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Okay, so after the releasing of the लेख “MAMA AND ILLUMINATI”, I have been watching to the एक्सो teasers. Sometimes I would just play all the teasers from 1 to 23 या just re-watch the teaser that I want to watch. But then suddenly my eyes captured things that so amazing and actually so interesting from the teasers!

First ever, is about the choreography of MAMA. Actually, SM has already leaked out the choreography द्वारा the teasers! Are आप confused? Well, I will tell ya the secrets.

1. Teaser #7 : Sehun and Kai “Run & Gun”
Look at the picture above, did आप see the shadows behind Sehun...
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posted by Ieva0311

Stage Name: Xiumin
Real Name: Kim Min Seok/Jin Min Shuo
Nickname: Bao Zi (Little Bun), Lil’ Fattie, Mandoo, King of Detail,
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Born: March 26th, 1990
Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aries
Personality: Kind, very, very clean and tidy, cute, prankster, funny
Family: N/A
Height: 173cm या 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 65kg या 143lbs
Blood Type: B
Education: N/A
Super Power (Badge): Frost (Snowflake)
Habit: According to Chen, he is very clean and tidy, almost to the point of OCD. Chen calls him the “King of Detail” because he has a very specific way of sorting things.

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