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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Wait Jstar are you the brother or what character are you and what squad..just wondering im a litte confused
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Now now, you're reducing my incentive to make an insane blade. I've got the outline almost finished, but there's a grand finale that's missing, makes me antsy. Anyway, don't vote for anyone till you see all the entries. Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, but I'd like to win this one fair and square. Besides, I want to see other people pull out all the stops as well.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Ok ok haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hadez17 said…
Yeah I'm also liking this whole Rp idea, and i think ill start posting moire so that i can offcialy join it. Id prob only do one character because idk if i have the ability to manage multiple or even make up multiple, and hed be in the soul society, hed use the zanpaktou i listed earlier (have modded it a little) and more character traits need to be hammered out
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
Quickdeath - I'm making 2 Soul Society characters, they are both in squad 2. The characters are brother and sister. The brother is older and he is the captain of squad 2. He made his younger sister the lieutenant of squad 2.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hadez17 said…
also idk if my char would even be a captain, i can see him being a captain level, but the rough idea i have for his personality, If hes not directly handed the job he prob won have it, and thus unless there is empty captain spot that nobody wants i guess ill take it but at same time it doesnt matter to me
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
Okay here is my first character!

Name: Zane Mitarashi
Age: 25
Position: Squad 2 Captain
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 235 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Appearance: Zane has a dark complexion like Yoruichi. He hair is in dreads, just past his ears, and light gray in color. He wears the regular pants of the other soul reapers but does not wear the top. His captains jacket is a long sleeve button up hoodie but he doesn't wear it properly. Instead he buttons only the bottom button and lets the hoodie hang down his waist. The sleeves are tied around his waist. He also has a tattoo of squad 2's symbol on his back.

Personality: Zane is a very lively person and is always the one to make that sarcastic joke to get everyone laughing. Even though he plays around a lot, he still has a lot of respect for all his comrades. His squad members sometimes view him as being lazy, but that is not the case he just tries to avoid fighting because he doesn't like killing, but he will if he has to. There is one thing that makes him want to fight though and that is if his sister,which is the lieutenant of his squad, gets hurt; then his entire personality will change. Instead of the fun loving guy, you will get a serious ready to kill type of personality and you do not want to be the person that hurt his sister, he goes berserk.

Strength: 85
Shunpo: 100
Kido: 90
Swordsmanship: 30
Hand-to-Hand: 100
Special Ability: Flash Cry (the ability Yoruichi and Soifon use)

Element: Earth
Release Phrase: Shake the World
Shikai Name: Jishin Kobushi (Seismic Fists)
Bankai Name: Jishin Tentei (Seismic Ruler)

Shikai Appearance: Due to Zane having an immense amount of spiritual pressure, his zanpaktou remands in its released state. The zanpaktou are two black gloves that stretch halfway up his forearms. The gloves have neon blue colored patterns on them that look like cracks on the gloves.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Nami Yusou (Wave Transport) - This ability sends P-waves through the users body which allows the user to sink into the ground and travel underneath it at two times the speed of sound. When the user reaches his destination, he rises up from the ground. This ability is used to cover great distances in a short amount of time. This ability can only be safely used 3 times a day as the P-waves can hurt his body if used to much.

2) Jishin Bakuha (Seismic Explosion) - The cracks on the gloves glow and the user claps his hands and sends out a powerful shockwave from his hands. He can control the force of the shockwave. From a small hand grenade to a one ton amount of TNT explosives. This ability can also be used if he punches something. Inflicts major concussive damage.

3) Daichi Bure-Ka (Ground Breaker) - The gloves glow blue and the user slams his hands to the ground, the ground starts to break and rocks begin to float around the user (10 at one time, boulder sized). The user can control the rocks perfectly. He can launch them at the opponent, change there shape to make weapons, and even grind them down into smaller rocks or sand and control them to help block attacks. If this ability is in use then he can not use the others. If the ability is used, the user must always use the ten rocks from the original use, unless it has been over an hour of the abilities activation.

Bankai Appearance: The gloves turn blue and sink into the users body. Blue colored cracks will appear around the user's body. Strong seismic waves will emit continuously from his body creating a dense pressure around him. This bankai is very unstable and will only stay active for 10 minutes before reverting back to shikai from. It can not return to bankai for 1 full day.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Jishin Oshi (Seismic Pressure) - Due to the seismic ways that are emitting from the user's body, it is very difficult to get near the user without suffering from concussive damage forcing opponents to use long range attacks. This helps the wielder because he doesn't have any weapons at hand so it keeps other blades away. The level of concussive damage the opponent receives depends on their level of spirit pressure.

Grade 1) If there spirit pressure is on par or greater than the user, than they only feel a constant pound on there chest and head, like if you repeated slapped your chest or with minimal force, makes it slightly harder to breath.

Grade 2) If there spirit pressure if less than the user's but more than 3/4 his pressure, then the pounding on there chest and head is forceful enough to cause disorientation.

Grade 3) If there spirit pressure is less than 3/4 of the user's pressure, than the pounding is forceful enough to make the opponent loose consciousness.

2) Jishin Houmen (Seismic Release) - The user releases a powerful blast of seismic waves from his hands. The blast is so powerful that it appears to crack the air around him as he releases it. This ability is an enhanced version of Jishin Bakuha except it can now be shot at the opponent and can cause shockwaves of up to 10 tons of TNT explosives.

3)Tsuchi Toburai (Earth Burial) - The user slams his hand to the ground and the earth underneath the opponents feet glow blue in a 10 foot diameter circle with the opponent as the epicenter. The ground sinks beneath them and attempts to suck the opponent in like a vacuum. The higher the opponent is from the ground, the easier it is to escape. If the opponent is on the ground then it is nearly impossible to avoid. The opponent can launch a high level kido into the hole to stop it but they can not have any part of there body below the surface or they will be catch in their own kido. Once the opponent is below the surface, the ground will slam shut crushing the opponent.

"NOTE" Again the bankai is unstable and will only last for 10 minutes before reverting back to shikai, it can not be activated again until a full day has pasted.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kavalaboy74 said…
big smile
hm...let's see ^^

Zanpakuto name : Junkan oojo (bool-water princess)
Release command : toru (take life)
Bankai :Serei Junkan oojo (holy blood waqter princess)

Zanpakuto ability 1 : sugata suru (human form control )it can controls your body cause it's full of water....:P
Zanpakuto ability 2 : mizu suru (water control )it can control water and every water based subject
Zanpakuto ability 3 : kuroon mizu (water clone )it can create a clone made by water
Zanpakuto appereance : it's a red-blue katana with a drop of water and a white circular guard

Bankai ability 1 :sekai no soozo mizu (creation of the water world) it can create fron nowhere water and control it very easily
Bankai ability 2 :nanahyaku umi hitsugi (seven hundred oceans coffin) it can seal it;s opponent into a coffin and seal him 4ever of course he can die in there ^_^

finitoooo :D:D:D i hope you like it :D
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
jstar18 - it's an interesting blade, for sure, don't see any big holes (shockwaves can be a little insane, but in all honesty, so can everything). I like how the second bankai is a little like Whitebeard's ability from One Piece, and how the third is a little like Gaara's from Naruto (no, I'm not assuming that's where you got them, just pointing out the similarity). The only ability I'd question is the first bankai, and it's mainly because I'm not certain how much concussive force that is. There are a decent number of people who focus almost entirely on close combat, so I want to make sure they're still capable of using it, even if it's going to injure or massively impede them.

kavalaboy74 - this one's a bit obscene and very little is explained. The first ability allows you to control an opponent's body... That's about as insane as they come, especially since they seem to be able to do it at range and can use it as much as they want. The second is fine, but you'd want to be more specific on this one, creating an actual ability that can be used with the water. The clone is fine too.
On the bankai, the first ability depends on how much water you can create. If it's infinite and all at once, that's too much. You need to put stipulations on how much water can be created at one time. The second ability needs a lot of work. First, it has nothing to do with water at all, don't know why it's here. Second, I don't see any way to avoid it. Once again, it seems like you could just do this at range and no one could get out of it. You have to provide mechanisms by which your opponent can escape, and you have to make the ability more difficult to use somehow.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
im going to make 4 characters and 3 of them are all ready done (just have to collect them cause they are scattered around here and there.
3 of them will be soul society and 1 of them outsiders
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
Name: Kouji
Rank: 5th squad captain
Personality: he likes to play the flute in his free time, he is a hard worker, a good friend, also likes a good fight but can get cocky sometimes and if anybody touches his flute they are about as good as dead

sealed zanpakto appearance(forgot to include in first one): it looks like a katana but has a little more curve, is double sided, is longer, it has a flute shape as the guard and a black and gold hilt

