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हे everyone I know today is not Saturday but I had this done early so I decided to post it up. But after this episode TD:HSR will be पोस्टेड on Saturdays
(Theme song plays)

(The group is hanging out on the school parking lot द्वारा Lia's Mustang)

Eli: Seriously guys we should have म्यूज़् as our band
Lia: And how would we get the money?
Eli: Oh come on your flipping rich
Francis: But she aint that rich
Carlos: Guys what should our first dance be
Eli: We should have it
Francis, Noah, Lia. Carlos. and Jordan: WE ARNT HAVING IT MUSE!!!!!!
Eli: I was going...
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Valencia: meeh *brushing her teeth* gross, gross, gross! Que era asqueros. Por que? *pouts* bleeh But I'll live. It's ok. I am not grossed out. Nope! Not at all. *smiles weakly* Idek who to vote out though...

Luke: *votes for.. Teddy *
(there. I randomly voted. okay.)

Teddy: *bawling* We lost!!! *stamps Crystal's picture*

*everybody द्वारा the RVs*

Daniel: Alright.. I have no idea what I कहा to the other team, so आप can just ask them. Eddie, Lana, Gabe, Luke and Maylene. *throws marshmallow*

Gabe: Marshmallows? Again?

Eddie: *puts marshmallow, मार्शमॉलो in his mouth* Chubby bunny

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Yeah. Awesome शीर्षक name -_-
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Stranded! Our Final 11 competed in a robot boxing league. There was a lot of smashing. And in the end it was Jayden who got invincibility beating Wisp and even EC! Now that Jayden has proven herself strong since she has also won a few और पूर्व challenges, EC is on to her. Then EC started a secret alliance with none other than Mariam. They thought that they would hide it from me but...hehe. At the elimination ceremony it was our dancer Valencia was kicked out. Then we had a clip of the two people coming back....
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