आर्थर और ग्वेन Write-in campaign to the Merlin showrunners for S5 (please come and discuss your wishes here)

Bonne-Bell posted on Dec 27, 2011 at 03:23AM
Hey guys,

Stacey and some of the other ladies and I were talking about sending in letters to TPTB to let them know our wishes for S5. Below is the link to where the discussion began.


So to begin how about we use this space to discuss what we would like to see as a collective. Once we have everything down, we can then turn it into a proper letter and send it off to TPTB. We can keep sending the letter over and over again until we get the point accross.

Also I have provided the contact information for TPTB below if you wish to write a separate letter to let them know about your wishes or to complain or thank them about something. The more they hear from us the better chance we have of getting our point accross.

1) Johnny Capps
43-45 Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill
London W11 3LQ

2) Merlin
Primrose Studios
109 Regent's Park Road
London NW1 8UR

3) BBC Audience Services
PO Box 1922

4) BBC Wales (Cardiff)
(c/o Merlin Production Office)
Broadcasting House
Llandrisant Rd., Llandaff
CardiffCF5 2YQ

5) Email feedback page link

6) Telephone 03703 500 700 * (weekdays 9.30am to 7.30pm).

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Bonne-Bell said…
Why don't I start:

-Enchantment reveal for purposes of angst and to restore Gwen's honour.
-Arthur and Gwen sharing the same room and bed scenes with the two of them snuggled in together.
-Pregnant Gwen
-Exploring Gwen's character in her new role as Queen and Arthur helping her to adjust to the role.
-Gwen and Arthur finding out about Merlin's secret; I would prefer that Gwen does it before Arthur
-Gwen recognizing that her father made excalibur
-Longer Arwen scenes
-A whole episode full of Arwen fluff, we deserve it after all this angst.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना famfan said…
Bonne, everything you just suggested is spot on.
-Make her a Queen, not just window dressing.
-I would love a Gwen and Arthur episode. (Good lord, I can hear the Merlin/Arthur shippers now. )
-Arthur please teach her to fight, if she drops her sword one more time I am going to kill her myself. (and this would be super hot to see)
-Can we get a scene that lasts longer than a minute, I mean really.
-I would also like her to give the Round Table to Arthur as a gift.

And the number one thing on my wish list: (I know I will never see it in a million years) directly from the mind of kbrand5333 one of our Arwen fan fiction writers (I love her stories), Gwen wearing Arthur’s white shirt of sexy. Lol
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना EPaws said…
Be back tomorrow and I love this so far. You guys rock.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kenya1234 said…
Well in defense of the white shirt Arthur goes around shirtless and trouserless a lot as we have seen in the seasons. A white shirt should not be bad considering Arthur is tall and Gwen is short. The shirt will be very long on her.

I like this idea. I will put my thoughts together and post later.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Lucerne28 said…
My wish lists, a couple of things have already been listed:
*A reveal of the enchantment- Gwen and Arthur have to learn that betrayal of the nature is not in Gwen’s make up
*Arthur and Gwen in bed together/love scene (pretty please with cherries on top)
*Please do not push Gwen to the background/reduce to arm candy. Have her be a productive/active member of the casts
*Gwen needs to learn how to fight with a sword- give us a bit warrior queen
*It is time IMO for Merlin’s secret to be revealed, it is getting really ridiculous. At this point Arthur, Gwen and to some extent the core knights are starting to look like card carrying idiots for not figuring out the truth.
*Please have Merlin promoted from servant to advisor or something. He has done so much for Arthur and Camelot, that to still be a servant at this point is dumb/stupid.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना alliekaat said…
My number one thing is just the enchantment reveal for both their sakes but Gwen most of all. Gwen deserves to have her mind and conscience clear and know she has done nothing wrong.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना lailastar said…
big smile
I want to see a pregnancy with the new prince born at the end of the season. Enchantment reveal early part of the season, getting it out of the way. Domestic scenes as the two waking up together or going to bed together, the camera can always fade away leaving the rest to our imaginations. Scenes of them sharing a meal or discussing the day and how to help the people best. I want to see first argument but no going to bed angry. Of course some road trips early before the pregnancy. Merlins secret revealed as he is saving Gwen and the baby during delivery, its the only way Arthur will forgive him, you know how precious Gwen is to him.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना atoz55ok said…
My wish list
The enchantment reveal
A Gwen & Arthur bedroom scene
Arthur & Gwen sword fighting
Merlin promoted to advisor
Gwen's mother backstory
Gwen Arthur scenes lasting more than a minute
Scenes to be kept in which would add to character development
Merlin's secret revealed to both Arthur & Gwen
They both find out it was Gwens father that made the original sword before it became Excalibur
Kisses especially of her kissing his wounds (yeah will never happen)a kiss on the bed like 2x10
Better editors