Shikai: Yokobuejikoku(flute of time, idea off of ocarina of time)

Release command: Sing the passage of time

shikai apperence: the sword becomes a black and gold flute with a sharp end for cutting

kashouyaiba(song of blade)-blades appear in sky and rain on the opponent at semi-shunpo speed, only 10 fall down and travel start, song lasts 2 mins and the father into the song the stronger the attack

takafukou(falcon's sorrow)-a falcon made of fire appears instantly in front of the user and travels straight exploding on impact, speed is the same as the peregrine falcon diving, only one appears, song is 3 mins long and the further into the song the stronger the attack

mitsukaiyurushi(angel's forgiveness)- an angel made of light appears and heals the user,one note heals a part of a bruise or small cut the whole song heals everything except internal organs poison and broken bones, the song is 5 mins long and the further into the song the more it heals

Bankai: Kanashiiyokobuejikoku(sorrowful flute of time)

bankai appearence- the flute keeps the same shape but gets blood red stains on some parts of the black part and gets rusted on the golden parts of the flute

washirippuku(eagle's anger)- an eagle made of fire appears and strikes the opponent with its talons piercing the opponents body and after 5 secs explodes, it has the speed of a peregrine falcon, only one eagle appears , hunts down the opponent but the longer it takes the weaker it gets,if lasts too long hunting the opponent it will diminish, the song lasts 3 1/2 mins long and the further into the song the stronger the attack

kyuutenyurushi(heaven's forgiveness)-a group of angels appear and heal the user, if you play one note they just heal a cut or bruise if you play the whole song everything will be cured, the song is 6 mins long and the further into the song the more you get healed

kashoukokugen(song of time)-the opponent slows down by 50% but the user slows down by 30% , affect lasts for 1hr, the song is 4 mins long and you have to complete the song for it to work
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
Whiteflame - Its funny that you mentioned Whitebread because I was rereading the war between Whitebread's pirates and the Marines yesterday, and when I saw Whitebread's powers I though of this zanpaktou. But the Garra thing is just a coincidence. I added some detail to the first bankai ability to better explain the concussive force, so see if that's good.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Woo gentleman i hate to be an ass but don't forget about me afterall i was the one who started with the idea of a RP whiteflame i love your idea im all in I would like to create 5 characters all our apart of my Ace of X mercenary group so we go along with whoever pays the highest im not sure if i should repost my character(s) and sword(s)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LOBOSdelRAYo said…
name: Crow Hakaba
height and weight: 6'1'' 210 lbs
age: 21
personality: Crow is the personification of a old western cowboy, with a modern twist. He is very lazy often taking naps, a fact his girlfriend hates. He is also very cheerful and smiling almost all the time. But is all a cover Crow is acutally very perceptive and smart he is always thinking during a fight and he can notice things others wouldn't. He loves anything sweet, fried or chocolately often seen eating a candy bar or witha lollipop stick in his mouth.
appearance: Crow has short brown messy hair and cystal sky blue eyes. He wears a outfit similiar to a modern day cowboy constiting of a t shirt, worn out looking jeans, boots and black loose fitting gloves, a light jacket, and a black cowboy hat.He doesn't like the shinigami uniform saying that its to fancy and he rather put on a dress. He has a tattoo of a ace of spades with a X in it to symbolize he is part of the Ace of X group, a mercenary like orginaztion of shingami. Crow also carries a leather guitar case with him that rarely acutally contains a guitar it usually contains guns, ammo, knives, etc. and his zanpakuto sword. He wears a gun holster for his zanpakuto guns but the actually holster cross behind his back so that he can conceal them easier.
strength: 100
kido: 30 (really doesn't like it that much)
speed: 100
Swordsmanship: 80
Hand to hand Combat: 70

zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Lobo Escondido Enrayo (wolf hidden in lightning) if you are wondering why the name is in spanish there no reason i just like it and sounds cool
release command: "howl towards the moon"
bankai name: Lobos del Rayo (wolves of lightning)

descripton: This blade is unique as its exist as 2 seperate parts a pair of guns and a sword. The guns in the sealed state look like colt revolvers one is black and the other is white both have blue detail and a silver wolf on the handle. On the white gun Caos is written on it and on the black gun has Justicia written on it. There is nothing special about these guns they fire regular bullets or specailty bullets (explosive, emp, hollow point, etc.). When release the guns change to desert eagles, they have the same color scheme and detail. The bullets the guns fire now are acutal a physical manifestation of my spirit enegry. The second part of this zapakuto is the sword but uniquely the sword is not the main weapon it is actual just a side arm. The sealed state appears as standard katana with a blue and silver hilt, and a silvery white rectangular guard with a light blue wolf on it. When release the sword changes to a ornate claymour similar to Dante's rebellion except the skull part is a wolf head.

shikai abilities:
1. relámpago (lightning): This is the primary ability as long as the user is in contact with the sword he is able to control the eletrons in him and around him allowing to create fire eletrical blast in a arc or ball shape from his finger tips like a gun, generate eletromagentic sheilds to repel projectiles NOT KIDO SPELLS, magnetize metal objects, etc.
2. balas de descarga (discharge bullets): The user can charge up eletrical enegry in his guns and fire them in short burst of this eletrical enegry. He can charge this shot up to 3 levels each one getting progressily stronger. The first level takes 15 seconds to charge the second takes 30 seconds and the third level takes 1 minute to charge. The strength and level of this blast will be represented in the user has as the will be cover in a eletrical aura. If the user uses a level 3 shot he must wait 2 minutes to begin charging again.
3. balas lobo de descarga (wolf discharge bullets: Similar to the previous ability the user charges and fires a bullet of eletrical enegry this takes only 10 seconds to charge. As the bullet travels further it will grow and eventually become a wolf of eletrical enegry, so the bullet actually is stronger the further away it hits and is weaker at point blank range. When the wolf bullet hits its something it will explode with a strength of a silghtly above average bala blast, it also travels at this speed, also the eletrical discharge will parazlye the opponent for a milisecond or two.
Bankai description: In bankai my appearance changes dramicatlly I gain a outfit similar to a gunslingers outfit, yes excatly like starrks, I get gloves with white fur at the top of the gloves and boots with white fur at the top. I also gain a eye piece over my right eye, again excalty like starrk. And finally I gain two orante guns and you guess excatly like starrk. Can you figure out the motif im working with.

Bankai abilites:
1. Rafaga Rayo (Burst Lightning): I am able to fire rail-gun like eletrical blast from the guns. I can controll the varying elements of these shots from the size to the quanity, they can be small balls to a large blast. The larger blast will travel a shorter distance but the smaller shots will parazlye the opponent for a shorter time, but all these shots travel at the speed of a .45 bullet. When a opponent is hit with one they are damage but are temporaliy parazlye only for a second or 2 (i know how white flame is with time) the reason is so I can follow up with repeated attacks or shots. I am able to fire 50 shots at once from each gun this attack is called Meteoros Rayo (lightning meteors).
2. Los Lobos (wolf pack): I am able to create up to 50 wovles made of ligthing, these wovles are white in color and appear to be smiling. The wolves can hunt and chase a opponent and when they make contact they will explode with the strength of a slightly above average cero blast also the eletrical dischage can parazlye the opponent for a second or two. The problem is these wolves can actually collide with each other causing them to explode. They also have the ability to form into my sealed zanpatkou but made of eletricty so they eletrocute and slice the opponent. 1 wolf makes 1 sword but with mutiple wolves form together they can create my the release form of my sword with same concept.
3. Aullido de las Tormentas (Howl of the Storms): The wolves can howl to create a strong sonic waves like attack these howl sounds like thunder hence the name. The concept of this attack is to use as many wolves as possible becuase the more wolves the stronger the attack. When the wave hits a opponent they will suffer temporarily (5 to 10 seconds with each hit) confusion and it will appear that there are mutiples of me 1 mutiple for each wolf i create so that there can be a total of 50 mutiples.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
Okay so here is my second character, she is in Soul Society.

