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This is a song of when Trent and Gwen first meet.

Loving U
Trent:Loving u would be a bummer.If i had to stay here all summer,without your Beautiful face.
Gwen:Loving me has put u under a spell.One that u would do anything for.
Trent;My life would end if we were never friends
Gwen:Well it is time to be more.
Trent:what do u mean more,what do u mean more.
Gwen:it is time To प्यार me propely.It is time for us to be toghether
Gwen and Trent:If loving u was a crime i would be in jail

Trent: Loving आप is the best thing.
Gwen:Being your प्यार is the best thing
Trent:Loving u, Loving u,Loving uuuu
Gwen:Being your Love,Being your Love,Being your Loveeeee.
Gwen's pov!
i slowly sat up and looked around the room. wheres Trent? he opened the door. "babe!"he said. "what?"i asked. he grabbed my hand. "what is it?"he ignored me. "Trent!"i said. he turned on the TV. "watch."he said. "late last night the police found thousands of people lying dead on the streets and in homes."the reporter said. "what does this have to do with-."Trent cut me off. "the FBI are working hard to find out who did this,but still no evidence..but the workers always see this man...he has this ripped up green mohawk and burnt skin,but we haven't found a visual of it yet."the reporter...
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Trent's pov!
I died a couple of centurys ago..but Heaven wont let me in! they कहा i need some kind of key to get in. i sighed and sat द्वारा my old torn down house. a moving truck pull up in my drive way. i saw a beautiful goth girl jump out of the truck with headphones in her ears. i smiled and got closer. i`m a ghost and i can appear या disappear to people. "this is where we are staying?"the girl asked,annoyed. "this is all we can afford dear,now stop complaining!"i supposed that was her dad who yelled at her. she groaned out of frustration and stormed into what used to be my house. i floated...
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When Trent finally got घर he parked his motorcycle outside of his garage. He went into his house,threw off his हेलमेट and headed into his room. There, he took off his leather जैकेट and slammed it on the ground.
After that,he sat down on his bed,put his hands on his face and cried. He felt really sad and lonely. misery and despare had finally got to him.

Trent's POV: My whole life blows! Not only did I leave my फ्रेंड्स behind but I लॉस्ट everything! I लॉस्ट my girlfriend to a total b@$^@#d. I लॉस्ट my nerve to दिखाना my face to public and I लॉस्ट my dignity to go on living! I feel like such a jackass,...
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*Gwen and Trent as 9 साल olds*

Gwen and Trent were best फ्रेंड्स and had been for 4 years. Then, something happened. Gwen saw a strange black car pull up. Trent accidentally threw the ball in to a wierd building. "I'll get it" कहा Gwen. Gwen heard footsteps behind her when.......

*7 years later*

"I don't know what happened after that" Gwen कहा to her फ्रेंड्स Bridgette and Leshawna. "Well what sick son of a कुतिया, मतलबी would take 23 kids to an abandoned jail?" कहा Leshawna "I don't know" कहा Gwen. "Well tell us about this kid Trent" कहा Bridgette. "Well I don't remember much of him, but I do...
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Trent's p.o.v

"Hey Gwen"I said
"Hi Trent,what are आप doing?"she asked
"Talking to the most beautiful lady in the world"I replied.
She blushed, even if we were talking on the phone i could tell she blushed, आप know those things when your in प्यार with someone.
"Gwen,I'll come द्वारा later,okay"
"Okay"she replied

Okay i better tell आप the story.
आप see one साल पूर्व i went on a reality TV दिखाना called Total Drama Island.
I met this awesome girl called Gwen.
I fell in प्यार with her so we started dating,then Duncan came along she broke up with me and started dating him.Then she moved to Vancouver and she found me and we started dating.

Duncan sometimes came to Vancouver looking for revenge on me for taking his ex-girlfriend, but i beat him up.That's what happens when आप mess with Trent Stevens.

I put on my प्रिय कमीज, शर्ट and प्रिय shorts (It is summer) and made my way to Gwen's place.
TRents p.o.v

It Was Saturday i went over to Gwens House.
When i got there i sked her a few Questions.

"Hi Gwen how r u"

"Good Thnx U" Replied Gwen.


"Hey Gwen want to come to my Drama Brothers concert"

"No Thnx

"Come on it will be Good"

Fine only Because The best boyfriend in the World is going to be there"

"U r the best i will pick u up at 6.45"

"Ok Bye".

