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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheBlackFlash said…
WOW bleachfan12 that idea is very good and so is your dall(or whatever it's called) did you ever consider entering the RPG with that character. You could be one of the Outsiders. Guys what do you think?

Zangetsu96 yes you can i guess.
P.S. How old are you.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
People have to post stats like strength,shunpo,kido ect. for there character, if you want an example i can post my characters stats.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zangetsu96 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zangetsu96 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Im just gonna post the whole character

Name: Amiro Hikotora

Age: Unknown but looks 21

Apperence: He has Black medium length messy hair and green eyes, he wears the standard 3rd squad captain uniform, and he has two tattos a moon on his right hand and a Sun on his left hand each tatto is the size of a quarter.

Personality: He is a very laid back person but also has a very serious side but most of the time he is joyful person. He like to walk around and sleep in different places every time. ( In a tree, on top of a squad barracks, ect). He often catches people by surprise by jumping from a building he was sleeping on to right infront of the person, when he does that he usaly starts to talk with the person he surprised


Strength: 100
Kido: 83
Shunpo: 100
Swordsmanship: 95
Hand to hand Combat: 76

Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Tsuki to taiyō (Moon and Sun)

Release Command: Orite oide (Come Down)

Shikai Apperance:A long blade with a smooth top edge and a outwardly jagged bottom edge (the bottom edge being the one for cutting). Then the handle being a gray color, at the end of the hilt there are two strings, one has a ring with a small crescent moon, the other haveing a ring with a sun on it.

Shikai Abillities:

Bān kyūsoku ni (Burn Rapidly) The cutting edge of the blade will be set on fire. The wielder can either swing the blade causing it to launch a firey or if target is cut the damage being either that part of the body to be set on fire or causing a mild burn.

Mūnzusafā (Moon's Suffer) If the oppnent is cut they will lose there sense of sight and feel for 15 seconds but all of their other senses increasing by 50%. If oppnent is cut they will not feel it, once the effect wears off all the pain the wielder inflicted on the oppnent starts to come into effect causing them a sudden burst of pain.

Tengoku no shotto (Heaven's Shot) The wielder inserts a finger in either the moon ring or sun ring and starts spinning the blade rapidly above their head at the same time if the wielder inserted their finger in the sun ring the blade would be englufed in flames and can be launched at the oppnent causing whatever part the attack hit to be set on fire, if the wielder inserted their finger in moon the blade would be covered but sharp crystals (that glow like the moon) and can be launched at the oppnent causing whatever part the attack hit to be impaled with a large amount crystals.

Bankai Name: Tsuki to taiyō no sōkan (Correlation between the Moon and Sun)

Bankai Apperence: The Shikai becomes two 2 foot daggers that are held with the tip of the blade facing behind him but the user can switch the direction of the blade so the tip is either facing behind him or infront of him. One dagger is White with a black jagged design in the middle of it (This being the Moon Blade), The other Dagger is Red with a orange jagged design in the middle of it (This being the Sun Blade). The wielder can extend the daggers another foot and can also retract the daggers to their orginal length (This has no special attack boost this just being for a longer reach.)

Bankai Abilities:

Sākuru-hi no (Circle Of Fire) An radius of 50 foot is surrounder by a gas that can barley be seen, then the wielder hits his blades together making them spark causing the gas to erupt into flames making a large firey circle that is hard to escape, the wielder can cantrol flares of fire that come from the circle. if a part of the oppnent is touched by the flames that part of them will be set on fire (fire can be stopped).

Tsuki no namida (Tears of the Moon) He draws a circle in the air above him with the white blade, after he finshed drawing the circle it launches into the air and the sky starts to darken, then it starts to rain down sharp crystal that cut like razors for 15 seconds.

Taiyō to tsuki ni somuite (Total Eclipse) The Moon goes infront of the Sun making an Eclipse that lasts for 10 seconds, during this time the wielder's Speed, Strength, Kido Strength, increase by 50%. This attack can only be used every 2 hours.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zangetsu96 said…
sorry about that


my character is exactly like Hitsugaya BUT:he has blue hair instead of white and he is wearing the cloth that captain of squad 8 is wearing but instead of pink it is blue.he also has the glasses that renji was wearing the first time he had appeared.the sword is on his back(just like Hitsugayas).FINALY instead of green eyes he has blue eyes.


Strength: 58
Kido: 99
Shunpo: 100
Swordsmanship: 98
Hand to hand Combat: 50

thats all
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
um, not that it's any massive business of mine, but are you sure your character fits those stats? I mean, it looks like you just went with putting the most into the same categories and slightly fudged other numbers. If your character's like Hitsugaya, his strength shouldn't be nearly that high. I can see kido, shunpo and swordsmanship being high for someone like that, but the rest seem...off for a character of the type you're going with. Hell, each of my Outsider characters has a stat that's 50 or lower because that's just what they suck at.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
bleachfan12 - You can enter that if you want, but I'm not going to be reviewing it, mainly because I come from too much of an anti-bounto mindset, and it would corrupt my view of it. Nothing against the idea, I just really hated that saga.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zangetsu96 said…
i fix it!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Wait who needs to post next for RP and i have a idea for the new people that join. (If there Capatins)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tetsudragon said…
i think gokuluigifan is still up
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hadez17 said…
uh i didnt know we could use bounts, i figured they were with the vizards in that all of them were made in a failed expierement and thus no new ones are poping up, lol oh well
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
Im going to redo my bio for some characters which will be in my post the bio is for Yokoshimo,Karuroso,and Reaper i will edit my last post later so that it makes sense

Reaper:So you want to remember your life as a human

Yokoshimo:yea but what can you tell me

Reaper:im the one the murdered your family your parents spirit lingered around when i murdered them but i didn't know back then ,you became a soul reaper and for your brother is still unknown to me, then i became a hollow and killed both of your parents spirit

Yokoshimo:i don't believe you but i believe the part that you mudered a whole family and for that you deserve to die Bakudo:61Rikujōkōrō ( the attack lands and traps Reaper in it) Hado:63 Sōren Sōkatsui( the attack almost lands but Reaper escapes and gets hit in the arm instead)

