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Well, since I already got some validation from the judges, I might as well put it in an article! Now, I've had some experience with लेखन haikus, but that was when I was eight and had to do one for a school assignment. But, hopefully, आप guys won't think that these are lame. I wish we could've entered with so much more, but here's the two that I chose to enter.

Haiku #1: My Hopeless Dream
My hopeless dream is
To feel cherished and wanted...
All I need is love.

Now, this was the first haiku that I wrote for this competition, and I can honestly say that it's one of my favorites. Most people...
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 Fanpop's Got Talent Rule Book (img द्वारा nmdis)
Fanpop's Got Talent Rule Book (img by nmdis)
Hello dear fanpopers,

As everyone is दिखा रहा है really an overwhelming support I am really very happy. We almost have got all our judges and many volunteers.

Before posting guide for entering FGT 2014 I would like to tell आप all the rules which are really very important.


When the submission period ends (June 30st) I will make a सूची with all entries that can be voted for. If your entry does not meet the criteria, it will not be on that list, and so आप can’t be voted for.

As a reminder, here are once again the rules:...
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हे everyone so here is my this साल entry..hope आप gonna प्यार it..max
फैन्पॉप got's talent
fgt 2011
max coolen
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posted by mishaanita
burning need of your soul
take a glimpse to ignite
fire like slug आप whole
one who steals your fantasy
have special दिया name
queen of Fire
touching you
hugging आप
flux आप in my flame
hunger all आप think
night whispers
crown आप as a man
My single gaze
magnet to worship
have special दिया name
Empress of Desires
sloshing in torrent of rain
yearning for आप can't
an innocent prey
plunge on knees
fling my passion
Resist me?
You won't get easy
have special दिया name
Seductress of Temptation
You're hunted in my love
craving आप cant deny
you see me when आप
look in the mirror
sorceress of Passion
Nothing about me...
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