: but today is an elimination दिन so

Blainley: some one is going home!!!!!

Chris: and todays challange is a mystery

Zoey: what

Breeze: ugh

Sierra: which means its totally obvious

Chris: Sierra I कहा आप cant talk ever

Sierra: *thinks* he is still mad at me

Duncan: just tell us McLoser

DJ: yeah

Blainley: fine its going to be rookie vs pro today

Lucas: what

Chris: in the classic challenge STAY IN THE PLAT FORM!!!!

Cody: ugh not this game again

Gwen: it wasnt fun last time

Chris: shut up

DJ: yeah last time I got hurt cause sierra is crazy

Sierra: *twitches*

Trent: great just great
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Jordan: Ray!
Ray: What?
Jordan: Noah wants to vote आप off.
Ray: What???? WHy?
Jordan: Because आप broke up with him.
Ray: how do आप know?
Jordan: He told me. and he कहा he will go last in line to vote so he will change all the votes.
Ray: well looks like i'm gone.
Jordan: I'll miss you.
Ray: me too.


Jamie: रे and Jordan told me about noah so i'm going to say bye bye Noah!

Bridgette: Rayven लॉस्ट the challange for us and she hirt a little bull, even though it could kill us in one secound. So bye bye rayven!
Rayven: what????
Bridgette: oops.

Rayven: Bridgette is votting me off so i'm votting her off!

Jordan: Curse आप noah for going to change the वोट्स to Ray. shes very veyr very nice. no one should do that to ray. Bye bye noah!

Ray:*Cry* Looks like i'm leaveing but i'm just going to put my vote as Noah!

Less: I don't know who to vote off so i'm going to pick random................ looks like i got Bridgette!
Fan fiction by ZachHapyUnicorn posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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at the challenge

The contestints were looking up at a 49 foot दीवार with Storm, Krista, and Erica on top.

Krista: *in a megaphone* हे CAMPERS GUESS WHAT
Buster: Well thats easy
Mizzie:This is where my PAK comes in *evil laugh*
Krista: *takes back megaphone* TEAM KILLER ROBOTS GOES FIRST
Team Killer Robots starts to climb up wall.
Buster: *throws giant stick at Rebecca and hits her on the head so she falls* OH NO I HIT A GIRL *runs up to her* हे are आप alright I-im sorry
Fan fiction by DuncansMyLuv14 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Rikki and Melisa (Melisa's the red-head)
This is what my OC Melisa would have been गाना in the Slap Slap Revolution episode if it was her and not Sierra.

One, two, three, slap my knee.

DJ is my husband to be.

Four, five, six, kick up sticks.

Gonna दिखाना DJ ALL my best tricks.

Seven, eight, nine, straighten my spine.

So I can see DJ lookin' so fine.

Ten, eleven, twelve, nothing rhymes with twelve.

I wanna लपेटें up DJ and keep. Him. ALL to MY-SELF!!

(Click here for the original song: link )
Fan fiction by TDIlover226 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Okies, so I thought I'd post this here because it isn't cluttered with OCs. [Only one OC, to be precise :3]


It was break day.
That's right, break day.
Chris McClain had ordered all of the remaining contestants into First Class, and told them to have some fun.
After a half घंटा of plain shock, the contestants got themselves situated, and enjoyed their "Break", some still paranoid that it was all a trap and that Chris had something horrible waiting for them.

Owen and Noah had already settled themselves in, First Class. Finding some beanbag chairs and just sitting down in a comfy spot was all they needed.
"Hey, Noah, do आप happen to think Al hates me?"
Noah just rolled his eyes to that question. द्वारा now, it was quite obvious to everyone.

Owen lay back in his chair, listening to the sound the 'beans' made when they rattled around.
"Noah, could आप go get me some food?" he whined.
Fan fiction by cookiewasted9 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*This story takes place during TDI right after Trent was voted off*

A restless night...his eyes burned,begging to be closed,but Trent just lay there in बिस्तर staring up at the ceiling.The only noises that could be heard were crickets and Cody's snores from across the hall.Not many people enjoyed that sound,but it soothed Trent...it reminded him of home,of his mother.His mother had been in the hospital for about a साल now with cancer.The doctors stopped giving her treatments after the first couple of months because no one could pay for her hospital bills.Trent and his brother both worked two jobs trying to pay for it....then he saw the add for Total Drama Island.Trent thought if he joined,if he won they would have enough money to pay the bills and then some.He never thought about what would happen if he lost.