Reaper:you bastard now you're going to die(charges and fires a cero Yokoshimo gets he by hit but was able to block some of it, Yokoshimo shunpos over to Reaper but Reaper stops him in mid-shunpo choking him and fires two bala, Yokoshimo gets blood on his chest)

Yokoshimo:tears of blood become my shield, the pain of children become my blade chishionaiya(based of ukitake's cause i likes release command a lot)

Reaper:thats your zanpakto its looks like its no different then the sealed form of the zanpakto looks like this is going to be easy(Fires a cere but Yokoshimo shunpo out of the way)

Yokoshimo:chishiohari(the needles shoot toward Reaper but he dodges out of the way with a sonido but Yokoshimo grabs him this time and stabs him multiple times but Reapers Hierro reduced the damage)

Reaper:a blood type zanpakto those are very rare which makes me want to kill you more(Kicks Yokoshimo out of the way and Yokoshimo lands on a roof)

Yokoshimo:damn it he is too strong chishiokansei(the two disk made of blood appear and Yokoshimo makes the second disk go toward Reaper and cuts through it cutting Reaper too)

Reaper:now you're going to die(he fires a gran rey cero at Yokoshimo the had a radius of 10 feet so Yokoshimo got hit in the full blast

Yokoshimo:thats it Bankai

Reaper(at the same time):sow their death wish Segador de muerte
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zangetsu96 said…
well if i can play,then what sould i do to play
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zangetsu96 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tetsudragon said…
yea, my turn!

---------------Resurrected, Part 1---------------------------

(A senkai gate appears in the sky over the Atlantic. Six people walk out, each with a black kimono and a katana. One also has a white haori.)

Ryuu: Spread out and eliminate the hollow. I want this done quickly and efficiently. No joking around.
8th squad seats(other than kimi):Yes, Sir!(they quickly disperse and eliminate the hollow)
Kimi: what are we gonna do, Captain?
Ryuu: We are going after the arrancar. Watch my back, make sure none of them escape.
Kimi: Alright captain.(she is finally serious)None will escape as long as justice is my motive.
Ryuu:(slowly and dramatically)I’m counting on you.(unsheathes sword)
Kimi: I know, I can do this.(unsheathes sword)
Ryuu: I know you can.(they quickly find and defeat three arrancar.)
(An arrancar appears in front of Ryuu. She is wearing a cloak that covers her face.)
Ryuu stabs and she parries. Quickly moving now, Ryuu slashes again and again, But it is as if she has seen his fighting style before and parries with ease, knocking off the liquid-ice as she does, but she is steadily being forced back. Ryuu is getting frustrated.
Ryuu: Who are you? How do you know how I fight?
Majiyo: My name is majiyo, shinigami. As for your second question, I was about to ask you if we met before, but apparently not, since you do not recognize me and I do not recognize you.
Ryuu hits her hood, knocking it off. He is instantly paralyzed in shock as her identity is revealed. Seizing the advantage, majiyo slashes him deeply across the chest twice and stabs him in the shoulder, and as he falls with his eyes closed and chest pouring blood, he utters a single word that only the arrancar and Kimi hear.
Ryuu: Lily...(faints)
Majiyo Suffers a flashback of herself and four other children running through the district 54 being chased by a man they had taken food from. Then she orders a full retreat and they return to Hueco Mundo. Kimi defeats the arrancar she is battling and catches Ryuu. She looks on as the arrancar that took down the captain widens her eyes and seems to have an internal battle with herself. The arrancar then orders a retreat and Kimi can only look on.
Kimi: Captain, That couldn't have been her, could it...?
Kimi orders a full retreat to the soul society, and once there proceeds to take Ryuu to the 4th squad.

Meanwhile in Hueco Mundo...

Majiyo keeps suffering flashbacks that she should not be having. One of five children around a fire, another of three children entering the Soul academy, Another of a young girl becoming a soul reaper, and another of three Soul reapers making a promise. And another of a young shinigami uttering her last words before being consumed by a hollow.
Majiyo: What does this all mean?(arrancar walks in)
arrancar: Ma'am, are you o-(head gets smashed into a wall)
Majiyo: Of course! Oh, your dead.(thinks: Ill just kill them before I find out more)(a slight smile plays on her lips as she contemplates new and gruesome ways to kill those damned shinigami)
A lust for battle overwhelms these thoughts, A lust for blood drives the unwanted memories from her head. A lust to kill drives the small piece of her that retains the compassion and memories from her mind, leaving an empty space that can only be filled with new-found desire, for in everything that is done there is Lust.
And that is why her title was given to her.

Dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn….

----------------------------Awake and mad-----------------------

Two days later

Ryuu wakes up. he attempts sits up and looks around. He recognizes his surroundings as the fourth squads medical center
Ryuu: What happened?
He suddenly remembers what happened at the world of the living and drops his eyes.
Ryuu: lily...(enter kimi)
Kimi: Hi captain.(she says this with none of her usual cheerfulness, it seems as if she stayed up for a while)
Ryuu:(looks alarmed) Kimi!,are you okay?
Kimi: Yes captain, Im fine. I was more worried about you.(looks down)That was lily, wasn't it?
Ryuu:(nods in agreement)Yes,But i don't see how it is possible.
Kimi: That she is a hollow?
Ryuu: No, That her personality changed so drastically.She always used to be so cheerful,and kind,and had a sense of justice.This lily has none of these. She seems to have become the opposite of what she was.(attempts to sit but falls back in pain.)
Kimi: Captain, You shouldn't move yet.Your not completely healed yet.
Ryuu:Kimi,can you pass me my zampakuto?
Kimi:Yes(hands over zampakuto)But why?
Ryuu unsheathes sword and lays flat part of blade over wounds,which are then covered in liquid ice, but they do not burn him.He then gets up and goes to the aid kit that was brought on the mission.He withdraws a bottle that contains a thick, tan colored liquid and drops it over his wounds. the drops go under the ice and seem to form new skin,after which the ice falls off.
Ryuu:were any others hurt?
Kimi:No, they made it back safely.
Ryuu: Good,because you and I have a new goal.
Kimi: what is it?
Ryuu: we must cleanse her soul.

