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"Information on SHINee‘s supposed army

enlistment dates have been revealed to the


As part of being male Korean citizens, all

South Korean men (with few exceptions) are

required to serve about 21 months in the

Korean military once they are of legal age,

regardless of occupation. SHINee‘s supposed

enlistment are as followed:

Onew: 2017-2019

Jonghyun: 2018-2020

Key: 2019-2021

Minho: 2019-2021

Taemin: 2021-2023

(c) owner
Q: What is the turning point for आप to become a singer?

Jonghyun: I was in a band in high school. Back then, I wanted to be a composer. I was also trying other aspects when I was chosen द्वारा the company to be an intern, from debut till today. Because I प्यार singing, so I also thought of becoming a singer.

Q: What is your most memorable episode since your debut?

Jonghyun: My most memorable memory is when we won the Best New Artiste.

Q: Beside music, what are your other influences?

Jonghyun: Family. My biggest influence is from my mother. My mother really believes in me, she will let me do whatever...
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So earlier we reported that SHINee's Minho went on a तारीख, दिनांक with Kara's Goo Hara, but who did he pick before her?

Based on a popularity मतदान that G7 requested, Minho had chosen SNSD's Yuri as his ideal girl.

At first, he had chosen BEG's Narsha over Goo Hara, but at the last round, he had chosen Yuri over Narsha.

In the final round, Yuri had performed SNSD's hit song, 'Gee,' while Narsha performed a hip-hop version of 'Fly Superboard.' Following the performances, Yuri also shared a couple dance with Minho, which Narsha ended up disturbing.

At one point, the two girls fought over Minho so bad, he commented, "I wish I can start all over again."

Our लोकप्रिय Minho not only hurt the girls' hearts but he even had Kim Tae Woo stating, "I'm going to leave this place." I smell a little jealousy here, because we all know that Yuri is Kim Tae Woo's girl. Riiiight?
 Choi Min Ho of शाइनी and Yuri of SNSD
Choi Min Ho of Shinee and Yuri of SNSD
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credit : Taemin JJ

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4. fantasister.net [Fantasister]
5. leetaemin.kr [Please*3]
6. cosmicaa.net
7. taempo.com
8. taemtation.com
9. 19930718.net [My Fairy]
10. uniquetaem.com
11. sweething.kr [SWEETHING}
12. ohkr29.blog.me [kindergarten]
13. justaemin.com
14. moscodic.com [MOSCODIC]
15. taemin-union.com
16. www.tae-min.com [TAEMTREE]
17. taemmunity.com
18. itaemin.com [A Little Taem]
19. shineetaemin.tistory.com [taemining.com]
20. realstory.kr [REAL STORY]
21. mingtaem.com [fs 2Min]
22. rheetaemin.com
23. cherish0718.com [CHERISH]...
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