Name: Rena Mitarashi
Position: Squad 2 Lieutenant
Age: 17
Height: 5'10''
Wieght: 135 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Appearance: She has a dark complexion like Yoruichi. Her hair is long, just a little past her shoulders, and she lets it hang down without styling it. Her hair color is light gray and shines like silver. She wears the same outfit that all the other soul reapers wear but her top is a bit different, the sleeves have been cut off and the back is missing so i basically looks like Soifon's outfit. She wears this because her brother Zane, captain of Squad 2, is teaching her how to use Flash Cry (the ability that Yoruichi and Soifon use). During captain and lieutenant meetings she wears a white long sleeve jacket with Squad 2's symbol on the back over her clothes.

Personality: Rena is a very calm and laid-back person but that is only how she acts in front of others outside her circle of friends. She is actually a bag of mixed emotions, mainly because her zanpaktou forces her to use various emotions. She is a great leader and strategist, which is why her squad loves her. She is very critical of her brother, feeling that he shouldn't act so silly since he holds a high position in Soul Society, but she still loves him and would do anything to help him though she knows he would just get annoyed by her help. She has not achieved Bankai yet but is training as hard as she can to impress her brother so that one day he will accept her as his equal on the battlefield.

Strength: 55
Shunpo: 90
Kido: 75
Swordmanship: 90
Hand-to-Hand: 80
Special Ability: Flash Cry (not perfected yet)

Release Phrase: Play on their emotions,
Shikai Name: Kokochi Ringu (Mood Ring)
Bankai Name: Kyougi Emo-Shon (Game of Emotions)

Shikai Appearance: When the zanpaktou is released it becomes a katana with a meter long blade. There is a circular gem in the middle of the handle filled with thermotropic liquid crystal in order to read the wielder's emotions. The blade is white and the groove is clear crystal filled with thermotropic liquid crystal in order to tell the opponent's emotions.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Taira Aoi (Calm Blue) - This ability reads the wielder's emotions or anyone the wielder wants to help. When this ability is activated, the crystal of the handle shines blue. When this ability is activated, a blue aura will surround the wielder or the person she wants to help. The aura heals injuries in exchange for spirit energy: 1/20th for cuts which takes 10 seconds, 1/10th for deep wounds which takes 30 seconds, 1/5 for broken bones which takes two minutes, and 1/2 for internal organs which takes 5 minutes. The wielder must stay completely calm during the entire healing process for the ability to work.

2) Gekido Niiro (Raging Red) - This ability reads the opponent's emotions. When this ability is activated, the crystal of the blade shines red. The opponent must reach a point a rage for the ability to work. As the opponent attempts to attack and the wielder blocks the attack with his blade, the blade will absorb the spirit energy of the attack and store it inside the blade. The wielder can release the energy stored up at anytime he chooses, causing a blast of spirit particles, like Ichigo's getsuga, to shoot out from the blade. The blade can safely store an amount of spirit energy from the opponent of up to 1/4 of the wielder's current spirit level at the time, if more is stored then the blade begins to crack. If up to 1/2 the wielders level is stored, then the blade will shatter.

3) Nekura Murasaki (Impulsive Purple) - The wielder can activate this ability at will. When this ability is activated, the crystal of the blade shines purple. A purple aura surrounds the wielder and her eyes turn purple as well. This will safely double the wielder's speed, strength, attack power, and senses for up to one minute. The wielder can force another minute of this ability but her bodily functions will slowly start to deteriorate. This ability can only be used once a day without it causing major damage to the body. If used more, then the wielder is taking huge risk as her bodily functions will continue to deteriorate until the point of death.

Bankai Appearance: The wielder points her blade down to the ground and the liquid crystal oozes out of the blade onto the ground and hardens into a big diamond shaped crystal. The crystal then glows in a rainbow of colors and all fighters must touch the crystal in order to scan themselves into the game. No ones attack will do any damage until they have scanned into the game. People already scanned in can hurt others but no one outside the game can hurt anyone scanned in.

1) Shoubu Za Teishoku (Match the Color) - This is the game of the bankai. The crystal will begin to glow a certain color for a certain emotion:
Red - Anger
Yellow - Joy
Blue - Calm
Gray - Depressed
The players scanned in must match their emotions with the colors in order for their attacks to do any damage. If they can not control their emotion, then they can not attack. Also, the first person to match their emotion gets there attack power doubled for their first attack. The first to make the match will be surrounded by an aura of the color of the crystal to identify who won that round. The color of the crystal will remand for two minutes.

2) Orooro Kuroi (Nervous Black) - If anyone of the players gets nervous or scared as they play the game, the crystal will turn black and shoot out a black colored energy field that is as fast as a shunpo. When the field hits the person that is scared, they will become paralyzed with fear and unable to move until they change their emotions, leaving them wide open for an attack.

3) Kitsui Howaido (Intense White) - This attack works in favor of the wielder. If the wielder is losing or realizes that her opponent is to strong, the crystal will turn white. The wielder will then stab the blade into the crystal and be surrounded in a white aura. This will focus all the rest of his energy into this one attack, then she charges at the opponent with the speed of a shunpo. When the attack hits it will cause an explosion of spirit particles about the size of a 20 ton TNT explosion. The wielder will not be able to use her zanpaktou for a day after this.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Here is my second character, she is in the soul society.

Name: Dawn Hikotora

Position: Squad 3 Lieutenant

Age: Unknown but looks like she's 18

Height: 5'4

Wieght: 106

Body type: Athletic

Appearance: She has long black hair that goes down to her mid back she wears it in a ponytail and has dark blue eyes. Her outfit is that of a noraml soul reaper but she has a long sleaved outfit.

Personality: Dawn is blunt and to the point but she is very caring as well. She often takes lead telling her older brother what to. She cares greatly for her brother because he took care of her since they were young but she often slaps him around with anything that's in her hand. She has not reached bankai yet and her old brother is teaching her so she can protect her friends and loved ones.


Strength: 70
Shunpo: 95
Kido: 90
Swormanship: 80
Hand-to-Hand: 60


Zanpakuto/Shikai name: Kirābī (Killer Bee)

Release command: Sorera o sutingu (Sting Them)

Shikai Apperance: two whiplike weapons, with multi-bladed axes coming out of the tips (Each axe being a foot wide) and a ring with a small crescent on the end of the hilt. The blade can reach a length of 100 meters. The two weapons can retract to become dagger like weapons. The weapon can curve and bend to make it harder to dodge. The axes are held together by a chain. The blade retracts at a speed of 100 feet per second and extends at the same speed.

Shikai Abilties:

Chūnyū (Infusion) If stabbed it injects a poison that last for 15 seconds depending on strength (Seated officer 15 minutes..Captain/Aranncar 7 seconds) The poison will start to paralyze the body part or parts it hits. If you are hit by both weapons the poison will last twice the normal time and the affects spread faster. If hit in the chest the attack will be fatal . If injected, the creascent at the hilt of the weapon will start to glow indicating the time left. The attack can be used repeatedly but not on a person thats been injected.

Kuikku kakikomu (Quick Burn) The tops of the weapons will be engulfed in flames, If hit by the the weapons the body part will either be set on fire and start to burn toward the rest of the body, or inflicted with 2nd degree burns. If hit in the chest the body will be set on fire and start to engulf the rest of the body, (Fire can be stopped). The affect of the burn will last until healed or if the oponent or wielder dies. This can be used repeatedly,

Reitō sutingā ( Frozen stinger) This can only be used in dagger mode. The tips of the axes will have snow on them, If hit cut by the weapon the cut will be frozen solid and start to spread an inch every 30 seconds eventually encasing the oppnent but the ice can be hit of with the oppnents weapon causing the ice to shatter off but the cut before still remaining.

Bankai Name: Hebunzukirābī (Heavenly Killer Bee)

Bankai Apperence: The weapon becomes two normal blades with a yellow outline and a black inside the blade which can now reach a length of 250 meters, the blade extends at a speed of 250 feat per second and retracts at the same speed. This blade is not ordinary becuase it acts like a chainsaw, the blade is vibrating extremy fast so that if it cuts it causes more damage. (the vibration can not be seen). The weapon can also bend the blade.

Bankai Abilities:

Bīshotto (Bee Shot) At the tip of the blade or blades a cero looking beam starts charging. The weilder can extend the blade toward the enemy while the attack is charging. (The charge takes 5 secondes). This attack has the damage of a normal cero, the attack is fired like a cero aswell and be fired every 2 minutes.

