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posted by CarlislesLover
I’d been a vampire for almost two months now. Nobody in my family thought I had a power, but the truth is I do. I just don’t want to tell anyone though. I could make the dead rise. I know it sounds pretty creepy but I find it amazing. I’d seen Royce, Rosalie’s ex fiancé. He seemed a nice guy, he told me he didn’t like Rosalie as it always had to be her, her, her. I’d met Edward’s mum, she was nutty, we’re great फ्रेंड्स and I’m glad I have this talent to meet her. I hadn’t met Edwards’s dad yet though. I’d met Alice’s brother that she doesn’t know about. I made up the excuse of going hunting to wake the dead, I had a tattoo printed on my arm, which when I discovered my talent automatically appeared there. But when I used my talent my whole body was covered in the tattoo, I guessed it was the sign of it. I hadn’t gone to बिस्तर with Edward since I discovered my talent otherwise he would she the tattoo. I was on my way back घर now and I was hoping Alice hadn’t seen me. I walked in and they we all sat there staring at me. “I can’t believe आप didn’t tell us”

“Tell आप what Alice?

“About your talent”

“I can share with आप what I like”

“We’re family we should know. We didn’t think आप had a talent but आप do and आप know, आप just didn’t tell us about it”

“Well maybe I didn’t want to tell you”

“You should have. Edward has been so worried about आप because you’ve been going out so frequently and you’ve hardly touched him in a महीना and a few weeks”

“Edward worries about me all the time and I can touch him when I want”

“Well you’re married and Edward would like आप to प्यार him and pay a bit और attention to him”

“Yeah well he’s my husband when I feel like doing something with him I’ll let him know, I’m not in the mood for प्यार and marriage right now”

“Well what about what Edward wants. Of course आप never think about that do आप because it’s all about आप when it comes to yours and Edward’s marriage”


“NO I’M STANDING UP FOR EDWARD” That was it she’d pushed it too far, I punched her in the face as hard as I could knocking her to the ground unconscious. Jasper ran over to me, he was going to hurt me as I’d hurt Alice. But I hit him before he hit me leaving him dizzy. I ran out the door away from them all. I would go speak to Edward’s mother she always seemed to know what to do. I did what I usually did, using all the strength I had. “Bella are आप ok?”

“I just got into a fight with my family and know I don’t know what to do. I’m worried if I go back there they will all hate me”

“What did आप do?”

“I punched my sister-in-law in the face knocking her to the ground unconscious and then I punched my brother-in-law in the face leaving him dizzy”

“Did they find out about your talent?”

“Yes not the way I wanted them to”

“Oh Bella” She कहा hugging me. “Maybe we should do a bit of shopping”

“Why shopping?”

“I like shopping”

“I don’t”

“I know” She dragged me shopping with her which I didn’t agree with. “I have to know where do आप put all your clothes?”

“In my coffin of course”

“But you’re dead”

“Yeah and?”

“You’re so weird”

“I know”

“You know too much”

“Is my son irritating towards you?”

“He’s very protective of me”

“Bless him, he really does प्यार आप doesn’t he”

“We are married”

“Of course”
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