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 lulu confessional
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टोटल ड्रामा आइलॅंड
Before आप read: Guys I been पढ़ना some of TDTM and relized my OC hasn't gotten any वोट्स like at all like आप guys can vote for me if आप really want to I won't get mad hahah. Anyway on with the story :D <3

Chris: Last time... On Total Drama The Movies... Aliens!!!! Here I had the cast go to Area 55 to find Alien artifacts. Some's were good... Some's were confusing... While the winner Spike got a real life Alien!! BUT in the end it was Marissa who got the boot home. Who will survive? What will happen next? And what will happen today? Find...
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I had a longer one, but since my internet messed it up I'm just going to make this short. Dx Sorry.....

Chris: I'm sorry Ryan. But आप gotta got.

Chef: Good bye. *kicks him the submarine of sorrows*

Cody: *runs to his room and cries a little*


Sorry it was so short. but my internet messed up and it erased everything and I cant remember what I wrote. So I just cut to the point DDDX
me: okay first up for सवालों is .... jinx , because आप have two सवालों !
jinx: oh god .-.
me: oka first up , from riley !
jinx: okay .
me: she says हे Jinx! How are ya! *gives cookies* oh a question?...Who is your bestest friend?
jinx: yay a cookie :3
me: ITS MY COOKIEEEE * eats cookie* yum >3<
jinx: D: my cookiea !and the answer would be .... आप i guess riley ? i mean yur the person i trust and talk to the most . then sayu and then maddie.. never zara.. shes evilllllllllllllll !
zara: i heard that !
me: anyway ! your अगला सवालों is , do आप like dayton ?
jinx: O.O w-what ? pshttttttt...
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This is a Skyle article. (LylexSkeater)
Warning:There may be slight lovely-doveyness and mild sexual scenes [More in the 2nd part, but it won't be too dirty.].
There might also be some OOCness. ^^;
Oh and this is yaoi. [BoyxBoy] So don't read if आप don't like. >3<

"A-a date?"
Skeater कहा through a slight smile as Lyle sat down on the सोफ़ा, सोफे beside him. "Yeah, I bought two tickets to the fair. It'll be fun." Lyle smiled as he took out the tickets from his कमीज, शर्ट and showed them to Skeater. Though Skeater didn't seem like it, he was super excited about the idea of going to the fair with...
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