End. Canis,your up
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so I'm having some issues keeping up with all the characters at this point guys, as many of you probably do. Would everyone mind terribly if they could send me their characters and zanpakutos (1 character and zanpakuto to a message please) so that I can compile a list? I'd be happy to send it out to everyone when it's done.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Hey WhiteFlame...I like Kenpachi's Zanpakuto...if we were holding a contest I would vote for it...it's not only sensible that he would reject its abilites but very funny as well...here's my Yamamoto bankai shivers
Bankai: Meimei Fenikkusu Saigen (Divine Phoenix Revival): Captain Yamamoto’s Bankai takes the form of a large scroll that leviatates in the air; it is lacquered redwood with crinkled, almost ancient looking paper. His reiatsu burns a deep red as the scroll unwinds revealing an aged manuscript. The font glows like cinders as smoke and embers burn as he waits to initiate an attack.
Special powers: Yamamoto’s Bankai is an extraordinary one, not only because he hardly has to reveal anything about it due to the strength of his Shikai, but because when it is called upon he does very little to dispatch his foes. He often releases the sacred phoenix that hovers above him after materializing from his scroll; it is even hotter than the sun and often extinguishing foes just by being exposed to its brilliance. While powerful reiatsu repels this effect, being exposed to the phoenix can cause the very oxygen in the air to be burned away, causing severe suffocation. He can imbue himself with its power and levitate in the air giving him a wide variety of ways to counter and attack his opponent. While releasing these flames gives him some control over destroying subatomic matter it does have weaknesses, such as burning out reiatsu very quickly which is another reason while he doesn’t expose it very long. The primary ability of his Bankai is the ability to manipulate fire on a subatomic level as well as the ability to burn out all of his reiatsu to heal wounds and it has been said on some accounts he has revived life itself. When fighting extremely difficult foes he often doesn’t release his Bankai’s full potential due to burning out too much reiatsu. When his scroll is still materialized he can generate excessive amounts of fire and manipulate it at his will, while he prefers to use projectile attacks when it is in this phase he often generates the flames into swords or weapons that he can use without any difficulty or using very much reiatsu.
1. Denpa Goshujin Tsubasa (Spread Your Wings) Tenrai Tori Kouen (Divine Bird Flame): This is what he says when he releases his Bankai in phoenix form. This ability initiates foes burning away due to its divine presence.
2. Fenikkusu Kouen (Phoenix Flame): This attack is used when he unleashes the phoenix while burning air or imbuing himself.
3. Tenrai Kouen (Divine Flame): When he manipulates his scroll fire he often recites this attack name.
Please anyone feedback....It's a little overpowered but so is This character in genral..seriously he's chief captain....Thanks for doing a step better WhiteFlame and bleachfan12 I loved it!!! Go with the advice from TheBlackFlash!!!!
Don't Report

zangetsu96 said:
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
It's not the best idea, but it's all I could come up with and at least to me it seemed fitting for him. I will post some more in a little bit!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
whiteflame i posted mine near the top of this page.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Here is Yachiru mind you this is only inspired by the games...my original idea was for her to shrink or increase things in size and density but that seemed a little strange. I hope you like it...oddly enough this sounds similar to another zanpakuto I saw on here.
Zanpakuto: Nenshou Tora (burning tiger)
Release phrase: scratch
Type: melee, heat/fire (kido)
Apperance: a pink hilted sword with a flower shaped tsuba. She often carriers it around on a loose cord and wheels that were installed through enough pestering by Ikkaku Madarame.
Shikai: Long prong like claws with three pink blades fastened on each hand; her sash becomes much longer and tail like, flowing behind her.
Special abilities: Molecules charge so quickly around her blades that she generates intense heat that can combust and melt whatever it touches on impact when she releases burning slashes in the air and create a veil of heat from her powerful reiatsu that often sears opponents and catches things on fire by diffusing the molecules into flames.
1.Moeteiru Tsume (burning claw): burning scratches from charging heat particles that incinerates foes
2.Furea-Hirameki (flare flash): with this power, Yachiru can leap from fire to fire made by Nenshou Shishi allowing her to move faster than a flash step, and attack the opponent from multiple angles.
Bankai: Nenshou Tora Kenshiki (Burning tiger pride): A long toy like weapon with a long, shimmering pink hilt and an edge resembling a pink tiger’s paw with long gray nails. She can control the movement of this hand allowing the sharp nails to cut and disembowel foes by grasping the body and springing the paw up and down, tearing and eating away through flesh. Her reiatsu, a large pink tiger surrounds her and her weapon for most of her techniques in this form. Symbols resembling tiger stripes appear on her flesh during the duration of her Bankai.
Special abilities: she can smash or stab obstacles or her opponents with her zanpakuto pouring her powerful reiatsu into the cut causing combustion. She can also do this through her control of heat, which spreads searing and melting great distances causing combustion through the speeding of particles within an object and outside of it due to extreme heat conditions. When she pierces with her zanpakuto she releases her leaping tiger reiatsu into whatever she impales causing an explosion measuring anywhere around a c4 to c6 explosion. The final and most powerful ability of Nenshou Tora is when she becomes entangled in powerful heat flames that form into a fiery pink tiger. The tiger charges at the opponent and destroys everything in its path with the force of an atomic bomb. Using this ability drains all of her spiritual power as her sword returns to its sealed state. This technique should therefore only be used as a last resort.