100 Mitsubachi no sokudo (Speed of 100 Bees) The wielder has an extreme speed increase, now the wielder can shoot out and retract the blade or blades in 1.5 seconds. The weilder moves at a speed 50% faster then a Sonido. This effect lasts for 45 seconds and can be used unlimtedly but has to recharge every 5 minutes (Does not effect kido attacks)

Wasupu-gun (Wasp Swarm) 50 wasps made of Black and Yellow Spitriual Energy surround the wielder of the blade, the wasps attack has the affect of a 3 inch cut but since wasp can sting as much as they want this can cause great harm and are controled by the user by he or she pointing the blade where they want to wasps to attack. This attack will continue for 5 minutes, this can only be used once every 2 hours. The wasp do not have a poison and the wasp can be killed by a normal attack.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Hey Jstar how come you say she doesn't have bankai but it's on you character list for Rena, just wondering.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
She is gonna learn it at some point so I just put it up there.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Oh ok.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yuria132 said…
Zanpakuto's name- "Kyouhirame"(Sound Flash): That has a dark silver handle. The hilt is a 3 inch hexagon, and the sheath is a dark gray. The blade is 3 feet long.

Release command- "Sprint"(Hashiru): The sword will then elongate to a 4 and a half feet. My eyes change from blue to dark gold.

Shikai Ability- The sword and myself become weightless allowing me to move at really high speeds rivaling Yoruichi's speed. Since I can move at high speeds I can swing my sword so fast that it can create sonic booms.

Bankai name- "Tsubasa no Kyouhirame"(Wings of Flash Speed)

Description- After saying the name, the blade will split and create twelve sperate blades are a foot wide and five feet long. the the swords will float and stay near my back like wings.

Bankai Abilities- The blade now makes me even faster than Yoruichi at her best. The swords on my back can also chase the enemy on their own if I want them to.

"Kyouken"(Speed Trap)- The blades will surrond the enemy and stab them.

"Kyousai"(speed slash)- If any of the blades I have slash anyway it will create a sound wave that can leave huge gashs if they touch you.

Name: Hayato Minagi

Rank: he used to be the original captin of squad 2, but is know in the royal gaurd after saving the soul king once.

Appearance: Hayato's hair is a dark red that comes down to his shoulders. His eyes are blue, and he wears his captin's uniform with ripped off sleeves(captin and standard sleeves are ripped off).

Personality- He is really lazy, but he'll do the work if has to. He puts a distance between him and everyone else. He feels like he is alone. The reason is because his one friend in whole world had betrayed him big time. Now he just doesn't want to be betrayed again. He has his orphanage that he runs with the money he gets from being a shinigami. All the kids like him because he plays with them frequently. He is like a dad that has 64 children. He does seem to be in love with Soi Fon for some reason like something that has to do with her speed.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LOBOSdelRAYo said…
new character time:
Name: Antonia "Toni" Leone d'Argento
Age: 22
Height: 5'8''
Wieght: 190
Body type: Athletic

Appearance: Toni has short silvery-white hair that she usually wears in a pony-tail and warm almond brown eyes, she has a very calm looking smile. Like most members of Ace of X she does not wear the shingami uniform instead she wears a outfit similar to Crow's, constiting of a t-shirt, a light, black jacket, dark blue jeans, white gloves, and a pair of converse sneakers. She also has the ace of spades with a X though it on the back of her hand to signal she is a member of Ace of X.
Personality: Toni is the "girlfriend" of Crow, as in even though are dating he rarely acknowledges this fact where she on the other hand makes it a point to make everyone aware of this fact. She is a big beilever in true love and that everyone has a soul mate. She hates the fact that Crow is so lay back, and sleeps all the time because this means he not spending time with her so she often comes up with crazy plans to make Crow into the ultimate romantic. She is a very cheerful person except when she sees Crow in danger or with strange women she completely goes nuts into a sometimes comical berserker state.
Strength: 65
Shunpo: 80
Kido: 75
Swormanship: 80
Hand-to-Hand: 100

zanpakuto's name/shikai name: regina pantera fuoco (panther queen's fire)
release command: "burn like my passion"
bankai name: regina pantera cacciatore (panther queen's hunter)
Description: Unlike most zapakuto where the sealed state is a katana, Toni sealed zanpakuto exist as a pair of daggers the hilt is a black color and has a end that can be use for blunt damage the guard is the shape of a zig-zag with a amber color. Toni wears a grappling hook device on her wrist that can attach to the daggers so she can attack at a distance. She concealing this device in under her jackets sleeves. When release the daggers create a fire aura that wraps up her arms to to create white guanlets up her arms, they back of her hands has a amber jewel on it and her finger tips are now clawed.
Shikai Abilities:
1. passione di fiamme (Passion of flames): Toni is able to manulipate flames generate from the jewel on the back of her hands. She can shoot fire balls, strong blast of flames, she can even blow fire in a attack called un ultimo bacio (one last kiss). She does this by sallowing her flames then blowing them out with a kiss. When any of this attacks hit a opponent they are quite strong and can give a opponent first degree burns if they are weak enough.
2. polpastrello freccette (fingertip darts): Toni is able to fire a hand size ball of fire from her hands, these shots are quite quite fast going a little but faster then a bala attack but they are not that very powerful they create a explosion they slightly weaker then a bala. These blast can greate 2nd degree burns on weaker opponets.
3. lacerazione (laceration): Toni uses both hands to create a giant, 1 mile large, slice of fire that burns all in it path. The problem with this is that this attack is very slow but the immense size of this attack counters. She can only use up 3 of these per release because of the immense heat it creates it can acutally burn her and if she pushes her so to much this attack can consume her in the flames. The flames can create 3rd degree burns on weaker opponents.

Bankai Description: In bankai Toni is consume with the same firey aura as before but this time it leaves her entire body covered in a armour similiar to grimmjow release except it looks more like armour not clothing. Her feet and hands are clawed and appears a dark amberish color, she gains a curve blade that comes from her elbows, her forearms are covered in fur, she gains a long tail that can be use like a whip and she cans a horn that comes from a amber color jewel on her forehead. She also retains her passione di fiamme ability from her shikai, plus she now has the ability to eat flames create from others increase her strength and speed. The problem with her bankai is that the more she uses it the hotter her body temperatures becomes when she leaves bankai state she must cool down or she could die.
Bankai Abilites:
1. bruciare freccette (burn darts) Toni fires 5 small darts from the elbow blades, these darts are actually fire compressed down they travel as fire as a bullet. Unliek most of her attacks that burn this attack can pierce objects like stone or metal and when they a opponent they can actually cause intense concussive damage or against weaker opponents completely pierce they.
2. lacerazione di masterizzazione (burning laceration): Toni is capable of creating large, the size of her, slashes made from fire from her fingertips. These attack does damages similar to her lacerazione attack where it burns all in it path and but travel a bit faster.
3.grande re fiamma bianca (Great white flame king): Toni can fire a cero like blast made of white flames, in the color of fire white is as hot as you get. This attack travels at the same speed as a gran rey cero and anything caught in the intially blast not the explosion will release 3rd degree burns the explosion is also equal to a gran rey cero. Toni can only use one of these a day because of the intense heat created anymore then one ans she will be consume in the white flames.

all done please comment
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
I like the blade! Nothing is to overpowered and you explained things in great detail. It looks like you altered the attacks grimmjow use to do so it is easy to visualize everything. Nice work!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LOBOSdelRAYo said…
thank you i have a thing for the espada
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
Age:113 looks like 13
Rank:7th squad vice-captain
Personility: he is very jokeful like his brother he also likes to fight with his brother usaually trying to show to his brother that he is an equal the squad knows that when he is around their captain will soften up and punishment will be less cruel(the captain is Karuroso's brother)
appearance: has a mexican like tan with short hair, he wears a standard shinigami uniform but it has wavy patterns on it that are black(the shinigami clothes are an 95% gray or around that)

zanpakto: kumoriodoriko(shadow dancer)

the blade looks like a katana but longer it has a black and white hilt, the guard is shaped like a diamond

shikai appearance: it becomes a black colored version of the original blade

kumoriodori(shadow dance): if i touch a shadow i can travel between my shadow and their shadow, recharges very 5 mins, can only be used on one opponent until i disable the move, if the opponent is out of range i cant travel back and forth, the range is 50 feet radius

kumoritanken(shadow dagger)- a dagger emerges from my shadow and i can control it, it can help me parry attacks with a stronger strength and attack faster

kumoriomori(shadow weight)- if i touch the enemies shadow and activate this move it becomes harder for the opponent to move, the opponent can still move at full speed, it disables after 3 mins, it takes 5 mins to recharge

akumakumoriodoriko(demons shadow dancer)

bankai appearance: it becomes longer

kumorisubeta(shadow sword) a sword appears out of my shadow and lets me parry with twice my regular strength and lets me attack faster

kumorikuro-n(shadow clone)- i can make clones of myself that can take more than one hit, have emotions, bleed, and think, the move disables for one of them if that same one is hit in a vital point, the move lasts 30 mins for each clone

i can use my first shikai ability to a greater ability
new zanpakto so i need feedback
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Wow, um...this is going to take some time to go through, lot of new blades to review. Before I do, though, I think things are looking pretty good in general, but we're lacking arrancar. I'll wait until Friday to see if there's enough or not, but if by that point I don't see at least 5 (I think there's one in the works thusfar), I'll throw down mine (she's changed since the last time I posted her). I'll also be posting my Outsider characters later today, the only one that hadn't been fully posted previously was the one wielding The Fates blade, been saving something special for that one. I'll be posting my blade for the position of Captain Commander later this evening, been working on finessing it all day. It will lack an ability that will be brought up over the course of our little RP adventure (and believe me, it's taken the most work I've ever put into an ability to think this one up), but the rest is still amazing.

