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Okay so this is a pointless lil start to a story that i'll never finish tbh but it involves sexual humor so if आप are grossed out या whatever द्वारा that, don't read. yea? yea.

anyway this is pointless bc i just wanted an excuse to use the joke n what better way than through ocs? legit no point to this shitty lil unfinished thing sorry.

‘So who are we waiting for again?’ Veto asked, quirking an eyebrow to Renee who smiled ‘Kendall. we’re waiting for Kendall’ she replied softly. Veto groaned ‘what the fuck? why? nobody even likes him!’ Eddie looked at Veto, blinking...
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posted by colecutegirl
Ash- Me
Riley- Me
Veto- Elkhat
Eddie- Elkhat
Marth- Sora

((oop it also reveals a ship that's been going on for a long time just not on fanpop))

"Ok, that's a wrap. Thank आप everyone." Marth Acord कहा to the crew around him, there were a few cheers and high fives. Marth capped the lens of his camera and began to retreat to his office to sort through the चित्रो when an irritating nasal voice stopped him in his tracks,"Marth~!" he shuddered and turned to face the model. She was a pretty woman, tall black hair...
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posted by sorandom15
Minda: Hey! my name is Minda!

Kelsey: AND IM KELSEY!!!!!!!!

Minda:...and welcome to a very brand new दिखाना King of nerds!

Kelsey: Mmhmm ^.^ here we are going to put two team to battle each other!

Minda: That's right 12 Nerds will duke it out for the chance to be The king of nerds ^.^

Kelsey: Omigosh here comes one now!

Minda: This is Jade

Jade: *rasies hand up and waves,but then her face falls back into a frown*


Jade: no please don't...

Kelsey: T.T

Minda:...anyways अगला up is Matthew

Matthew: Hello there~

Kelsey: :O

Matthew: are आप okay?

Kelsey: it you're accent its so...
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My life has been pretty "OK" for the past few years. It hasn't been awesome, and it hasn't been horrible. JakeE finally cracked and committed suicide. I just hate him for doing that. I went through the same problems he did, आप don't see me going and killing myself. I just hate to think about it. Also, JakeS died because of the cancer. If he would've just taken his medication. Besides all that, most of my फ्रेंड्स have been getting settled down and married. Sayu and Jade, Riley and Dayton, Cassie and Bradley. And Paige has a 2-Year-Old son with that Max guy. And that dickwad Toby is in jail...
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Wisp:*drawing with coal on a leaf*

Ace: Hi Wisp! What are आप drawing?

Wisp: Hey! I'm drawing myself with my MP3. Since it's gone :'(

Ace: Nice. So listen maybe we should make an alliance.

Wisp: Sure, I'd प्यार to!

Ace: Great

EC: Ughh! What if I'm voted off?

Kurt: *smirks*

EC: What are आप smiling at?

Kurt: Oh nothing.

Chris's voice: All contestants come to the docks!

Chris: Tonight another camper will be going घर through the submarine of shame. Vote!

zoey: (head spinning and लेखन with wisps coal) these just don't add up i like nat shes cool but i don't like EC i just cant figure this...
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posted by -MissRarity-
Name: गुलबहार, डेज़ी McKenzie Clark
Age: 16
Stereotype: क्वीन Bee
Personality: bitchy, prissy, snobby, sensual, bratty, persuasive, bossy, outgoing, neurotic
Bio: गुलबहार, डेज़ी is the captain of the Cheer-leading squad at her school. She is very manipulative and backstabbing. गुलबहार, डेज़ी prefers to have frenemies over friends. गुलबहार, डेज़ी loves to turn people against each other and start drama. गुलबहार, डेज़ी is also a great actor, singer, and dancer since she goes to a performing arts school. She is currently in Total Drama Elements on Team Air
Sexuality: Straight
Pic: ----------->
Greetings, all. This is the kick-start of my yaoi, 'It's Scenery." I will now introduce आप to the seme, Masaaki Kunio. It was quite the project coming up with him, so please give me your honest opinion at the end of this guide. Enjoy!


Name: Masaaki
Surname: Kunio
Nickname(s): Kunshi
(Who calls him this?:) The other interns
Age: 19
Occupation: Internship at Motaka Garden Center and Nursery
Interests: Plants and animals, drawings, cooking, being out of the house
Dislikes: Being in dark या 'cooped-up' places, sitting around and doing nothing
Bad Habits: Being 'too familiar', having too loud of a voice,...
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August 12th, 2006

I see the tall man everywhere. I'v started referring to him as "Kyle". I tell my grandmother about Kyle as she lies in बिस्तर and looks at me with dim eyes. I tell her how he looks. Tall, of course, with deep red hair. Shaggy, red hair... how did it get so red? She stares at me and sort of smiles, sort of frowns. "I see.." she says, and takes ahold of my pinkie finger. "You can watch him all आप want, but I don't want आप talking to Kyle. Understand, Eiko?

He doesn't sound safe."

August 13th, 2006

Grandmother was coughing so loud this morning I checked in on her. She had gone back...
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posted by brickthecutest
November-has a pet piranha and pet pitbull she is actually Alejandrina mother in the future just a coincidence for her
Kush-has a pet pitbull and a lion he is Kusher twin brother and is a little crazy for his age he is bi like his brother Meat
Meatstic -has a pet poodle and a चीपमक, चिपमंक he is Meat twin brother and came for appearance with Alejandrina he is also bi
Alejandrina:a black blue and नारंगी, ऑरेंज cat with blue eyes and a chameleon she is bi with an attitude like her brother Alejandro
Alejandra:a pet कंगेरू, कंगारू and a pet monkey she is a girly girl for her type she is a DJ lover and a Heather hater...
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posted by bcthestrongest
Cody:Gwen is it Gwen
Duncan:that wouldnt suck
Courtney:yes it would
Kush:this girl was a skateboarder her sister is Babe and loves to torture people welcome Goth
Goth:Gothic is my name dishing dirt is my game invade your tv with my गॉथिक brain
Kush:Gothic so terrific
Goth:im famous so famous
Courtney:Chris this is against the rules what your cousin think we a bunch of fools
Kush and Lh:rules this aint no Sunday school miss thang up their is a raiding jewel
Owen: Gothic
Heather:she make me sick
Goth:im famous so famous get me a bagel and a honey bun hold the sugar im quiet different
Duncan:shes so Gothic
Goth: im so fam
Cody:whos that girl again
Goth:what who am i who are u im the host of pitbulls i had a skateboard award i interview Gwen for my goth hunt site its no fact या scientific that i an still Gothic
Heather and Courtney:shes not so famous shes not so famous
I first want to say that I pulled out of hat who was going to be nominated, so I'm really sorry.
Second; I replaced Antonio with Ryker, cause I got rid of Antonio as an OC entirely.
Third; yes, it's short. Deal with it.
I hope आप guys like it, leave टिप्पणियाँ and everything down below along with confessionals and all that.
I also have a new मतदान पोस्टेड in the club; link
“Who wants to see my HOH room?!” Francis yelled.
“Me!” Cody called.
Cody’s Confessional
“I may not like it... but I think I’ll have to do a little sucking up. In this game, आप wanna make...
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