Any comments would negative or positive I would like hearing!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
QuickDeath35 I love Tsuki to taiyō (Moon and Sun)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Another one for a current character...I hope you all like it...it's one of my favorites
Nano Ise’s Zanpakuto:
Zanpakuto: Sei Naru Kami Hisashi (sacred god visor)
Release phrase: focus
Spirit manifestation: a scholarly androgynous fairy that wears lilac purple and is always carrying a book.
Inner world: a forbidden library
Type: kido
Shikai: a pair of elegantly bladed gauntlets that have throwing blades connected on the sides that can be thrown to lock and release kido when thrown at a target. The long blades can be fused together to discharge kido techniques and a powerful reiatsu blast from a trigger on the hilt. A visor is across her face in order for her to see with infrared vision and track high reiatsu levels or where an opponent may be.
Special abilities: Nanao can use the blades attached to her gauntlets for short range attacks or combat, but she can also merge the two into a long shaft that focuses her kido into powerful blast that can devastate obstacles or foes. She can perform many kido spells without having to utter a word of the incantation and can use several of them simultaneously in this form without much strain. She can detach two throwing blades and can control them through her reiatsu which they are attracted to. One of them can absorb the reiatsu of its target causing the victim to become weak and often powerless and the other seems mildly normal unless she breaks its seal releasing her reiatsu into the foes body instantly killing them from the impact, it’s said that whoever dies from this technique that their reiatsu is sealed inside making it more powerful with every use.
Bankai: Sei Naru Inori Yoohishi (sacred prayer parchement): her Bankai takes the form of a large sealed scroll ridden with powerful kido magic. The delicate creased paper is welded around a veneered lemonwood shaft that juts out and can be brandished to knock foes unconscious when she isn’t using its powers.
Special abilities: She can unravel the scroll to reflect attacks, which appears as if the energy is glowing in the font of what is written on the paper. She can break the seal and perform any kido spell without uttering a word and can also perform multiple techniques at a time with amplified effect and greater power than performing one ordinarily. It is said that all of the ancient kido spells are written in this parchment but she hasn’t learned them all. The primary ability behind her Bankai is ink. Her fingernails become black and she can absorb normal ink as well as the ink imprinted on her scroll to shape into tattoos on opponents skin like hands that can choke them or knives that can sever them internally. Her Bankai is very powerful and often strains her so she wouldn't use it very often.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
Thanks im glad you like my zanpakuto.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
So I'm still not sure if my Rangiku Bankai should have a bladed form but if it did it would be a long sword with a red hilt and a blade resmebling a cats's fangs with a long red expanding like shield over the front of the blade that appears to be a red lion, meaning only the bottom of the blade can do any real damge and the top would be used as a shield or to shove foes away...
Bankai: Gouzen Neko Hai
Bankai/special abilities: Gouzen Neko Hai (roaring ash cat): Rangiku has no bladed weapon in her Bankai but rather white ashes begin to flutter down from the sky, appearing at first like snow before they begin cutting foes. In this form she controls the forces of volcanic activity allowing a huge plume of smoke and ashes to explode into the air burning oxygen and cutting everything in the area. She also controls pyroclastic lava flows, which she activates by saying nagaremasu (flow). The lava can explode into foes and turn into shield by solidifying into magma so she can avoid damage.
1.Kouen Hai Saisuu Kyuusoku (Ash flame final resting): ashes descend after her explosive plume blows into the air coming down into tornados of faltering ash and that shreds anything in its path and burns them with smoke.
2.Kasairyuu (pyroclastic volcanic eruption): creates a violent magma flow that explodes burning foes until their nothing but charred masses.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Yeah, QuickDeath35 it's a very unique blade..probably one of my favorites on here.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
So when anyone get's a chance...fell free to give me feedback on my current character Zanpakutos...I have a couple of others I will post in a few.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
I think you guys will like this one!!!!
Zanpakuto: Itegumo (frozen cloud)
Release phrase: hashire (dash)
Spirit manifestation: a beautiful white haired woman with a silver kimono with designs of snowflakes imprinted on it, she has wings resembling snowflakes like Isane does in Bankai and is a very beautiful woman. She is delicate and eager to rush in to any fight, much like her owner.
Inner world: a valley of ice in the clouds with mist drifting about obscuring vision
Apperance: In its sealed form, Itegumo takes the form of a katana with a deep blue handle and a pointed round guard, somewhat similar to a snowflake. It is kept sheathed on the left side of Isane's waist.

Shikai: The hilt remains the same but when its Shikai is activated, two smaller blades protrude from Itegumo's hilt at 45° angles.
Special abilities: Isane’s blade can release a cold mist that freezes things on contact and if it doesn’t directly harm an opponent it can make them weak and cold from the change in climate, which can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. This cold mist can hover towards the ground freezing it, causing it to become slippery tripping foes. With her aggressive swordplay this combination is quite deadly especially since while she can see through it none of her foes can. Itegumo can also create dense clouds that drop hailstones over the area, that can smash into obstacles and cut and leave foes unconscious from the forceful impact. She can also release frozen rain that can also be harmful but when it touches the skin of her opponents it absorbs their reiatsu allowing her to heal the injuries she or an ally has received during the battle, it can also amplify the effects of kido attacks. She is unarmed when using either of these techniques until they are completed.
Bankai: Ten no Itegumo (heavenly frozen cloud): Isane’s Blade becomes a longs sword that looks covered in a layer of ice, which resembles snowflakes on the edges, all with different patterns. Two blades protrude from the hilt at 45 degree angles in this form as well, only they are much larger and can dislodge for Isane’s ultimate attack. She has a long white shawl in this form with a shining light blue shinigami uniform with snowflake patterns all over it. She has wings on her back that resemble snowflakes and cut whatever touches them and frosted glitter is dusted around her eyes.
Special abilities: In this form Isane can summon healing snow that cures allies of external injuries. Her long sword has large snowflake patterns all over it, meaning whenever it cuts the skin it will leave those same patterns. When she brandishes the blade icy winds and mist fly freezing enemies and large snowflake like blades glide on the drafts leaving their intricate pattern on the skin of her foes. The mist is liquid nitrogen freezing whatever she sends it at. Her blade can freeze anything on contact and to release her primary power, liquid nitrogen the long protruding blades fly off and form a half circle then ice seeps from the ground forming a dome; once its completed liquid nitrogen feels the dome deep freezing everything to death as everything in its influence shatters and dies, after this technique is over Isane is often weakened due to the extreme amount of reiatsu required.
1. Fuwatto Setsuhen: Hyouketsu Boufuu (gliding snowflake: freezing gale): She releases compressed blast of frozen air that freeze on contact and carry large, rigid snowflakes on the currents that cut the skin and damage foes
2. Fukai Tou Hyōga Seiran (deep freeze: glacier vapor storm): Her 45% angle blades dislodge and fly forming a half circle on the ground and ice seeps deep into the ground and comes up rather quickly to form an enormous dome that can be of various sizes depending on how far she sends the protruding blades. It tunnels upward into the air at incredible height and everything within this dome begins to freeze from the liquid nitrogen and the very air dissolving into sharp ice particles. She remains here within the dome unaffected, which often fools her foe into believing she is just trying to cut their battle off from conflict by sealing them in a dome of ice. There are hardly any ways to repel this attack.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
This is for Isane..the shikai is already existent but had no prior abilities..so had fun and drank the champagne over my victory...lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tomen213 said…
Here's my zanpakuto.
[Uooriazukkurai & Uooriazuribasu/Ridenpushon Avuza Foren Hero]
[Desutoroi Zozufu Derupasu(Destroy those who dare pass.) Uooriazukkurai & Uooriazuribasu!]
[Vokiri Getokipa:A large curved blade with an inscription reading:"Those who wish to pass must be dead." The blade grows to an amazing 7ft but is as light as a feather.The hilt holds to ribbons one with an eye and another with an egg.]