ooooh this is a lot, better stop
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना 2Sam11 said…
aww great idea! i`m totally IN! (even thought everybody has said my wishes already lol)

- The enchantment reveal
- Gwen wearing Arthur`s Shirts --
- Arthur teach Gwen how to fight
- Sex/Bed - scene
- Arthur and Gwen talking about there mothers
- Pregnant Gwen
- More Arwen
- A Fluffy arwen episode! (like 3x10)
- Arthur and Gwen together on an adventure -- without merlin
- Arthur and Gwen together on a public event
- Arthur and Gwen talking about baby`s
- Arthur and Gwen dancing together


so i think this is enough!
<3 Really great idea!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Melisey said…
First of all thank you girls for initiating this. It is important that we make our voices heard.

Like everyone else I want the enchantment revealed to Arthur and Gwen. I have no problem with it not being revealed in series 4 if it's properly dealt with in series 5. I need Arthur to have completely forgiven Gwen and love her unconditionally like the finale proved. But I want Gwen to struggle with it. Her intuition telling her something was wrong. Her feelings towards Lancelot were not real. And then I want the enchantment revealed.

I want domestic scenes too, bed scenes, newly wed fluff, plans for the future, baby talk

A pregnant Gwen is high on my list And also Gwen as the Queen of the people. Being her strong willed, compassionate self. I do not want her to be in the background. She needs to be active, voicing her opinions, doing what she believes is right. Being at Arthur's side in time of need.

I don't want angst between them next series. But if they have some angst and struggles to face together as a couple. I would love that. Everything that develops them in their individual roles or as a couple.

And I want to see Merlin's life apart from Arthur. I often feel that all he is about is to protect Arthur. I want something more. I want to see BROTP scenes. But I am curious to learn more about them separate from each other as well.

Oh and I had to add a beautiful wardrobe for Gwen.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना nsk said…
i agree with everyone ! and thats such a great idea ! thanks you guys !
my priorities : the reveal enchantment , pregnancy and they share a bedroom.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Als-Merlin said…
big smile
Pretty much everything already posted:

A bedroom scene.
More episodes centered on them, or at least more than a few seconds scene.
Guinevere training in sword fighting, Arthur as a teacher, of course.
Guinevere involved in matters of state, not only as a counselor. I wish she could take part in some important issues of the kingdom and make herself a Queen, not only the King's wife.
More developing of Guinevere and Merlin's relationship. Merlin left pretty clear his opinion about her, please, don't forget it again.
Guinevere finding out about Merlin's magic.
The story of Guinevere's mother.
The discovery of the bracelet enchanted. It's totally okay that they get married without knowing it but I don't want to be forgotten. They had to know.
A Camelot ball. With a King and Queen dance of course.
And to wish, I wish, as I know a sex scene is impossible, at least some mention, even in a joke, about their nights, you know, "My Lord, you seem decentered this morning's training, perhaps we should talk with your Highness Guinevere to let you rest at night...*wink wink*"...

That's all I can think about now XD Great idea, btw! Thanks Stacey for the message :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Gatita92 said…
I actually do not have so many wishes I prefer to be surprised after all^.^
Nevertheless, first: I want it to be the last season. I really do. There is a reason why the authors decided to map five seasons and I think that once Mordred appeared on stage there has to be an end if they want to stick to Arthurian Legend to some extent. It's better that way than becoming commercial and trivial.
Second: Yes. A bedroom scene of Gwen and Arthur !! But PLEASE.., no dirty images...Their love is pure and it makes me cry and I want it to stay that way. I'm really not inhibited or anything but it would not suit either their time nor their values or characters to start making dirty comments or something like that ;P
Third: I am not eager to have the 'Bracelet-thing' solved..it's rather unimportant Arthur had his reasons he never stopped loving her so what the hell. They're married now ! ;)

