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I bet those conservatives out there were thinking that I'd forgotten all about them! Not true! In fact, I have been doing extra research over the last few days to fully get the feel for each candidate still in the running.

If आप missed my लेख on the link, I assure आप it's a good, solid, and fair assessment of each candidate

In the last article, I joked about Donald Trump, and कहा that I would probably not be very respectful when discussing him, on account of he's a giant tool. Well, I can't make any promises about how it's presented, but I vow to present accurate information about Donald...
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Here's what we would like to have seen during the hearings... starring useless politicians, and national treasures Andrew Heaton and Austin Bragg.
supreme court
andrew heaton
austin bragg
you're welcome
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 Pamela Anderson goes PETA.
Pamela Anderson goes PETA.
Originally पेश for school on December 6, 2006.

PETA – Is It Really Ethical?

Who would think twice about questioning the motive of a nonprofit animal-loving organization with the word “ethical” in its title? The word “ethical” usually refers to someone who is doing the right thing. After all, who wouldn’t want to treat जानवर ethically?

I sat behind an avid PETA supporter one साल in my high school English class. PETA, as I was later informed, was an acronym for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and was an organization dedicated to saving जानवर and promoting veganism....
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