Shikai abilties
Kurashuborutto (Crash Bolt): A high velocity shot from the tip.It has an ominous red glow.
Kuresutavuza Vokiri (Crest of the Valkyrie):A technique that once active greatly increases the speed and power of the user with one side effect:unconsciousness

Bankai abilities
Uooriazarutaimetamu (Warrior's Ultimatum):The user sacrifices all of their spiritual pressure on a one shot attack.If they miss then they lose their soul.
Dimi Godozurasu (Demi-God's Wrath):The user strikes the ground and erupting from the ground is a large incomprehensible demon.
Gurandokkurashuborutto (Grand Crash Bolt):A stronger version of Kurashuborutto.

Uooriazukkurai & Uooriazuribasu are twin warriors who fought side by side.Each in their materialized forms hold distinctive tattoos and also different attire.Uooriazukkurai for instance has a more noble apperance.Wearing a red and black kimono with elegnat flowers.Uooriazukkurai has a very dismissive attitude.Uooriazuribasu on the other hand is open minded but gullible.Uooriazuribasu dons a straw hat and poncho.

Character:Kiyanbu Tamasui

Appearance:Kiyanbu is tall but not very built.He has short curly hair and carries a charm around his wrist that he had gotten from his father before he died.His personality has been known to be inappropriate.His shinigami uniform is adorned by a
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
This is for Isane's sister...Ukitake's crazy subordinate who constantly clashes with sentaro who I have no ideas for a Zanpakuto for...eeek..I'm working on Kira though I saw one on here earlier translated to graivty edge that sounded perfect for him and Shunsui and Ukitake.
Kione Koetsu Zanpakuto:
Zanpakuto: Kusanagi
Release phrase: Blaze
Spirit manifestation: a male red and orange Kirin spirit that has deep loyalty like his owner and a bit of an attitude in which he likes to spit on people that annoy him.
Inner world: a beautiful forest with shrines and sprites
Type: fire/kido
Apperance: a long, katana with a red orange hilt and a warped guard resembling a flame.
Shikai: the sword burns with heat and fire and t becomes slightly wider and longer and takes on a more jagged appearance as if it’s a flame. When she uses her abilities the blade becomes flame and when she chooses to extinguish the blade looks melted in several place, adding to its flame like appearance, the hilt is red orange with a guard resembling a flame.
Special abilities: Kusanagi can generate intense heat and flames that can be shot off at obstacles or foes and explode with concussive force, burning whatever the touch. The flames will become stronger from her courage and emotions. She often shields her self with a cone of fire and dispatches foes quickly with a charged projectile fireball.
1. Kashou Tenrai (Divine Burn): Kione focuses her flames into a concentrated blast of flames that burst into foes incinerating them from existence.
Bankai: Kami No Kusanagi: her Bankai takes the form of a long sword with a red orange hilt with a gold tsuba shaped like a kirin, an orange tassel with a jewel dangles from the hilt and the entire blade is made of flame that just propels itself along like a jet stream of flames, when she slashes and fire blast out if always takes the form of a kirin. Sparks fly in the air while she is in Bankai and she can manipulate these sparks turning them into tornados and waves or armor or a shield. She has red marks on her eyes in this form and her uniform changes slightly, it becomes shorter and jagged like flames with red accents and inseams.
1.Seika (Sacred Fire): manipulates the sparks to burning everything in a massive cyclone that incinerates whatever it touches.
2.Kaji da Keeji (Fire Cage): the flames wrap around a foe crushing them and burning away all their oxygen while the flames dissolve their flesh into ashes.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Tomen213 What a great Zanpakuto...I really like the abilites...The one shot or instant death for the user seems a bit extreme though. I really like the concept of a giant demon coming out of the ground lol..overall good job...what do you think about all my crazy Zanpakuto for current characters who haven't reavealed their's yet...wow I've been posting a lot..I bet some people on here really hate me now...too much redbull
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Having trouble coming up with a Zanpakuto for Nemu...I could kind of imagine her with Tatetengoku “Heavens Shield”...that is one of the best Zanpakuto on here...it was so detailed...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LOBOSdelRAYo said…
sorry i been gone guys i was busy i got done skimming though the where i left off
dancing_petal: wow you are really creative
hadez: holy crap your post was awesome oh and nice way of ending it with a massive explosion
whiteflame: i don't know why i mention you i forgot
anyway i beileve im up now if canis hasn't posted yet
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Here is one my Character's and their Zanpakuto!!!!