Gwens p.o.v

Trent asked me to come to his DB संगीत कार्यक्रम UI कहा Yes.
When Trent Came we got into his Car and he drove us to The thearte.I didn't have a ticket but i was aloud in due to being with a DB member (Trent).
Trent,Cody,Justin and Harold Got...
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Gwen's pov!
It was Trent! he looked different. he had red eyes and pale he a..vampire? i don't care. i ran to him and jumped into his arms. he hugged me tight. "i missed आप so much."i कहा into his neck. "excuse me,you're interrupting my wedding."Duncan yelled. Trent let go of me and growled at Duncan दिखा रहा है two long fangs. "well,i`m ENDING it."he sneered. Duncan laughed. "i see Trenty upgraded himself with a little of the Twilight saga thing."he laughed as all the other dead people joined in. Trent looked like he was ready to kill someone and i hope that someone is Duncan. Trent...
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sguidward: don't those 2 know i'm AHHHHH

trent: squidward क्लैम down your anamated to

squidward" oh my gosh its tdi's gwen and trent don't tell anyone but i an so friken super dedoper crazy maga super obbssed with you

trent: okaaay we wont

sguidward: i have to ask why are आप in my bathroom

trent: we wont to get in the shower

squidward: GROSH!

trent: no no not आप just me and gwen

squidward: h ok


gwen: leshawana i need to tell आप something

leshawana: what

Gwen: squidward is a obbssed me and trent fan

lesshawana: HOLY CRAP!

trent: हे babe why are poeple stalking squidwards house asking बिना सोचे समझे questons about आप and me
gwen: ok i only told like to poeple

trent: oh geeze i
when Trent and Gwen got to Trents trailer Gwen was very saprised.

in side

so what do आप think asked Trent

well its homey कहा Gwen

i know its not that big but. i thinkit will work कहा Trent

yeah i प्यार it Trent कहा Gwen

ok good cuz now we need to tell my parents about the baby said

oh joy that should be fun कहा Gwen

yeah well i dont wont to but we have to tell them कहा Trent

they both go into trents parents house

hay ma कहा Trent

hi honey what up कहा sammy

oh son what do आप wont asked bill

well i am here to tell आप both of आप that gwen is pregnant कहा Trent

WHAT Trent this going to ruen you...
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i dont own tdi/tda या tdwt

This takes place right after TDA. Trent and Gwen are on there way to a party that Geoff is throwing. Trent is driving Duncan and Courtney are in the car too.
Trent POV
When we were in the car it was very quite. i liked the quite. then he had to start to talk
Duncan- so what time does Geoffs party start.
Gwen- i think it starts at 9. what time is it now.
Trent- its 8:40. we have 20min to get to the party.
Couurtney- Duncan im cold
Duncan- here
Duncan gives Courtney his jacket.
Courtney- thank आप honey
Gwens POV
The way that Duncan and Courtney acked like a couple makes me feel bad that Trent and i are just friends. i do still प्यार him but i think that he still hates me. if i was him i would hate me too. we finlly get to Geoffs Party

i hope that आप liked it part 2 comming soon
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Geoff: brighette why aren't आप talking to me
brighettte: cuz youlike gwen
goeff: not any और cuz she called me party obssed
brighette: OMG she really कहा that
geoff: yep but i don't think its right for आप to pick side
brighette: i know i am not part of it anymore
goeff: thats good*kisses brighette*
brighette: how are we going to get Gwen and Trent back toghter
geoff: we will figure it out
brighette: ok
Gwen: what are आप guys talking about
geoff: nothin
Gwen: हे have आप seen trent
geoff: yeah he is over द्वारा the water foton
gwen: trent can i talk to you
trent: why
gwen: i'm sorry what i did
trent: आप are
gwen: yes
trent:i'm sorry for being a jerk
gwen: it wasn't your fault
trent: i'm really sorry babe*hugs gwen*
gwen: do आप want to get back toghter
trent: yes of corse
THEY MAKEOUTduncan: आप guys aren't mad at ecother anymore
gwen: no
brighette: were sorry for picking sides
gwen: it's ok
Gwen and Trent make out again
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Gwen's pov!
I woke up still in the corner with my eyes burning from tears. a loud roar echoed threw the hallway and everyone woke up and screamed. "quiet down!"Trent walked down the hallway. he opened my cage. "get up."he growled at me. i did as i was told. "lets go Gwen."Domovi stood at the entrance of the cage. "what do आप want?"i hissed. Malaysian walked up with a devil smile on her face holding a knife. i cowered back into the corner. "no! anything but her!"i put my arms around my stomach. Domovi snapped his fingers and two वैंपायर walked into the cage and began dragging me out. "Trent,you...
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