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Watch this hilarious never-before-seen cold open from The Office season 4, where Michael Scott has a little accident on the toilet.
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From Season 5 Episode 3: When everyone starts confessing to their misdeeds, Meredith has a secret so big it shuts down the seminar.
आप are a thief of joy
season 5
deleted scene
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Top 20 Dwight Schrute Quotes:

1. When my mother was pregnant with me, they did an ultrasound and found she was having twins. When they did another ultrasound a few weeks later, they discovered that I had adsorbed the other fetus. Do I regret this? No, I believe his tissue has made me stronger. I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.
2. I am faster than 80% of all snakes.
3. I don’t care what Jim says, that is not Benjamin Franklin. I am 99% sure.
4. I don’t believe you, continue.
5. Reject a woman, and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also,...
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A drunk Jim and Andy do an Indigo Girls duet together.
indigo girls
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Slap Face
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slap face
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There’s Newfoundland and Labrador,
Saskatchewan, Ontario,
Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba,
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island’s very small,
but British Columbia tops them all!

[And that's where Vancouver is.]

But… before I finish up my story,
आप should know the territories.

There are only three so I’ll be quick,
the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut.

If आप want to have a ball,
there’s Saskatoon and Montreal.

And if आप want to pack your sacks,
we’ll be going off the Halifax.

And if you’re looking for a wife,
be sure to visit Yellowknife.


Perennial geraniums,
nickel–think uranium,
are filling up my cranium,
the exports that they boast.

Keep going? No? Ingrates.
Some may disagree with this, but I hate the way Toby was written off the show. Since the last half of the third season, the writers have made Toby और pathetic, desperate and creepy in each episode. I know Paul Lieberstein is a producer and writer for the show, so I may be off base. Even if Paul did want to stay behind the scenes, I think he could have been phased out with और finesse.
In season two, Toby gradually got और screen time. He was always my प्रिय minor character, along with Darryl, because they were voices of reason against Michael's crazy antics. I never thought Toby seemed...
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This is a completely factual and accurate genealogical account of the Schrute family line. It is based on first hand information from Dwight Kurt Schrute, obtained during the filming of a documentary. The names, dates, locations and all other information may be made up, but the rest is the absolute truth.

Effie Margaret Elderstein was the only child of wealthy German factory owners. She was a quiet and plain young woman, who had many suitors, but little interest in any of them. When...
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Every great American hero deserves a tribute. Why should Toby Flenderson be any different?
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