Poems My Nightmares

Anne_Rebirth posted on Jan 22, 2012 at 07:15AM
The room had no lighting, everything was pitch black
To me it seemed like another dream with me in the dark..
This dream of the dark, I take with open arms
I sit in the corner and shield my body and face
And all night long I sit and cry
Just wishing time would fly by so I may open my eyes
I wish to wake up, oh how I hate to dream
But tonight is going to be different I presume
My body quakes with pure fear and I can feel you near...

I can always tell when you are here because I can feel the presence of evil

My heart starts to clench in fear and it is more painful than anything in this world

Everything is silent as if you kill Every noise when you walk by

You flash before my closed eyelids and my sleeping body jumps at the sight
The 'Good' dream I once had is now ruined by your crooked smile
Even though you don a dark as night cloak, your smile is clear
I felt it wrack through me, and I knew what was coming

You continued to laugh- dark and sinister....
And all the while I could hear my breath quicken
And my heart pounding in my chest...

ThumpThump... ThumpThump... ThumpThump- Rapid and fast

Even though it was nothing but a dream, I knew if I opened my eyes I would see you hovering over me..

I am paralyzed, unable to force my limbs to move
But soon I stop my struggling and let you have your way
And listen to the words you only speak to me
This dream occurs for days and days; a broken record with no escape

And every night I wake up with a start, panting and in a thin sheen of sweat
Looking over at the red flashing lights on my alarm,
I tense when I see 3:15 A.M.- the most evil time of day
My first impulse is fear, but my inner demon takes happiness from this

Out of the blue you choose to flee and leave my dreams

I am relieved for a short while but then we get the news.....
And I tremble as the clear liquid runs down my pale cheeks... And I fall to me weak knees,
Feeling foolish for not seeing what you had laid out before me each night

Someone is dead and its all because of You
Slowly as I think, the words you spoke echos in my head....

"He's going to die.... He's going to die... He's going to die"

Over and over these words are thrown at me.
Your old voice is gruff and hard, there is no softness with death
And now I know every time you haunt my dreams,
You're going to take someone away from me

I know you will show me no mercy
So I accept my fate and welcome you truly...
And I hope that this pleases you greatly....


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