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Trent's pov!
hey,i`m just going to the park. आप are thinking,why would a teenager go to the park,when they have video games and संगीत at home? well,i go to the park because i प्यार to play my गिटार and sing at a special place. people always admire my गाना so they watch. i really don't mind,i`m not stage fright. i walked down the streets of New York to get to the Madison square park. it was so beautiful there. the flowers,the people walking by,the pond,it was all so peaceful. i sat on a huge rock and turned my guitar. some people stopped walking and watched me play my guitar. i started to...
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Trent:gwen i have to tell आप something
gwen: yea what is it babe?
trent: do आप want to go some where and eat
gwen:i'm not really hungery
trent: ok babe आप ! gwen are आप ok
trent:*runs put*
gwen'smom: gwen what did this monster do to you!*slaps gwen*
*at the hospital*
docter: yes your telling me she got posioned
gwen's mom: yes is she going to be ok
docter: we don't know
trent:*runs in* is she ok i don't know what happen
docter: sir come...
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Trent's pov!
It was 1975,the साल of the old days. i have a job dancing and गाना in a restaurant/roller rink. it was pretty cool having this job. my shift starts now,so i walked up onto the stage and everyone started cheering. i tipped my hat at them as i played my guitar. i was gonna play my favorite,into the night द्वारा Santana. then as i started गाना a beautiful lady in a black and red dress came in and started dancing. her dress twirling with her every move. everyone started to clap in a rhythm to the song as she danced. wow,she is good. i never seen her around here before. she's amazing....
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Trent's pov!
i`m so freaking pissed right now. Gwen is going to work tonight in a very attractive outfit. "babe whats wrong?"she asked. "its just,some of the guys at the bar tell me that other guys hit on you."i said. she put a hand on my cheek. "so? who cares,i`m never going to cheat on आप with some drunken idiot."she said. i put my जैकेट on. "where are आप going?"she asked. "to your job."i said. i drove her to the bar. now to teach these bastards a lesson. "Trent,please don't get me fired."we stepped out of the car. "i wont,but if one और guys touches आप i might."i said. she rolled her...
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A/N: Hi, I haven't पोस्टेड on this fanclub for at least... a year. :P But, I recently wrote this TxG लेख and पोस्टेड it on fanfiction, but I also wanted to post it on here. So, enjoy!

Warning: Viewer Discretion is Advised. This लेख contains: suicide, dark thoughts.

Until We Meet Again

She was the perfect girl.

Skin as white as the winter snow.

Lips as soft an angel’s melody.

Hair as silky as a wave of gold.

All of this somehow was contained into one girl… my girl.

My fingers trembling, and my lip quaking, my legs were able to drag me onto the local playground, abandoned from the chilly...
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Gwen's pov!

"We're moving to Japan, sweetheart." My mother shoved the सेकंड plane ticket she had in her hand into my face. "Why are we moving again? "I threw my suitcase on the shelf that held the luggage on the plane and plopped down in my सीट द्वारा the window blowing the टील, टीला, गहरा हरिताभ नीला colored hair out of my face. "Don't आप want your art skills to reach a new level? Well, this is your chance. Plus I can get a job here without your dumb नितंब, गधा father getting in the way of it." She held onto her पर्स strap that was sitting straight up on her lap. I didn't have any फ्रेंड्स back in Canada anyhow. All it...
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Trent's pov!
I hoped out of my old rusty truck and leaned up against the '10 miles to Vancouver sign.' i lit my ciggarete up with my lighter and blew smoke out of my mouth and i could see memories being blown away in the dark white like smoke cloud. i have been gone for almost a decade now since i had just gotten a recording deal contract. i rubbed my forehead in a frustrating tone. there are so many things to regret the night i left my hometown. maybe it's just guilt and not regret,or both..i`m not to sure. saying goodbye to my family..friends...and most of all,girlfriend. that's the main one...
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Gwen's pov!
I was in the art studio,painting my latest painting to be put in the art museum soon. i heard the door open,i`m sure it was just another artist या customer wanting to buy a painting. i put down my paint brushes and walked to the front of the studio. standing there,with his smile so bright,was Trent. i giggled because he was in a daze and hasn't recognized me yet. i slowly walked up to him and he still didn't say anything. i waved my hand in his face and he kept looking at something. i turned to see what he was looking at..a splatter painting? i turned back to him and he wasn't there....
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3 Weeks after Geoff Party

so who parents do we tell first asked trent

i dont know. i geuss we will tell mine कहा Gwen

cool so when he asked

now she said

ok do आप wont to take the car या the motorcycle कहा Trent

i like the motorcycle she said

good thats what i was going to take anyway कहा Trent

Trent and Gwen get on the motorcycle and got Gwens houes.when they get there Gwens brother is there and her mom ginny

hi mom kev कहा Gwen

hi honey and आप are Ginny asked

im Trent, Trent Stephens कहा Trent

oh hello Trent , why are here कहा Ginny

Trent id here cuz we need talk कहा Gwen

why do we need to talk...
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*Gwen and Trent as 9 साल olds*

Gwen and Trent were best फ्रेंड्स and had been for 4 years. Then, something happened. Gwen saw a strange black car pull up. Trent accidentally threw the ball in to a wierd building. "I'll get it" कहा Gwen. Gwen heard footsteps behind her when.......

*7 years later*

"I don't know what happened after that" Gwen कहा to her फ्रेंड्स Bridgette and Leshawna. "Well what sick son of a कुतिया, मतलबी would take 23 kids to an abandoned jail?" कहा Leshawna "I don't know" कहा Gwen. "Well tell us about this kid Trent" कहा Bridgette. "Well I don't remember much of him, but I do...
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Trent: हे gwen do आप want to go on a ride on my motercycle
gwen: sure babe
trent: gwen how long do आप want to ride
gwen: i don't know *stonice grwals*
trent: are आप hungrey
gwen: yeah
trent: *trys to park the motercycle
gwen: TRENT!
EVERYONE: *looks at trent* oh my god what happen
Gwen: *starts to cry*
geoff&brighette walk up
brighette: gwen whats wrong
gwen well yousee trent triped over his motercycle and he hit his head hard on the concreck i don't want him to die
geoff: we need to get him to a hospital...
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Gwen:yawn. Trent:*snores* Gwen:*giggles and whispers* wake up baby. Trent:*groans* Gwen:*sighs* आप leave me no choice. *nibbles his ear* Trent:*moans and sits up* okay..i`m awake. Gwen:*giggles* finally,i thought i was going to have to do और than nibble your ear. *gets close to him and whispers* much more. Trent:hm...well if आप want to be the first woman to get knocked up again while आप are already pregnant. *lays down* go ahead. Gwen:that doesn't help. Trent:*sits up* just messing with आप babe. *hugs her* आप feeling okay? Gwen:*sighs* yeah...i`m still really stressed. Trent:don't...
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Gwen's dream!
Gwen:time to wake up. Trent:morning bitch. Gwen:excuse me? Trent:do आप listen,i कहा morning bitch! आप are a whore bitch! i never want to raise a child with you,and i NEVER want to marry you. Gwen:NO!!!
*in real world*! Trent:*opens eyes* good morning? Gwen:AH! Trent:*shakes her* wake up babe! Gwen:*opens eyes* AH! *slaps him* Trent:ow,baby whats wrong? Gwen:*cry* nothing. Trent:no,tell me. Gwen:i-i keep thinking and dreaming that आप want nothing to do with me या Nick. *cry hard* Trent:no,no. *hugs her* i want to spend every second,every दिन of my life with you. Gwen:i`m...
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