One more thing. As I was skimming over hte new blades I noted something from LOBOSdelRAYo. "Great white flame king"...I think I'm getting the hint of a shout out here =P.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Alright, let's start off with jstar18's second blade. Before I start, I thought this was hilarious, but you keep saying "Whitebread" instead of "Whitebeard." I'd say he's anything but plain white bread, but it's still funny =P.

Anyway, I already went through this blade, I think it's very solid. It'll be interesting to see her evolve as a character through not only her personality, but her blade itself.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
LOBOSdelRAYo - completely accepted that you pushed the idea initially, man.
Anyway, let's get into the blades. I see two, the first I've reviewed and I think it's fine. I'm guessing both characters are a part of the Outsiders, but make themselves available for hire by any faction? Would that be somewhere around what you're thinking?
Don't have any big problems with the second blade. The first and second bankai definitely have some influence of Grimmjow in them (the large slice attacks and concussive darts), and that's fine. My only comment is on the first shikai ability. I'm wondering just how much fire can be produced and manipulated. You'll want to be careful on that, might limit it in size to the same size as the jewel.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Alright, next up, gokuluigifan333. I already reviewed the flute blade, so I'll go straight into the new one.

So, first to the second shikai ability (the first one's fine), there's nothing overpowered here, but you've got to explain it better. Does the blade just travel along your shadow, or is your shadow able to reach out to all points around you? How far away can the shadow be from you with the blade (what'd be really cool is if that distance was dependent upon the length of your shadow, and much like Shikamaru from Naruto, you had to find ways to use that to your advantage, just a thought)? The third ability needs some specification as well. What does it mean to be more difficult for a person to move? If they can still move at the same rate, then what's the harm of this ability? I don't really see it from where I'm sitting.
The same issues with the second shikai apply to the first bankai, though now you've opened up another. What's the length of the sword? Is it the same as your sword? I'll skip the second for a moment and just say that the third needs more specification as well, I don't know what "greater ability" means. Now, the second. Man, this one needs a lot of work. I understand what the clones do, but I don't understand their or your limitations with them. I don't know how many you can make, what their abilities are, how strong they are, what their speed is, everything I'd need to know for this type of ability. You say that they're "disabled" if struck in a vital point, but wouldn't they just disappear? And if they all think independently, there should definitely be a big downside to this, something on the order of them taking damage means you take damage.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना IluvGinmore3 said…
Name: Aoi no Hana (Blue Flower)
Shikai Release command: Nake(Sing)
Bankai: Aoihanabira Renkinjutsu (Blue flower petal Alchemy)
Sealed Appearence: Wakizashi w/ a pure black blade and a light blue hilt. The hand Guard looks like a crescent moon circling the middle.
Sealed ability: It's a Copy cat Zanpakuto, meaning it can copy all ur zanpakutos take that!
Shikai appearance: The blade extends to the length of a long sword.
Shikai ability:Mystery blue petal blast. It releases blue flower petal that either cut, freeze or blow up the enemy.
Bankai Appearance:It's a long staff that has a Crescent moon with a transmutation circle inside and on the bottom it has a pen.
Bankai ability: Alchemy and can use magic sronger than level 90 kido.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
Name: Yokoshimo
Gender: Male
Age: 126 looks like 150
Hair:Dark Brown
Rank: 7th squad captain
Personalty: He likes to joke around he is usaually made to fight his brother he likes to hang around with people and the squad likes him because he pays them for the work they do unlike some of the captains
appearance: he has a darker tan than his brother his hair is flat but points up at the tip of his hair he wears the standard shinigami uniform but it has patterns that look like blood and the shirt has short sleeves

Zanpakto:chishionaiya(blood diamond)

it looks like a katana but is longer and is double sided,and has a gem filled with blood

chishiohari(blood needle)- any blood will float in mid air and take a needle shape, the needle shoots straight, they travel at semi-shunpo speed,the number of needles depends on amount of blood, one drop can make a needle

chishiotoku(blood shield)-it takes a deep cut to make the shield, the shield can block weak-meduim(0-50 on scale)attacks, it can block up to level 20 kido for hado and bakudo

chishiokansei(blood trap)- a disk of blood appears in front of me and behind me(this one can be moved around), if i stick my zanpakto it comes out of the second disk, i cant attack if the second disk is out of range, range is 30 feet radius

bankai:akumachishionaiya(demons blood diamond)

the gem filled of blood cracks and spreads around in a 50 feet radius

chishioshiro(blood castle)- a big shield 5 inches thick appears from the pool of blood or if im 3 ft away from the pool of blood,anywhere else it takes 2 deep cuts, can stop medium-strong attacks(0-80 on the scale), it can stop kido levels up to 70 for hado and bakudo

chishiodansu(blood dance)- i can travel anywhere on the pool of blood at 2x the speed of shunpo

i can use shikai ability number one but i can also make swords
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Next is QuickDeath35.

No problems with the first shikai, seems reasonable since it's a localized poison effect and cannot be used repeatedly on the same person while they're under its effects. Just might want to stipulate when it can be reused on the same person (I'm guessing after the initial poison effect wears off). The second ability is where you're taking that too far. I don't think you need to set a limitation on usage of this one. In all honesty, the blade's just one fire with a super aggressive burning fire. Fast opponents would have no trouble putting it out (apparently, it's not any harder than with normal fire), so there's no reason to limit. I somewhat see the point of the limitation when it comes to your third ability, but honestly, it doesn't look as great as you make it sound from the outset. 4 seconds to attack with and retract a weapon is not exactly that fast, especially when you consider a blade like Ichimaru Gin's that does it in the blink of an eye (sorry of that's a spoiler, but it's true). Beyond that, Sonido is dependent on the user, some are faster than others. Honestly, I'd do away with this ability entirely and go with something involving those daggers instead, since they aren't really addressed at this point.
The first bankai is fine, but I think the second one runs into a lot of the same logistical problems as the third shikai. Once again, I'd recommend staying away from straight speed increases and doing something else, but if you want to keep it, that's alright, just need to make a lot of specifications on it. The third ability makes sense, but there's some confusing elements. Do these wasps just surround you and your blade, acting as a close range damage method, or are you able to launch them at the opponent? Can they be destroyed, and if so, how easy/hard is that? Does it require physical strikes, kido?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
IluvGinmore3 - Okay your blade is gonna need a lot of work and detail. First thing, get rid of the copy cat ability, cause that is one ability that I and many others feel is pretty silly. Plus you say its a sealed ability? That doesn't make any sense. Now that we got that out of the way, focus on what you truly want your blade to do. The shikai and bankai need a lot of explanation. Cutting, freezing, and blowing up don't have anything to do with each other so you need to change that or better explain it. And the bankai needs work. There are many different things people tried to do with alchemy in the old days, so if you are talking about that or just finished watching Full Metal Alchemist then you have a lot of explaining to do.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
yuria132 - there are some issues you'd need to deal with for this blade. The shikai ability is basically 2 separate abilities, namely the sonic boom and the speed increase. The speed increase is really ill defined. What if the person is already at Yoruichi's speed? How much does the speed increase actually do? How long does it last? What's the cooldown (can't just have an ability that increases your speed indefinitely by that much, that's overpowered)?