'I'm such an idiot!We're so behind on the bills now...',he thought to himself.
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*theme संगीत plays*

Chris: Welcome to total drama NXT!!

Blainley: last episode we saw Lexi leave for ever

Chris: trent was devastated

Blainley: not really

Trent: oh would आप shut up

Chris: ughh fine

Blainley: today there is no elimination

Jared: what I wanna send someone घर again

Breeze: oh will आप be quiet

Jared: हे dont talk to me

Courtney: jared do what I say and we will win

Lucas: so what are we competing for then

Chris: well the 2 winners and there pros each will get a $1000 gift card to walmart

Gwen: what ever

Alejandro: hmmm that could be usefull

Zoey: woot shopping spree

Kylie: money!!

Shawn: ehhh

DJ: cool

Duncan: what I usualy just खरीडिए lift but this is easier

Blainley: meet us down at the stage for your challange in 1 hour
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*First class*

Jax: aaaa......... Natalie when did आप get the big tiger??????
Trent: I bought it for her.
Penny: awwwwwwwwwww...... What's it's name?
Natalie: I don't know...... Maby........ Oh i got it................ Chase!
Rochelle: Well hi Chase!
Ezekiel: आप do knwo your talking to a stff dog eh.
Penny: Cram it Zeke!

*Non-first class*

Ray: Noah over here.
Noah: Ok. what is it?
Ray: Noah, we have to talk about the relationship.
Noah: What? Did I do something wrong?
Ray: No, I just...we keep making out so much!
Noah: What's wrong with making out?
Ray: We keep losing, and we almost got voted out tlast time! Poor DJ had to leave because of us!
Noah: I don't see anything wrong with that. We still didn't get voted out.
Ray: Ah, forget it! (walks away angrily)
Noah: Ray! Wait! (follows her)
Ray: what?
Noah: Are आप saying your braking up with me?
Article by gothemo1234 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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zoey:let me go i dont like आप anymore आप killed my best friend

duncan:whos going to save आप ha!

lucas:me bitch




courteny: and me

duncan:you have no idea who are asst do आप meet danny

danny:whats आप going to about it (graps gwen and trys to किस her)

cody:let go of

cat:whats up bitchs (graps cody)

cody:let go

sam:(graps trent) हे bitch

duncan:and meet my brother zack

zack:(graps courtney)

courtney:let me go


duncan:now its just me and you

lucas:(kills him)



matt:i miss आप i maent we miss you

tak:lets back to the wedding

(lucas and zoey dance)

cody:um gwen do आप what to dance

gwen:sure (kiss him)
Article by gothemo1234 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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(on wedding day)

matt:do आप take each other

lucas:i do

zoey:i do



lucas and zoey:TAK!

duncan:you beter stay in the grown या gets it find आप dont whant to listin fine(shouts tak)


duncan:what आप going to do about it ईमो boy


duncan:(gets zoey and run)


(duncan and zoey are gone)

lucas:(crying) this is the wrost दिन ever tak is dead zoey gone can it get wrost

matt:its ok we will find her ok

lucas:but he got her




lucas:(crys)but what about tak

matt:theres nothin we can do
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Bridgette: Sure Noah and रे लॉस्ट the challange for us........... But i'm not going to vote them off. I have someone better to vote off....... Jordan! That jerk called me a dead girl. *writes on vote and puts it in* There!........ Wait........ The movie! They कहा it makes आप see dead people! Man! i need to change it *Billy comes in and takes to Vote box* No Wait!!!


Chris: Ok Tonight i'm giveing out $10
Jamie: But we each got $100 after the challange, But Noah and Ray.
Chris: Who cares?
Jamie: Fine!
Chris: Ok thease people had no votes, Jamie! But if i could vote i would vote off you.


Jamie: That Jerk.


Chris: Bridgette and ............. Less!
Less: Yay!!
Chris: The rest of आप had 1 या और votes. thease had 1 vote........... Jordan!
Jordan: Yes!
Chris: Rayven!
Rayven: Give me it! *snaches the $100*
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*non-First class*

Jamie: We are always lsoeing.
Rayven: We were winning alot.
Jamie: True! but i wanna win more.
Rayven: Yeah.