Name: Mayu Orikasa
Height: 4’7’, 139.70
Weight: 70 pounds,
Birthday: January 23rd
Age: 14
Appearance: Mayu is very small and slender. She has deep brown eyes and sugar pink hair that she wears down and cropped around her face with a cute hairpin or in stubby ponytails. She has a soft complexion and a gentle face which is usually seen in a beaming smile. Her soul reaper uniform is accented by a hot pink sash with decorations of plaid hearts. She is small breasted and is often made fun of for her large head, a strange trait among the Orikasa family.
Personality: She is very sweet, loving, eccentric, intelligent, and warm hearted, determined to make others happy, and empathetic, often crying when she hears something said.
Occupation: student at the shinigami academy, lieutenant of Squad 5, previously 1st seat on squad 5
Favorite food: chocolate chip cookies (she prefers them warm), she also loves apple cider, milk, and honey which she can be seen eating with Dakishimemasu Kuma.
Likes: baking, stuffed animals (to the point where she gives them all names and profiles with astrological signs and blood types), snacks, shopping, plaid, tea parties, flower arranging she inherited this hobby from her mother (she is an active member of the ikebana club), kido, carving (a skill she learned from her father) and daydreaming especially when doing hard work.
Dislikes: being made fun of for the slightly larger sized head, beets, thunderstorms, and not being treated seriously because of her age
Family: She lives with her mother and father and her youngest sister, Megumi, in the 2nd district of the Rukon. Her family is bankrupt because of their humanitarianism and inability to sale their own products. Her mother, Airi Orikasa owns a flower shop while her father Nobutoshi Orikasa is a carpenter; her older sister, Setsuna whom she loves deeply works for the secret council who designs Zanpakuto and her older brother Kino, aka Dumpling, a nickname he received because of his foodholic ways and heaviness sells food from a small shop he bought near his home; which is made out of flour and resembles an enormous funnel cake.
Favorite song/theme music: Kissy Kissy by Smile.DK
Zanpakuto: Gooka Ukeiremasu (plush embrace)
Release phrase: hug
Spirit manifestation: The spirit of her Zanpakuto, Gooka Ukeiremasu strongly resembles her Bankai, but a slightly larger version. He is very possessive of her and loves to cuddle.
Inner world: a cushion like environment that’s very bouncy and colorful.
Appearance: a katana with a hot pink hilt with a bear’s face resembling the guard
Shikai: a heavy, long sword with a hot pink hilt. What makes the sword most unique are the sugar pink shafts, which can expand over the blade in the shape of a serrated top that she can spin around with a long string to balance and steer it in any direction she chooses. What makes this technique even more deadly is that while the top blade is already serrated there are also sharp prongs that rise up by pushing a switch on the hilt that’s connected to the string that guides the top blade. When these blades pierce an opponent their bodies can become plush or cotton through the power of her reiatsu. She can also stabilize wounds by sealing them with cotton seams. When she cuts the seams of whatever she has made plush cotton tufts resembling small lambs can come out and bite the foes causing induced sleep.
Attacks: Momen Fusa Kanjou Hitsugi (cotton tuft: counting sheep): induces anesthesia effects with the saliva of her cotton tuft sheep
Bankai: Dakishimemasu Kuma Ukeiremasu (cuddle bear embrace)
Appearance: Her Bankai takes the form of a massive pink teddy bear about thirty feet high and around two tons. It boasts tremendous strength and speed and is immune to most kinds of attacks. Mayu usually stands on its large head during battle to avoid damage from foes. The Bear can perform kido spells but like the bear that is massive in stature the kido techniques are often huge and terribly destructive, which isn’t always good for training. When the bear is cut the stuffing comes out in the form of sheep that bite the opponent causing them to fall asleep or act dizzy or strange through their salvia that has anesthesia effects. Once the sheep tuffs are finished with their tasks they run back to the bear and reseal the wound or wander about the area incase any other enemies approach. While in this form she wears two pink gauntlets; one of them resembles a bear claw and the other a bear’s head bearing its teeth. These are usually chained to two large zippers on the bear’s shoulders that she can open to release her anesthesia tufts. She usually does this by somersaulting from the bear’s head and causing the zippers to come down with her. She can disconnect these chains and use the gauntlet with the bears face to point in any direction causing the image of a massive bear’s mouth to appear and grind down its teeth to dismember body parts or crush walls and the saliva causes healing. The other gauntlet resembling a claw can be used in a more physical way. She can point at a target and the claws expand and bend in any direction to hit what her reiatsu focuses on. She can also have a giant claw appear that can shred foes and smash walls. In this form she has long pink arm warmers, a sleeveless pink leotard that is covered in light pink armor resembling paper trays. She has long boots with bear faces on them and a robe skirt over her leotard that has plaid stitching all over it and is white. On her back are two huge needles and a large thimble of pink thread that sews fatal wounds inflicted on her or her large bear. Her bear takes a great liking to her even going as far to get a tattoo of her name sewed on its arm. It also hates when she is playing tea party with her other stuffed animals.
1.Momen Fusa: Kanjou Hitsugi (cotton tuft: counting sheep): induces anesthesia effects with the saliva of her cotton tuft sheep
2.Biribiri Kuma Ha (ripping bear tooth) : This attack destroys foes with a superimposed mouth of a bear
3.Baribari Kuma tsume (Shredding bear claw): swipes foes with a superimposed claw
History: Mayu has lived a sheltered life in the Rukon’s second district since she was born. Her family is bankrupt due to their humanitarism and inability to sell their products, but even so the pair is a bit neurotic and always concerned about Mayu and her siblings. She began training to get closer to her older sister who she considers her role model She told her parent’s if they really loved her they’d let her pursue her interest at the academy and they reluctantly consented. She has mastered her Bankai thanks to the assistance of Terik Nomura and is previously the lieutenant of squad five, and has a deep love and respect for Momo Hinamori, her Captain.
Sword skills expert (she has had trouble wielding such a massive top blade, but has recently shown soe improvement due to Terik’s help)
Kido expert (she prefers healing kido, she is on her way to becoming a master under the tutelage of momo Hinamori)
Flash step expert (she is fast enough to keep up with a lieutenant)
Hand to hand combat expert (she has learned martial arts through training with her sister Setsuna)
Carpentry skills (she learned this from her father)
Cooking (a skill she learned from her brother)
Genius intellect
Deceiving (a bad skill her little sister has forced on her)
Flower arranging/ikebana (a skill she learned from her mother who owns a flower shop)
Note: Everyone in her family is a soul reaper and has a genius intellect
 Here is one my Character's and their Zanpakuto!!!! Name: Mayu Orikasa Height: 4’7’, 139.70 W
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
LOBOSdelRAYo Thank you so much...I spent a lot of time thinking about them...I really wish I could make some arcs for the anime adding in soul merchants and other characters I've made..lol what a dream..I can't wait for your next Zanpaukto...by the way I heard a rumor everyone that Aizen kills Gin by ripping out his heart becuase he wants to return to Rangiku...not sure if that will hapen but just thought I'd share
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना QuickDeath35 said…
That is one freaking scary picture but nice Zanpakuto