On the bankai, there's more issues. First, the first ability you made here is also 2 abilities, a speed increase with the same problems as the first one, and your swords acting on their own. How fast do they move? The second ability isn't really even an ability, all it is is what the blades do when they actually surround an opponent. It doesn't really give you anything. The third bankai is the only reasonable ability I see on here that's explained decently, but you would still have to explain how much extra damage this actually does.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
IluvGinmore3 - jstar18 covered everything I was going to say, this blade just needs explanation everywhere, but especially on the bankai. "Alchemy" means a lot of things, if you're talking about just using all the abilities from Fullmetal Alchemist, then you have to be more specific, you can't use them all. Also, the whole ability to use above level 90 kido, do you mean it just gives them that ability, or do you mean it takes less time to chant, or what?

gokuluigifan333 - ah another blade. The first ability needs to be specified, does that mean blood of the opponent also gets turned into needles that attack them? I don't think that's wise, it sort of creates an infinite loop of needle creation unless they dodge them all. On the second ability, so this is created by damage to you? What's a "deep cut"? How much blood are we talking? On the third, can the disks of blood do damage themselves, without you putting your sword through them? How would they do damage in that case? Are they also created by your own blood?
So the blood from the bankai is just created then? I'm sort of confused on this point. It really isn't blood at the point that you just sort of create it, it's more just a red liquid coming out of a crystal. Might want to do something more to distinguish between bankai created blood and shikai blood coming from you. Many of the same problems apply as with the first shield for the second, but I'm a little more confused on this one. So is the blood from your body just as strong as the blood from this crystal? Is there a difference? The second bankai seems fine since it's limited to the area, just confused by the rest though.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Whew, now that that's done, I'm going to take a break. I'll come back and find my blades on here (somewhere...going to take a while) and then post the Captain Commander blade tonight.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
i failed badly

zanpakto: kumoriodoriko(shadow dancer)

the blade looks like a katana but longer it has a black and white hilt, the guard is shaped like a diamond

shikai appearance: it becomes a black colored version of the original blade

kumoriodori(shadow dance): if i touch a shadow i can travel between my shadow and their shadow, recharges very 5 mins, can only be used on one opponent until i disable the move, if the opponent is out of range i cant travel back and forth, the range is 50 feet radius

kumoritanken(shadow dagger)- a dagger emerges from my shadow and i can control it, it can help me parry attacks with a stronger strength and attack faster, the blade travels with my shadow

kumoriomori(shadow weight)- if i touch the enemies shadow and activate this move it becomes harder for the opponent to move, the opponent can still move at full speed, it disables after 3 mins, it takes 5 mins to recharge, it is hard for the opponent to reach full speed(3x as hard)

akumakumoriodoriko(demons shadow dancer)

bankai appearance: it becomes longer

kumorisubeta(shadow sword) a sword appears out of my shadow and lets me parry with twice my regular strength and lets me attack faster,the sword travel with my shadow

kumorikuro-n(shadow clone)- i can make clones of myself that can take more than one hit, have emotions, bleed, and think, the move disables for one of them if that same one is hit in a vital point, the move lasts 30 mins for each clone,i can make 5 clones at one time,i need to recharge every 30 mins, i take 1/5 of the damage they take while this move is activated , they can only use the sealed zanpakto and the first shikai move

i can use my first shikai ability to a greater ability,i can travel through two shadows instead of one and 1.5x faster
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
big smile
Seems like your gonna get the the capatin commander position because it seems like no one else is gonna post their blade.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना poeiras said…
wel,this is my zanpakuto!

zanpakuto's name/shikai name- reitō ryu(frozen dragon)
release command-Mezameru(awaken)

bankai name -Tsumi o okashi ryū(sinning dragon)

description -my reito ryu loks like a normal katana in its shikai form exept that its totaly white.in bankai form,it takes the form of a chein scythe(similar to kazeshini`s weapon), only now its white in one side and black on the other.It has a guard made of ice since every thing that tuches the blade frezes instantly(exept for his oner).

shikai abilitie 1-Kōri ryū(ice dragon)The user launches an ice dragon that frezes every thing it tuches.The dragon locks its targets reyatsu so its almost imposible to escape.

shikai abilitie 2-Kōri no keimusho(ice prison)The user creates a seres of pilars that soround the target.Inside the pilars the tempretur loers alot so the target is at risk of hipothermea.


bankai abilitie 1- Shiroi tsuki(white moon)The user throes the white half of the scythe at the foe.The cheyn arests the foe alowing for Kuroy tsuki to be used.

bankai abilitie 2-Kuroy tsuki(black moon)The user charges power and unleaches it in the shape of a black ray.This atak is very powerful, but alsow requaiers a lot of time to charge.It has enough power to destoy 1/5 of seireitei.

bankai abilitie 3-Tsuinmūn(twin moon)With this skil,the user causes slight damage to himself but it has enough power to destroy roughly 4/5 of seireitei.It is rerly used since it dameges the user.Anyone within range frezes and dies imideatly.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
epic fail for me

Zanpakto:chishionaiya(blood diamond)

it looks like a katana but is longer and is double sided,and has a gem filled with blood

chishiohari(blood needle)- only my blood will float in mid air and take a needle shape, the needle shoots straight, they travel at semi-shunpo speed,the number of needles depends on amount of blood, one drop can make a needle

chishiotoku(blood shield)-it takes a deep cut to make the shield, the shield can block weak-meduim(0-50 on scale)attacks, it can block up to level 20 kido for hado and bakudo, this cut has to be like when grimmjow got hit by ichigo with getsuga tensho on their first fight but with 1.25 more blood

chishiokansei(blood trap)- a disk of blood appears in front of me and behind me(this one can be moved around), if i stick my zanpakto it comes out of the second disk, i cant attack if the second disk is out of range, range is 30 feet radius, the disk cant do damaged, the disk are created by a cut that is 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide with blood that fills a volume of 4 inches

bankai:akumachishionaiya(demons blood diamond)

the gem filled of blood cracks and spreads around in a 50 feet radius, the blood that is used is blood that is created each time i bleed, the blood from the crystal is stronger than my blood

chishioshiro(blood castle)- a big shield 5 inches thick appears from the pool of blood or if im 3 ft away from the pool of blood,anywhere else it takes 2 deep cuts,like when grimmjow got hit by ichigos getsuga tensho with 1.25x + 2x more, can stop medium-strong attacks(0-80 on the scale), it can stop kido levels up to 70 for hado and bakudo

chishiodansu(blood dance)- i can travel anywhere on the pool of blood at 2x the speed of shunpo

i can use shikai ability number one but i can also make swords but the swords travel at 1/2 the speed of the needles
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Honestly, I'm still a little confused about some of these abilities gokuluigifan333, but they do look better. I'll leave em as is, if anyone has comments on them, please provide.

poeiras - why are all the new entries today extremely weird or overpowered? This one's the latter. Your first shikai ability locks reiyatsu. That's obscene, since it seems to do it at any range. Moreover, this is like taking Toushiro's ability, and ramping it up to the maximum by completely freezing anyone who even touches it. Too much man. The second ability, by comparison, only seems to lower the ambient temperature of the area, which really doesn't do much beyond possibly causing the hypothermia you're talking about. Since it's not guaranteed, it's fine. For the bankai, does the chain just automatically encircle them, no matter how far away they are or how much they dodge? The second ability...has the power to destroy 1/5 of soul society? Yamamoto doesn't have that kind of power, hell I'm relatively sure the badass new Aizen (once again, sorry for the spoiler) doesn't have that kind of power with one attack. I don't care if it takes 24 hours to charge, that's insane. The last ability...I can't say too little about it. So it has 4 times the power of an ability no one in the show can match, none of the charge time, has a tremendous range and kills everything that it hits...and the only downside is that you get slightly damaged? What's slightly damaged, a papercut? You're talking about an ability that could wipe out all shinigami, hollow, and pretty much anything else you fancy in one swing. I don't care if it breaks several bones to use, that's just vastly obscene.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Alright, first character, this one's an outsider, and you've all seen him before. He's part of a group of three characters united by a common cause, though you'll see that this group is a little different dynamically than any average group (not in a good way):

Name: Titus
Height: 6'5"
Wieght: 240
Rank: First Squad 4th Seat
Appearance: Wears an unadorned shinigami robe, is bald with deeply tanned skin. His entire torso is criss-crossed with scars from previous battles.
Personality: Tends to have an upbeat demeanor in public, though in private he's almost always somber. He will defend his closest friends to the death, but even when provoked will focus more on defense than offense. Known for being able to take massive damage without falling.
Shunpo: 100
Kido: 60
Strengh: 100
Swordsmanship: 80
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 85

The initial appearance is as a longsword with a depression running down the middle all the way to the tip of the blade. After release, the blade appears to crack, and despite the lack of any actual liquid in the blade, it appears to drip blood as though draining from the middle of the blade.