Jordan: Please!!!!!!
Bridgette: I have a boyfriend...... and.. ummmmmm.........
Jordan: Can आप just tell me if आप like me?
Bridgette: what????? aaaaaaaaa........ ummmmm... I got to go.


Less: I really think Bridgette likes Jordan.

*Ray and noah make out*

Bridgette: i don't like Jordan!.......... I don't......... I'm telling आप i don't! *blushes*


*at the TDA aftermath*

Gabriella: Dosn't Bridgette blush when she lies?
Geoff: No she can't like Jordan! She's dating me.
Gabriella: I don't know...........

*first class*

Ezekiel: I like this team eh. We keep winning.
Jax: I'm glad I swiched teams.
Rochelle: I fill bad for Jordan.
Jax: He's with Bridgette it's ok.
Fan fiction by StarWarsFan7 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris was watching Rayven's every हटाइए with पॉपकॉर्न like it was a movie. Rayven wanted to lose the challenge so they could vote off Alex L.

Rayven: *in confessional* If Alex Leonard-o wants to play with our team then he can किस himself goodbye.
Cause he is going HOME! *smiles deviously*

Chris: Anyone gonna get Leeroy?

Rayven: No, cause we want to lose.

Whole team: WHAT?!

Rayven: That's right, no one is getting Leeroy down.

Leeroy: But I don't wanna stay up here forEVER!

Jordan: How about I get रे down?

Bree: That sounds like a great idea.

Rayven: Yeah? Well, where have आप been the past 5 minutes?

Bree: Uhhh, is it your business?

Rayven: *scoffs* Yeah.

Ray: HELLO, I'M STILL UP HERE! *sees a squirrel* Awww, it's a little squirrel! *tries to touch it but it frightens her and the branch that she's on falls down*

Fan fiction by FreakyyishEddie posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris-Hello there! welcome to this all new season of TD! were going to back things up a bit ... were back in camp wawanakwa !...So lets हटाइए things along! *smoke* *couqhs* looks like our first group of contestents are here! *looks at the back of limo* TEAM SKULLS!
Chris- lOOk its Courtney,Duncan,Gwen,Raynetta,Brittney,Breeze,Melisa And Phoebe!
Raynetta-*blushes and looks away*
Courtney-UGh How Can I,COURTNEY be on a TEAM that iS Called SKULLS?!!!! I Juss Cant -
Gwen-SHUT UP!!!!!! Deal With The F**KIN* Name! If आप dont like it then go back home!!!
Duncan-*laughing so hard*
Eddie(ME)-WAIT!!!STOP!! i over slept... so i ran behind the limo all morning!
chris-uhh okay.. शामिल होइए your team!
eddie-*looks at breeze* *Walks to her slowly अभिनय cool *
Brittney-*picks out a रस box from her bag,squeezes it to the floor with an evil smile on her face*
Eddie-*slips on the रस and falls to the ground*
Article by 16falloutboy posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I'm making a picture of everyone from TDI and TDWT, so if u wanna be in the pic just give me ur oc's name and pic then I'll add u in the pic, and I'm telling u guys here because well when I want to add a सवाल and when I click, I get this page and it says, pages is not availble(however the heck u spell it) and so I'm asking u all here, please answer this and if anyone does I'll put them in my story Total HTF Island but if ur in already then well idk but please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The host is Chris and Chef is in too, so please sign up, also I'm gonna add some people from 8th grade from my old middle school, so yeah and please send me a pic and name if u want to join!!, thank u!!
Opinion by dxarmy423 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*guitar starts playing*

What's that metronome I hear,
Perhaps the end is drawing near,
आप never hear the shot that takes आप down.

Out of time, so say goodbye,
What is yours, now is mine,
And I dream broken dreams,
I make them come true,
I make them for आप (x2)

Almost to the mountain top,
आप slip and fall just like a stone,
Rolling ever faster to this nightmare आप have sown.
आप had it all right in your grasp,
But in a breath, your मिनट passed,
Now at last the end has come, आप are all alone

Out of time, so say goodbye,
What is yours, now is mine,
And I dream broken dreams,
I make them come true,
I make them for you.
I make them for you.

