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Hello. This is RealVIXX.

Today, the दिन that आप have all been waiting for,
is the दिन that we reveal through this news the name of the fanclub that makes प्रशंसकों become one.
Last year, since VIXX's debut we’ve been searching for a fanclub name through वोट्स and hearing fans’ opinions,
विक्स deliberated for a long time and are sorry yet thankful for your patience.

From now on, with the comeback of विक्स for "I'm Ready to Get Hurt", the fanclub that will run together with विक्स is the jewel-like sparkling and shining ST★RLIGHT.

To VIXX, the प्रशंसकों are like sparkling and shining stars, the fans' ST★R is not VIXX, but VIXX’s ST★R are the fans!!
ST★RLIGHT is the finalized fanclub name.

We hope that ST★RLIGHT will always be beside विक्स and become a स्रोत of strength from now on.

And dont' forgot to listen
विक्स 3th album song(I'M READY TO GET HURT)

Thank you.
♥ ♥ ♥
posted by Ieva0311

Stage Name: Ken
Real Name: Lee Jaehwan
Position: Main Vocalist
Born: April 6th, 1992
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 180cm या 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 64kg या 141lbs
Blood Type: AB
Family: Father, mother, two older brothers (he’s the youngest)
Education: N/A


Favorite Foods: Instant foods and chocolate
Favorite Artists: Kimbum, Kim Hyojun, Brian McKnight, Eric Benet, Park Hyoshin
Favorite Pastries: Korean candies
Favorite Colors: Black, White
प्रिय Hobbies: Drawing, watching/studying gag shows, beatboxing, dancing to other के पॉप groups’ songs

Fun Facts:

He has won multiple awards...
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