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Did someone make a zanpakuto on this thread with baloons that exploded?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Thanks Quickdeath..lol I thought the plush sheep would be cute...the picture is a little creepy but I thought it went well since the Zanpakuto is bear themed...:)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Name: Hikaru Satokurifu
Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 158 pounds
Race: Visored
Birthday: June 30th
Age: 840
Appearance: Hikaru has a limber body that despite being awfully thin is well toned. He has black hair that is feathered and cropped around his long face. He has red eyes and always wears dark rimmed glasses in the shape of crescent moons. He has broad shoulders and pale skin. He often wears a lab coat personalized by mushrooms pins, slacks, and plain t-shirts. He has tattoos of mushrooms all over his body.
Personality: Hikaru is very quirky and odd; he often does genetic experiments on plants and animals to give them more human like attributes so he can understand them better and so he has someone to talk to because he is often lonely due to the lack of people who understand his strange personality. He is constantly seen studying fungi, mushrooms, cellular make up, and other things like poisons and antibodies. He has become fascinated with Megumi Hikari due to her unique genetic disease to bruise and bleed easily, but also because her blood explodes on contact between the force of a c2 and c4 explosion and even higher when in larger contents. He has made capsules out of her blood to use as hand grenades in battle. He often talks about strange, random things and confuses many with his complicated jargon. His personality is reminiscent of Jun Fujiyama whom he was well acquainted and secretly admires though her eyes are more often on someone else.
Previous Occupation: Seat on Squad 12 (research and development)
Occupation: Scientist, Data and analysis for the defected squad 10
Favorite food: celery, herbal tea (which he often drinks this with Ame and Hilani) and rice balls (he is a vegan)
Likes: Science, fungi, mushrooms (to the point where he feeds his mushroom zanpakuto spirit mushrooms, built a facility in mushroom, and requested a pair of mushroom glasses from the Silver Tonbo), the moon, theories, experimenting on animals, people, and vegetation, genetic studies, vegetables, Jun, machines, making weird inventions, medical mysteries, printing presses (he has his own and loves whenever he has the opportunity to use it, animals, science tools or toys like magnetic orbs, scrabble, reading, books, vocabulary, playing cards and board games, random facts, kido, diseases, visitors, research, music, and painting his nails.
Dislikes: meat, not knowing the answer or the solution to something, Mitsuri (a love hate relationship), cruelty unless it improves science, leather, fur, and his constant back pain.
Favorite song/theme music: Weird Science by Oingo Boingo
Zanpakuto: Matsutake Gasorin (mushroom gas)
Release phrase: push
Spirit manifestation: A little girl with a mushroom headdress and a flowing gown, she is sweet and shy with black hair and red eyes.
Inner world: a meadow with mushroom houses and giant prairie dogs
Appearance: a Kodachi with a red hilt speckled with white spots with a mushroom shaped tsuba. The blade is long and silver.
Shikai: his sword transforms into hundreds of mushrooms that have cute faces, usually with different expressions. They are splotched with polka dots and can hide underground to avoid damage.
Special abilities: His mushrooms can travel underground and bite the foes feet, which seems perfectly harmless and is. Their primary abilities are poison based. They can release smog from their mouths that poisons foes and often makes them feel weak and dizzy but it usually takes an hour before the poison begins to become malevolent. When they due this technique they become black with red splotches and have x marks for eyes. The mushrooms can come together and become one giant mushroom with the same appearance just superimposed. The Giant mushroom can vomit up corrosive acid that can melt through bone and burn opponents. The mushroom can also submerge under the ground with Hikaru on its back and can come up injuring foes and or devouring them. It can breathe a flammable gas in this form that is like a stink bomb that causes coughing and blurred vision, when it emits these fumes Hikaru often blast the vapors with a flare gun that he always carries with him that causes large explosions.
Bankai: Kusai Matsutake Gasorin (stinky mushroom gas)
Special abilities: not sure yet…guys an suggestions
Mask: his mask is thick and a dingy off white color with spots all over it. It has long fang like teeth. He can shoot a cero out of his mouth and infrared eyes.
Power augmentation
Special skills:
Hand to hand combat expert
Sword skills expert
Genius intellect
Genetic research expert
 Name: Hikaru Satokurifu Height: 6’0’’ Weight: 158 pounds Race: Visored Birthday: June 30t
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Here's my first Arrancar:
Name: Nari Tormenta
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 168 pounds
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Nari has extremely pale white skin and deep blue eyes. His hair is a sallow blonde and the remnant of his hollow mask is half of a helmet on the left side of his head. His hollow hole is located on his shoulder. He has thin lips and light eyebrows. His body is limber and muscular, and he wears a standard arrancar uniform.
Occupation: Unknown
Favorite food: Strawberries, dry hard oatmeal
Likes: his mask to be extremely white and shiny, novelizations and poetry especially written by Arrancar, comfy beds that are plush and soft, games (his favorite is scrabble, which Hana isn’t good at it), adding friends and lovers names or initials into one word, giving everything names including inanimate objects, drinking, spending time with Hana even though they mostly only fornicate (because they are technically unmarried, they also enjoy role-playing and kinky games.)
Dislikes: his ultra-sensitive nature, being teased especially about his mask and fowl smelling breath (Though Hana reminds him of this often and makes him cry or retort with how small her breast are), maps (because he can’t read them), loud noises, and having to sleep on hard surfaces.
Family: Unknown, Hana Yamamoto (lover), Choyo (daughter)
Zanpakuto: Golpeteo Hueso (rattling bone)
Release phrase: chatter
Appearance: A long katana with a white bony looking hilt stained in blood, the tsuba is shaped like a skull.
Cero: a huge blast he releases from both hands, often at the same time that is teal colored and highly destructive.
Resurrección: A large and heavy blade that resembles a bony appendage. (Hana refers to it as his boner)
Special ability: Everything his blade touches becomes bone or covered in a layer of it. If he strikes bone on bone the skeleton is overwhelmed and crumbles apart.
Apperance: his helmet becomes full and resembles that of a samurai warrior, his body becomes covered in a layer of skeletal armor, exposing much of his body in certain areas. His legs become skeletal.
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Golpeteo Hueso Esqueleto (rattling bone skeleton): His arms become skeletal much like his legs. His mask becomes thicker and resembles that of an elephant’s face, with the tusk coming down over the side of his head. He is bare chested, and from the waist down he is completely skeleton. The bones of what makes up his arm can rearrange into an appendage like blade that causes whatever it strikes white blood cell count or C4 to decrease fifty percent until the opponent dies or receives Aids. By diminishing the foes life force he can heal wounds he receives. He can change the bones to wear he looks like a scorpion or other creatures and he can shoot them off as projectiles that can impale opponents. He can also produce swords created from his spiritual pressure that are a teal color like his cero; these weapons can cause huge explosions.
Special skills:
Sword skills master
Genius intellect
Sonido, flash step master
High-speed regeneration
Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Enhanced Pequisa
Enhanced hierro

