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posted by Takuya
Here is another character लेख i hope आप will enjoy it.

Jasmine is a princess that goes up and down in the popularity ranking so its difficult to say where she is in popularity.

She was designed द्वारा Mark Henn and he based her on someone he saw in a park with a long black mane and her facial features was based on his sister.

When her looks were set the director कहा that they had to redesign अलादीन so they whould fit together since she "blew him away."

Her Personality
Can be described as Headstrong, self-confident and full of vigour, she is also very curious and very ब्रेव and thats...
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I wrote an लेख about this subject for Belle and since that one was so much fun I figured I should write one for चमेली aswell.

Before I begin I will say that I am a person who enjoys drawing clothes and designing clothes for my own characters and because of this I have started take a good look at different clothes inorder to get a better idea of what to and not to draw and this is why I will give my opinion on the clothes themselfes aswell.

Lets begin with the lowest on the list

Nr 5: Peasant Disguise
This one looks really good but it is the most plain of all of her clother I know that...
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Princess चमेली of Agrabah. Princess Jasmine. Jas. Jasmine. Aladdin's wife. Whatever आप call her, चमेली is the best डिज़्नी princess in my opinion. She has all the characteristics that I love. In this article, आप will here from me exacly why I प्यार this girl, and why she needs to be recognized more.

Jasmine's personality is one of the most unique out of all the DP's. She is sassy, independent, and hot-tempered, but she is also sweet, king, generous and cunning. There is not a moment where she is seen not standing up for herself.

Jasmine is a very strong and fierce young woman,...
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posted by SnowSpirit
Well, I know this movie was set a long time पूर्व (Genie: "That outfit is sooo 3rd Century") but don't आप think that Jasmine's at least a little bit young? At the start of the movie she is 15, 3 days from her 16th b'day. द्वारा the end of the movie she's 16. But द्वारा her confidence, looks and place in life I thought she was in her 20's!
So, I just think that द्वारा stating चमेली as 15/16 they portrayed अलादीन as pretty young too :/
Yeah, well thats just my opinion. I think they should've कहा "You need to marry a prince द्वारा your 21st b'day" या something. :)
हे guys! In this article, I will describe where चमेली places on 5 of my lists regarding towards and relating to डिज़्नी Princesses. Here we go!

Most Heroic डिज़्नी Princess- 9th Place
I hate having to put her here. But the other DP's दिखाना और action and heroism than her, although she is heroic! Maybe is because of the fact that she is the deuteragonist of Aladdin. She saves Aladdin's life द्वारा exposing herself as the princess when she runs away so he won't be executed. She is also shown to be heroic when she tries to seduce Jafar so अलादीन could get the lamp. She is a lot और heroic than people...
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1.You get mad easily

2.You प्यार tigers.

3.You dont judge people based on their apperances.

4.You are sassy and headstrong.

5.You are not afraid to tell it like it is.

6.You प्यार Aladdin. ( both the character and movie)

7.You are clever and cunning.

8.You can be seductive at times.

9.You fail sometimes when आप try to help.

10.You always want to help people.

11.You forgive people easily.

12.You are not easily fooled.

13.You dream of marrying only for true love.

14.You think a lot of men are arrogant.

15. Your'e awesome!

posted by vertika
JASMINE--The princess of Agrabah is my 1 प्रिय animated heroine. She is a true princess, knowing when to follow custom and when to defy it. चमेली has a lot of dignity, but she also has a sense of humor. She knows what she wants and goes after it. Everything about her, from her look and dress and attitude, says "Arabian princess". Notice the way her black hair is shaped and how gracefully it moves. I प्यार all of Jasmine's outfits. ROYAL is Jasmine's word. My प्रिय line--"Just...go...jump off a balcony!"
posted by vertika
चमेली qoutes
10. "Then maybe I don't want to be a princess anymore!"
9. "I always get my man."
8. "I'm a fast learner."
7. "That was for ruining my wedding."
6. "Right--a prince like you. And every other stuffed-shirt, swaggering peacock I've met!"
5. "Unhand him--by order of the princess!"
4. "You were just playing with that over-dressed, self-absorbed Prince Achmed, weren't you?"
3. "And your beard is so...twisted."
2. "Never!"
1. "Just--go---jump off a balcony!"

so these are some of चमेली qoutes!

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