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posted by PrincessCW72
M emories of a man on trial from afar!

I ntwinned in inner thoughts of how innocent u are keeps the दिल of the world at peace!

C hanneled द्वारा unwanted thoughts,but a belief ur innocent!
Having God in place made a दिन for victory for a man to be declared innocent and aquitted!

A lthough it was a दिन of success we still have not come face to face to have met!

E ternity apart we have not found why life would have been perfect us to meet as strangers , friends, loves या just a short encounter in life! We know not why this happened, but we missed God's plan in 2005-2009.

एल onely still in life as a single person listening to आप are not alone Claudette in life, but I am, because never completed God's plan in life!
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WARNING! Extremely erotic & suggestive content inside! Michael gets naked! Ok, not really but he might as well since he rips his कमीज, शर्ट a few times and works his body like he is making love. Please enjoy responsibly!
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for the ladies
get naked
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king of pop
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Michael Jackson in all his sexiness in the BAD era.
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king of pop
dirty diana
smooth criminal
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