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LOBOSdelRAYo said…
O_O dancing that is the most thought out, well develop, unique, absoutely awesome blade i have ever seen. I love the whole cute but deadly theme you are working with i want to fight your character or at least meet her she is by for sounds like the funniest character created so far i stand corrected by the time it tooke me the first time to post this you create 2 more characters that are amazing
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
i posted I wanted a zanpakuto that could make you gain 300 pounds with each strike and now I have created one...mwahhhh (evil laugh) fatness is cute
Name: Ryo Mika
Height: 5’7’’ in a half
Weight: 140 pounds
Race: shinigami
Birthday: February 18th
Age: 80
Appearance: Ryo has thin jagged hair that comes to one side, gently kissing his left eye. He has a limber, slightly muscular body, which is surprising seeing how unhealthy his diet is. Ryo has high cheekbones and deep green eyes. He wears his squad’s number on a band tied around his right arm and blue socks. He also has a light blue sash and carries his sword over his shoulder with a blue strap.
Occupation: student at the shinigami academy, seat on squad 10
Favorite food: mostly anything if it’s fried, especially dumplings
Likes: cooking, eating, fried snacks, sleeping, and spending time with his friends
Dislikes: his shyness (especially when approaching women), sports, and garlic
Family: Mika Mika (his older sister), and unnamed mother who is estranged with both he and his sister.
Favorite song: Candy man (Aqua)
History: Ryo grew up in district 48 of the Rukon district where he and his older sister where subjected to the physical and mental abuse of their mother. At a young age he showed a knack for cooking and decided to go with his sister once she earned a seat on Captain Kuchiki’s squad where they slept in her barracks in order to escape from their mother. As of late he has been permitted to join squad 10 which makes him happy due to his feelings for both Hitsugaya, whom he admires, and Matsumoto, who he has a crush on.
Zanpakuto: Chisai Futotta Jaianto (little fat giant)
Release phase: fluctuate
Sprit manifestation: a large, Asian sumo wrestler with a loin cloth decorated with designs of steaks and a belt with a buckle resembling a scale. He has a great appetite and is very sweet.
Inner world: a giant wrestling ring, with rapid giant animals spectators.
Appearance: a long katana with a navy blue hilt.
Shikai: a long katana with a navy blue hilt and a thick dense blade. The guard resembles a scale, which references his powers over weight.
Special ability: with every strike the foe gains 300 pounds, this goes on until their lungs explode, spontaneously combust, or faint from strain. This power can be applied to inanimate objects as well.
Bankai: shuchou Chisai Futotta Jaianto (swelling little fat giant): giant summon appears above him and assist him in battle, whatever the sumo touches speed is decreased by 5%, he can fight offensively but is so very slow that he hardly can, Ro has the same blade but when it strikes in Bankai that body part swells till it explodes…allowing the foe to keep their natural physique, it takes about five to ten minutes before this body part combust.
Special ability: unrevealed
Special skills:
Flash step expert: Ryo is proficient enough to keep up with a lieutenant with his flash step.
Kido expert: Ryo is capable at kido magic
High spiritual energy
Sword skills expert
Hand to hand combat expert
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 i पोस्टेड I wanted a zanpakuto that could make आप gain 300 pounds with each strike and now I have cre
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
LOBOSdelRAYo lol thank you...most defiantly...I can't wait
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gokuluigifan333 said…
whoa way too many zanpakto that i don't even read them all but the ones that i read are awesome Dancing_Petal, nobody has commented on my post
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
I would be honored..
Mayu: Oh yes, if you want you can borrow one of my stuffed animals...here's one scrubby, she's a toothbrush..lol her dream is to be a dentist and her favorite food is candy though she won't tell anyone cuz she want's to be a dentist..her favorite kind of toothpaste is strawberry and she is very fun to be around.
If you are interested in a battle or just a meeting..I'm up for it!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Sorry gokuluigifan333 I'll comment...one sec
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Okay it's a pretty great sword overall I really like your shiaki (those who are looking for it)
shikai abilitie:(1)"Gensoku" (shocking slow down) when it cut the enemy it minimizes his reflexes(2)abilities to absorb 3 attacks an send them back with double power(3)when you and your friends are in the water(or you are in touch with the watter)you will be heald(the zanpakuto must be in tuch with the water)
The Bankai seems a bit confusing...the third ability can only be done once...do you mean in a day...also the 2nd ability seems a bit overpowered but I like it none the less...you should have one of the experts give you a better review.
Now on to Quickdeath....
Mayu: Oh Dawn..Scrubby just loves paperwork..lol she'll help you
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Ha Ha this is awesome
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Mayu: Oh Dawn..Scrubby just loves paperwork..lol she'll help you
Dawn (raises one eyebrow, smiles...runs)