Haemorrhage Cessation: The user injects drug into them that increases blood coagulation to extreme levels, allowing any cut to be immediately sealed, and basically increasing the healing rate tremendously, ensuring that striking any organ except the brain is not deadly. The effects of using this drug are extreme. The propensity for the person to develop internal hemorrhaging goes up over time, and therefore their stamina is vastly reduced.

Promethius’s Shackles: This ability creates shackles around the wrists and ankles of the wielder. These shackles have 6 holes equidistant from each other all around the bands. Each of these holes can release a jet of powerful light that can push the user’s limbs faster than they could possibly manage otherwise. This ability is extremely difficult to control. Upon contact with an opponent, the shackle rotates quickly as all of the holes eject a stream of light, causing the contact to have far more kick than would otherwise occur.

In all bankai abilities except “Lost Soldier,” the sword disappears. Shikai abilities persist only as long as the blade remains directly in the possession of the wielder, so only for this ability.

Lost Soldier: The Equivocal (this is the default bankai) – A thick black line appears to extend on the ground from the opponent to the wielder, continuing past both for an extremely long span. The line will stay in place the entire fight, and will not move with either combatant. Stepping on the line causes them to remain as they currently are. Stepping over the line in either direction changes the rules. Stepping to the right swaps all fatigue between the wielder and the opponent as long as they are both on that side. On the left side of the line, all damage is swapped between the two combatants.

Bleeding Diamond: The Protector (used only when the wielder is attempting to protect a person or group of people) – This ability opens all wounds external to the wielder. As blood begins pouring out of the wound, it crystallizes as it comes in contact with the air, quickly covering the body in a dense diamond exterior. This form has highly reduced offensive potential, with very little striking potential, and makes it completely impossible to use all kido. The vast loss of blood to the wielder dramatically reduces stamina and weakens them. However, any and all kido attacks used against it are absorbed by the crystals, speed is intensely increased, and the armor is meant to absorb the highest level of physical strikes. Only pinpoint, precise attacks can break through any part of this armor.

Tartarus (where the Titans were banished to in Greek mythology): The Vengeful (used only when both the blade and the wielder loathe the opponent completely) – The ground beneath the feet of the two fighters plummets precipitously at blinding speed, coming to a stop in dank, gloomy pit, surrounded by a wall of bronze. The area is a mile square. The area has no ceiling, but instead seems to stretch out into endless night. The wielder plunges their fingers into their chest, causing all the wounds they had received in battle to instantly open while infusing them with a short acting boost of adrenaline that lasts 5 minutes, increasing their speed. A huge amount of blood comes out instantly, vaporizing on contact with the atmosphere and turning into droplets that surround the opponent. These droplets have no effect through the opponent or wielder directly touching them. When the wielder removes their fingers, their hands appear with webbed gloves of dried blood. The wielder can use these gloves to push the droplets onto the opponent, which then proceed to melt through whatever they touch and whatever that is attached to. Clothing can be removed that is touched by this before it reaches the skin, but once it touches skin, it will move through completely, making a hole the size of the droplet.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Another one, Outsider.

Appearance and personality: White skinned, with an extremely distracted manner to him, he almost never looks at nor pays attention to the people addressing him, and only does the latter when he deems it important. He wears a white shirt with one cutoff sleeve and brown slacks. He lacks interest in much of the real world, believing that the world changes so often that it hardly matters who is there now and who is in power. He has no "friends," nor does he show care for anyone or anything except his own zanpakuto.

Shunpo: 100
Kido: 100
Strengh: 40
Swordsmanship: 50
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 95

Shikai Name: Nenrei no Hon (Book of Ages)

Release Command: Ki… (Chronicle…)

Bankai Name: Nagai Toshitsuki no Taiyō (Compendium of Eons)

Shikai Description: The blade begins as nothing more than a small letter opener. When released, the blade transforms into a calligraphy pen, and a book appears with brown leather covers with a square symbol crossed by a wavy line scorched into it in the wielder’s other hand.

Abilities:master level kido,expert level hand-to-hand combat,master shunpo, low level swordsmanship

Shikai Ability 1: Ōgon Jidai (Golden Age) – The Golden Age in Greek mythology was a time where no law was necessary and no wars were fought. As a result, its effect is pacifistic. The wielder draws a circle on the ground around them, and anything that comes into contact with the circle will be met with one of two symbols. The first is a giant mark about two times the height of the wielder, in the shape of a Ω, which is meant to absorb light to medium strength physical. The second does the same for kido attacks, though its shape is Θ. Only one can be active at a time, but they activate automatically. This circle does not move with him.

Shikai Ability 2: Gin no Jidai (Silver Age) – The Silver Age saw a world of imperfection, one during which people did terrible things, and they were inevitably punished by Zeus. The wielder opens the book and a spiraling spire of darkness shoots out into the sky. Blades of silver rain down as lightning, striking at locations determined entirely by the wielder. A maximum of 4 bolts can be created by this, meaning that if the wielder wants more bolts to appear, at least one of the bolts has to disappear. Each bolt that strikes ground appears to disappear in a flash of light. These bolts move at speeds rivaling normal lightning.

Shikai Ability 3: Seidōki Jidai (Bronze Age) – The people of this age were said to be extremely warlike in their acts, much more ready to use weaponry. As such, the pen is a small but effective weapon. Any cut inflicted by it injects ink into the target, whereby that ink can be manipulated to cause internal damage. Due to the extremely short reach and difficulty involved in cutting, this effect is not used much.

Bankai Description: The shape on the cover of the book expands out to a scorched circle with two wavy lines passing through it, and the pages appear to emanate a bright emerald light. A thin pair of glasses appears on the face of the wielder with dark green lenses and no legs, staying on the wielder’s face as long as the bankai is active, though they can be broken.

Bankai Ability 1: Eiyū Jidai (Heroic Age) – The Heroic Age was the age of (if you couldn’t guess) heroes, mainly demigods. The wielder uses the pen to draw circular spirals on his fingertips, and a triangular spiral on the palm. Since they must hold the book, this can only be on one hand. The symbols on his fingers can stop any kido strike and disperse the energy into the air, except for concentrated amounts that are gathered around the fingertips which can be used in attacks. The symbol on the palm repels any physical strike, effectively launching stronger opponents back with the force of their own strike.

Bankai Ability 2: Tekki Jidai (Iron Age) – The people of this age lived in a time of extreme distrust and uncertainty. The wielder taps the right and left side of their glasses, and the ring of ink from the shikai climbs up their legs and down their arms, leaving an array of symbols on each limb. This allows the wielder to increase their speed by 10 times. A circular field of light expands out from the wielder as well, creating a circular zone 15 meters in diameter within which the wielder can see and sense any physical presence. This zone does not move with him.

Bankai Ability 3: Nenrei no Owari (End of Ages) – The Iron Age is said to be doomed to destruction. The wielder opens the book and plunges the pen into its pages. The book and pen both appear to melt and become one with the wielder’s hand. The entire arm becomes entirely incapacitated in that position, with all five fingers of the hand outstretched. Every two minutes, a finger clenches into the hand. The first one starts a flurry of sheets of ethereal sheets of paper, which increase in volume as each new finger descends. When the final finger descends (at 10 minutes), the sheets disappear and the opponent’s sword returns to their hand in its unreleased state. The blade shatters, and the strongest ability of that blade activates and attacks the wielder. If they should survive this, the blade then returns to normal. This can be prevented one of three ways. If the arm with this active is cut or if the wielder is knocked out, the ability is canceled. If the pen or book are destroyed or removed from the wielder’s possession before this can activate, they cannot activate it. If the ability of the opponent’s blade can do no harm (i.e. healing), this will have a positive effect for the opponent.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
poeiras- your zanpakto sounds like my first one but even more overpowered
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Well i fixed mine sorta.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
This one has pictures to go with it, if you want to see them, go back to page 52. Really enjoyed making this one, character's brand spanking new, another outsider (you'll note the Greek theme among the three of them)

Name: Chiyo
Age:Unknown (more on that soon)
Appearance and personality: Deathly pale, her past is one of tragedy. She was a captain in the 13 protection squads, and died on a mission, her blade disintegrated. No one quite knows how she is alive, only that her blade chose her, not the other way around. She does not look for the life she lost, but she is constantly seeking something unknown. She is almost completely emotionless. She does not remember her own name, and memories of her previous life only return in small bits, though she attempts to ignore them.

