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Okay, so after the releasing of the लेख “MAMA AND ILLUMINATI”, I have been watching to the एक्सो teasers. Sometimes I would just play all the teasers from 1 to 23 या just re-watch the teaser that I want to watch. But then suddenly my eyes captured things that so amazing and actually so interesting from the teasers!

First ever, is about the choreography of MAMA. Actually, SM has already leaked out the choreography द्वारा the teasers! Are आप confused? Well, I will tell ya the secrets.

1. Teaser #7 : Sehun and Kai “Run & Gun”
Look at the picture above, did आप see the shadows behind Sehun...
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Hey this is EXO-M facts ~
Im sorry immediately if आप will find some mistakes
Enjoy पढ़ना and hope आप will find out और about EXO!
1st 53 facts are about both EXO-M & EXO-K
and then starts only EXO-M

1. Kai likes to pat on people’s shoulders. (Chinese normally don’t like people doing that because it’s कहा that there are 3 flames on forehead & each side of shoulders, so it’s like putting off the flames) that’s why the Chinese members will sometimes pat him back & he will look strangely at them.

2. Baekhyun’s personality is similar to Tao’s. He looks tough outside but...
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Stage Name: Tao
Real Name: Huang Zi Tao/Edison Huang
Nickname: Peach, Kung Fu Panda, Crazy frog (by SM staff), Taozi, TaoTao, Gucci Panda
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Born: May 2nd, 1993
Astrological Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Personality: Conservative, sensitive, emotional, shy, sentimental, insecure at times, has a lot of aegyo, persistent in his tasks.
Family: N/A, however he is very close to his grandparents.
Height: 183cm या 6 feet
Weight: 70kg या 154lbs
Blood Type: AB
Education: विश्वविद्यालय of Hong Kong – Major was music
Super Power (Badge): Time Control (Hourglass)
Habit: When speaking...
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