*guitar solo*

All your dreams are just illusion,
कड़वा on nothing and confusion,
Don't आप look behind the curtain,
No और time, the end is certain

Fan fiction by TDIfangirl posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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This girl is back in buisness, babeh!
1. Lindsowen: Light
"Which Digidestined would I be, Omar?" Asked Lindsay? Owen thought for a moment. "Matt. Definetly; he's got the crest of friendship, and you're so friendly."
"I though I'd be Joe. He's got the crest of Reliablity...no wait, Mimi..she's got the crest of sincerity.."
"What about me?"
"Kari. Not just because she's the cutest out of all of them, but-"
"You think I'm cute?"
Lindsay blushed. "Yeah...but Kari's also got the crest of light..and light represents all that is good and...you're a great person, Omar.."
Owen blushed too. "Thanks, Linds."
"OI!!! WHAT DID I TELL आप TWO ABOUT LOOKING THROUGH MY DIGIMON DVDS??!!" Esper boomed. Lindsay screamed and ran out, with Owen following.

2. CodyxSierraxTyler- Difference
Tyler was Sierra's best friend; Cody was her close friend. There was a difference, right? Whenever Cody was busy, Tyler would come over, and they'd talk. Sometimes they'd go out, and he'd buy her something, but not before freaking out over something. But what if Cody caught them.
Fan fiction by DuncansMyLuv14 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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RECAP: I looked, and soon, my smug look became shocked, and my arms fell to my sides. I couldn't believe who I was looking at, but every quality I remembered about him was there; the blue-green eyes, the familiar nonchalant look on his face, the piercings, the green Mohawk, and even his black wristband was still on him...the only thing that wasn't the same about him right now was the fact that he had on my school's uniform कमीज, शर्ट and a pair of black pants instead of his usual skull कमीज, शर्ट and jeans. I couldn't believe it, but I was staring at the Total Drama Island तारा, स्टार and the long-time object of my obsession; Duncan!

I felt really weak all over just looking at Duncan, and he wasn't even looking in my direction; I couldn't believe my प्रिय guy from my प्रिय दिखाना in the entire world was sitting in my homeroom class! I'm pretty much a Total Drama Island fanatic; any सवाल about the दिखाना आप have, I can probably answer it. Still, I knew even और about Duncan than I knew about the दिखाना itself; I knew how he was sweeter than he let on, I knew about all of his family members being cops and how he was on...
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: Ok there's only 8 horse hair tonight.
Jamie: Horse hair?
Chris: Yep. Thease people has no vote........ Bridgette!
Bridgette: YES!
Chris: Jordan.
Jordan: Really??? alsome!
Chris: रे and Noah.
Ray: Yes!
Noah: BO YA!
Ray: wanna make out?
Noah: Sure *Ray and Noah make out*
Chris: and........................ Less!
Less: I thought i had a vote.
Chris: Ok thease people had 1 vote....... Jamie!
Jamie: Yay! Wait I had a vote? How?
Chris: Can't tell you.
Jamie: At least i get to stay longer.
Chris: and the finle person with no vote is.......................... Rayven!
Rayven: I wonder who votted for me. But who cares i get to stay longer Yay!!!!!!
DJ: *looks around* I Had और than 1 vote? How?
Avan: I had और than 1 vote too. I wonder how manny and who votted for me.
DJ: Me too.
Chris: I only have 1 और horse hair here. The person who gets it gets to stay longer.................... It gose to..........................
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*Non-Frist class*

Jordan: So it's only us in here right?
Jax: yeah!
Jordan: I wish i was with Bridgette.
Jax: आप want her? we could swop teams.
Jordan: But Zoey's gone.
Jax: So? I hate Trent, I want him gone, so i will vote him off.
Jordan: But Chris has to aprove of it.
Jax: Then let's go ask him.
Chris: Did someone call my name?
Jordan: can me and Jax swop teams?
Chris: Shere!
Jax and Jordan: Sweat!
Chris: I will say it right now! *inorcome* Jordan and Jax siched teams! Jordan's on Team Win and Jax is on Team USA! Good luck everyone!