Shunpo: 95
Kido: 100
Strengh: 30
Swordsmanship: 85
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 40

Shikai Name: Unmei (Fate)

Release Command: Zenchō to Naru (Portend…)

Bankai Name: Unmei no Megami (Goddess of Fate)

Shikai Appearance: The blade’s initial appearance is as a sabre with a curved, silver guard and a black handle. Upon release, the guard and handle disappear, and the blade appears as a several foot long threading needle. Mastering this shikai completely is extremely difficult, since it requires unlocking all three abilities and garnering the respect of each of these summons.

Shikai Ability 1: Kaiten no Ito (Spinning Thread): Clotho (pictured below), appears with strings attached to her fingers, half of which (all of the ones on a single hand) are attached to the wielder, the other half attach to Lachesis. This form has no eyes, and her eye sockets are surrounded by a light purple glow. She can move whatever the strings are attached to at vastly accelerated rates by directing their actions. In this way, she acts mainly as a protective force for the wielder and Lachesis.

Shikai Ability 2: Sokutei Hyōjō (Measured Look) Lachesis (picture below), appears with her head surrounded by four larger copies of her other eye. This form is the linchpin in the group, with each eye acting as the only method of sight for the other two Fates. The eyes are their eyes, and though they are ethereal, taking out this form or blocking their line of sight makes sight impossible for the other two. This form is equipped with gauntlets that have a single 3 inch blade each. She is the only Fate with the ability to utilize future sight to see a few seconds into the future, able to see it with her left eye while her right eye can only see the present.

Shikai Ability 3: Kōsoku Serēshon (Restrained Serration) Atropos (picture below) appears with empty eye sockets dripping blood. She spends most of her time leaning on a gnarly, red blade a full foot taller than her, with chains attached to her armor that extend far into the sky, allowing limited range of movement. Instead, she throws her sword at her targets with tremendous force, and though this blow can be parried by a blade or dodged, no armor can stand in its way. She can call the blade back to herself. She is extremely dangerous to approach directly, with or without the blade, since her physical strength is on level with Yamamoto’s.

Bankai Description: The forms unite with the wielder to form a single entity, Ananke. She appears with wings of metallic bone, which allow her to levitate of the ground, though her movement speed is limited to that of the original wielder. This form appears with three items hovering in front of it: a brass scale, an intricate, 40 meter long golden chain, and an intricately engraved sword. The scale has four figurines placed on one side, three of which depict a fate and the last of which depicts the wielder. Each minute that this form is in existence causes one to disappear, and if all disappear the scale is brought back into balance, reverting the wielder to the shikai form.

Bankai Ability 1: Hakushi ni Modoru Koto (Unraveling): Strikes with the sword unravel anything it cuts. This means that flesh will appear to turn to ribbons (a small cut on the arm taking out anything below it), though no blood is lost in these attacks. Note that this means the blade is incapable of actually cutting anything, and a person who has had most of themselves turned to ribbons will retain consciousness, just be unable to move.

Bankai Ability 2: Kyōsei (Compulsion): The chain appears to split into identical chains, one ethereal, and the other physical. The physical chain mainly acts as a powerful defense, protecting and deterring attacks on this form. The ethereal chain attacks the opponent directly, though strikes disappear into the opponent’s body. Its attacks must be dodged since they can neither be blocked nor parried. If all of the chain disappears into the opponent, the wielder can take control of their mind for the remaining duration of time in this form.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Well, since I seem to be uncontested for the Captain Commander position, I'll go ahead and post it in about an hour after I've had dinner. See you guys then.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hadez17 said…
LOL just cus i cant allow whiteflame55 to go completely uncontested, ill throw my character and blade up for captain commander, though this will generate a contest, im not saying it will be a big one, probly more of a contest in name only
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Heh, feel free Hadez17. I haven't taken a look at the changes to your blade yet, but I'm sure it will be fine, so go ahead and post it. In the meantime, I'll be posting mine.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hadez17 said…
Here is my entry

Name: Satoshi
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 22
Height: 5’ 11”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde medium length
Personility: a calm guy, never wanting to actually have to do any thing but relax and spend time with his friends, when conversing with people he is blunt and always straight to the point and always speaking his mind. He tends to get along with almost everybody even when he is pointing out their flaws. When put into any conflict he’d mainly dodge and avoid fighting as much as possible, the moment a friend or loved one is put in danger is when he would show his serious side, his whole demeanor would change from care free to murderous, his facial expression would change to that of a weathered fighter.

Appearance: He wears the standard soul reaper outfit. His posture and usual expression makes him seem non threatening and generally a nice guy, His hair is blonde and parted down the middle of his head but his hair tends to fall in his face and be pushed behind his ears.

Zanpakuto's name/Shikai name: Storm’s Eye
Release command: Keep Calm
Bankai Name – Fury of the storm
Description :
Unreleased the blade looks like an unimpressive katana, with a basic brown Scabbard, a plain round guard and a blue handle. In Shikai, the blade shortens to a kodachi with a spiral looking guard and brigh blue handle. In bankai the blade looks the same as shikai but part of the cloth that is wrapped around the handle of the blade extends and wraps around the hand wrist and forearm of the wielder.

Shikai Abilities
1. A barrier of wind surrounds the user, that is about 6 inches thick from the surface of the skin out. This barrier will help to either parry weaker attacks from opponents or at verry least slow their attack down to either give the wielder a little more time to parry or dodge or to take away some damage from the attack. This ability isn’t any thing major thus, a person who chucks a rock hard enough will make contact with the user, but it does provide enough of a benefit in fights like in bleach where even a half a second can make or break a fight.

2. Shifting Wind. This ability allows the user to shift his position using wind. To do this wind has to be blowing and cant be caused by the user. The primary application of this is the user uses wind caused by the opponents movements to help himself move either way from or into the attack (into the attack so that it may be countered of parried) the amount he can move is directly related to the wind caused, if it’s a small breeze then the wielder can move maybe 4-6 feet, but if it’s a hurricane then there is no rl limit since the wind is a constant. The wind caused by swinging a sword only allows for a entire body shift of a few inches to a foot. The speed is about 75% as fast as a flash step.

Bankai Abilities

1. Greater Shifting wind: This ability is much like the ability in Shikai except the range increments for my movement is increased. Meaning that a small breeze will now allow me to move twice as far. This movement usually will throw my opponent off guard because I in fact don’t make a physical movement, just shift from one position to another as if I'm the wind its self. This is also at 100% flash step speed.

2. Mini Cyclone Blade: The barrier that once extended around the user now focuses to a 1 inch thick barrier around the blade. Visually the blade has a narrow rapidly spinning tornado around it. It takes all the wind generated from fighting the opponent (me swinging my blade, or wind caused when our bladed collide, and the wind generated around my blade when I’m just running around battle field) and focuses it around the blade of my zanpakuto. When bankai is activated the Minicyclone Blade is at maximum power, and after its reliesed more wind must be gathered. At maximum power the winds have as much energy as a maximum speed tornado. While the wind is spinning the blade does blunt attacks instead of cutting. But the wielder can choose to reliese the wind in one of 2 ways. 1 way is to launch the wind at the opponent by pointing the tip of the sword at the opponent and mentally relieseing the wind. This causes a cone of wind to fly at the opponent roughly equal in strength and speed to that of a cero. (imagine a tornado turned horzontaly so the narrow end is at opponent and wide end is at user). The maximum distance for the attack to do full damage is 20feet, at 30 feet, half damage and 40 feet just a mild gust of wind/ The other way is to reliese the wind on one side of the blade to launch the blade (and weilder since blade is attached to his arm) at higher speeds making a harder impact with his swing, and if used improperly can dislocate the users shoulder or if missed can leve him wide open for counter attacks.

3. Piercing Wind. This ability cannot be used at same time as the second bankai ability and infact can only be used when the blade itself and not the wind barrier makes contact with the object its hitting. This ability uses some of my energy and that of the wind generated to increase the speed of the wind generated from my attack to pierce the target deeper. When my blade hits the opponent this ability makes the wound twice as deep and twice as wide, also it’s a jagged cut.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
So when are you gonna post your blade whiteflame or was the Fates one your entry for the contest.