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This Is Why The Most Talented Artists Aren't The Most Successful - Courtney Miller via FilmCourage.com.
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I remember there use to be a Fanpop app in 2013...but I believe this साल they should be capable to make one. I mean we have AI, Multiple और easier way to market, and और people on the internet than the 20th century. I also feel like Fanpop is underrated in my opinion. Most females like me would be expected to use Tiktok and Instagram और but unfortunately I am not one of them. I created my Fanpop Account since I was 10 years old....I enjoyed my first experience in social media. I only made true peers in 2010 to 2013...but eventually they gone away . Now I just receive people who becomes...
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I’ll Miss फैन्पॉप with all my दिल and Soul
    I’ll Miss फैन्पॉप so much that thinking about not being able to log in and have fun at फैन्पॉप makes me sick…*sniffs*
    It’s really… terrible I feel like one of my arms is going to be severed from my body… God, I’ll miss all the फ्रेंड्स I have here… I know I’ll be able to come back… most probably after Dec.12, 2014… waaaahhh!!!!
    The people here are totally and simply the best… I’ll never be able to find such treasures again… ever in my life…
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Some of आप may have joined फैन्पॉप and are new and really don't know much about it. Well, of course फैन्पॉप is a fun place to शामिल होइए प्रशंसक क्लब्स of pretty much any thing आप like. Many people प्यार फैन्पॉप and it's really hard to not to like it. So when your joining फैन्पॉप stay on a bit and just go to your fave spot and just chill answering picks and videos.

Since there are alot of people on फैन्पॉप आप may go to someones प्रोफ़ाइल and wonder what something is like a prop. It will take a little time until आप get a प्रॉप (s) but until then just add videos,picks,pictures,quiz questions,links,forums या articles...
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This part of my फैन्पॉप User Guide describes some of the basics of using the site, and was last substantively edited on 19 December 2007.

Covered in this article:
Finding spots
Fans of spots and users

Finding a spot
There are three primary ways to find spots that fit your interests, which is really the whole point of the site.
The first (examples are marked with "1" in the illustration) is द्वारा पढ़ना the lists on the main page of the site ('fanpop home'): it's entirely possible that some content displayed there is of interest to you, whether it be a spotlit spot,...
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