*frist class*-

Bridgette: Great! Jordan's on my team. Help me.
Rochelle: He's not bad at all. He's really nice.
Bridgette: really?
Rochelle: Really. आप can ask Penny.
Bridgette: Penny is Jordan nice?
Penny: Jordan? Yeah he's nice.
Bridgette: Yeah. But he dosen't have a nig crush on आप guys.
Rochelle: Just leave with it. I mean आप did last season.
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*theme संगीत plays*

Chris: welcome to Total Drama NXT!!

Blainley: Last time we saw all of our rookies they just met there pros!!

Chris: and today Some ones going home

Blainley: JK but the pros will be taking there first poll

Chris: then the last 4 rookies will be voted on and one voted off

Blainley: todays challange is.....

Chris: A Paint ball shoot out!!

Duncan: not again

DJ: yeah

Zoey: I dont think I like that

Lucas: ha finaly something shooty

Shawn: ehh

Blainley: well this challenge is for the rookies only

Chris: and the last rookie standing wins immunity

Lexi: wait paint ball really

Breeze: yeah

Gwen: ha

Trent: holy crap there gonna die

Jared: all right lets go!!

*in the paint ball field*

Jared: *grabs gun and runs into course* ha Im gonna win
Opinion by FireFlys113 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: Okay the 1st part of your challenge is taking a quiz! Then the 2nd part will be harder! For example ill say "Whos the most nice on the island!" And say it was Jade! The people who got it right and smash the statue off other people stand's and आप all only have 3 status!
Jared: I really have to win this one! IM THE ONLY GUY HERE! So i hope if i loose ill still be in the game!

*Quizes are doen*
Chris: OKAY! Whos most likely to stab आप in the back?
*Jared,Zoey,Jade,and Rochelle say's Hollow* *And the rest say Jared*

Chris: The right answere is HOLLOW!

Jared: *smashes Gabby's statue* Sorry!

Zoey: *Smashes Hollow's* See ya!

Jade: *Smashe's Katie's status* SORRYY!!

Rochelle: *Smashes Katie's*

Chris: Who's mostly gonna win? *Gabby,Ray,Katie,Lindsay put's up "Gabby" and the rest put up Ray*
Chris: GABBY!

*Time goes द्वारा and only Gabby,Ray,Rochelle,and Lindsay are elft*
Fan fiction by ZachHapyUnicorn posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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theme music

Erica: Welcome back to another great episode of....
Erica: With a speacial apperence from.....STORM THE ALIEN PERSON
Storm walks on stage.
Krista: Hi Storm ready to have some fun with campers.
Storm: Oh yes I am *smiles evily*
Erica: We are giving आप speacial opprotunity *smiles*
Krista: आप get to wake up the campers.
Storm: MWA HAHAHA YES *laughs evily*

In केबिन 1

Storm: *sneaks in and looks around and sees Buster*
Storm takes her tazer and zaps Buster in the stomach.
Buster: *shockingly* OW...W.WWW
Storm: *laughs evily* hahaha how does that feel in the mourning.
Because of Busters moaning David wakes up.
David: AH WHO ARE आप *starts to cry*
Storm looks द्वारा Buster and notices Mr. Fluffykins.
Storm: *Laughs then tazers Mr.Flufykins in the stomach near the neck* HAHAHA LOOK AT HIM SQUIRM
Fan fiction by acrossmyheart11 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Jared: Are आप sure आप know where we are going?
Courtney: Of course, after all i was a CIT.
Jared: Here we go.
Zoey: Um...Jake where are you?
Jake: Right in front of you.
Zoey: where-(Bumps into Jake and they accidentaly kiss) oh im so sorry (Blushes)
Jake: That's cool.
Chris: Here comes... Leeroy and Lucy. Wait...why is Leeroy carring Lucy like they are in love? Aw. Wait here comes Storm and Selena.
Selena: (approaching Lucy and Leeroy) Bye bitch. (Hits lucy and she falls and hits the ground.)
Leeroy: Lucy?!?!
Lucy: SHIT!!! (Blacks out) (Wakes up) Whoa...where am i?
Chef: Infirmary. your alive...NOW GET THE FUCK UP!
Lucy: Geez. Where is Leeroy?
Chef: Sleeping.
Lucy: (Looks at clock) Oh god it's already 3:30 am?!?!?!
Chef: Yes.
Lucy: Okay. Ow (Looks at arm and realizes it's broken) Wonderful.