Besides I think that it would be beautiful to see a changement in Morgana's perception as soon as she comes to know that Merlin is Emrys which she will due to the fact that Mordred knows about Emrys. There was a vision once when she dreamt about Emrys and he asked her if this had really happened the way she wanted it. I'm curious to know if this was a foreshadowing included by the authors. I really look forward to season 5 with all its surprises and turns and I'm very sure that I won't be able to stop laughing and crying and making shocked faces the whole time ;D
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना EPaws said…
I see this is going well, be back later with mine, Bonne-One. Most of it has been covered directly and indirectly so the final list to be done later this week should be fairly straight forward when we get a few other comments in. They are fairly consistent. Excellent. Well done, Bonne!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kbrand5333 said…
*Merlin's magic revealed early enough in the season so that we can see how it affects Arthur and Camelot. I do not want Gwen to find out before Arthur, forcing her to have to keep a secret from her husband. That will not do. Ideally I see Merlin being forced to use his magic to save Arthur's life, in full sight of him. Have him be the badass he was when he dispatched Agravaine.

*Merlin promoted to adviser, with Arthur actually acknowledging Merlin's worth to him.

*Domestic scenes with Arthur & Gwen are a MUST. Longer than 30 seconds, for a change. The people want their love story. Included should be: a discussion about their mothers, scenes of them in bed together (though not necessarily sex. I'd love it, but I am being realistic), them having a tiff or two, Arthur teaching Gwen how to fight properly, and much affection between them. I also want to see some laughter out of them. Please.

*Arthur finds out the truth about his birth. Again. For reals this time.

*Gwenventures must continue. Don't trap her inside the castle like a hothouse flower or I will cut someone. Arthur said in 4x09 he wanted a Queen that wasn't just a bit of fluff (or something like that). Make it so.

*Enchanted bracelet revealed, damn it all, including Gwen confronting Elyan for not supporting her when she always supported him in the past.

*A big ol' honkin' battle between Merlin and Morgana in the finale, with them doing more than just making one another fly backwards. Really, you're writers, use your imaginations. They have magic, for Pete's sake; the possibilities are endless. Have Merlin turn her into a potted plant or something. Have Morgana give Merlin a duck's bill. Come on.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना BradAngeleyes said…
Be careful what you wish for; we wanted angst, they gave us angst then didn't reveal the enchantment and cut the wedding/coronation to the bone to fit it all in.

Pregnant Gwen would most likely mean Gwen left at home whilst Arthur and Merlin carried on with their adventures, so fewer Gwen scenes.

We have to choose carefully and think of the repercussions of our choices because they will inevitably have to make cuts. On that note, let me go and think :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kbrand5333 said…
big smile
That's why I made no mention of pregnant Gwen. Perhaps in the final episode.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Bonne-Bell said…
Thank you, Stacey. Should we set Friday as the dealine for the entries?

@BradAngeleyes, yeah, we should be careful about that. They could use pregnant Gwen as an excuse to give her fewer scenes and leave her out of the main storyline. I really wouldn't put it past them to do that.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना EPaws said…
Yes, Bonnie. Friday then we have the weekend to get things sorted and then sent out next week. Consider it a date. Oh hell no, I agree with BradAngeleyes, then she becomes a potential albatross. Have to tred that line carefully. There is a happy medium somewhere and lots of excellent potential outlets for Guinevere.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Bonne-Bell said…
Alright, it's a date then.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MISAforever said…
Well I don't think we'll get pregnant Gwen, I to be honest, i'm not sure I'd like to see her.
What i want from Gwen next season, is a real queen. To be there, with Arthur, making decisions, ruling, sword fighting ( *__* ).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Bonne-Bell said…
Keep 'em coming, ladies.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना EPaws said…
This is fantastic, Bonne-Bell. We should catch up latter part of tomorrow if that is okay?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HumbleQueen said…
I just found out about this and think it's a great idea.

My list is fairly short:

Enchantment reveal of course for Gwen's honor.

Good discussions between Arthur and Gwen about their relationship and the kingdom.

Magic reveal to Gwen first and then Arthur.

Arthur and Gwen as a husband and wife in love and lots of passion. Uther and Catrina slept in the same bed; make sure Arthur and Gwen do and we see them together.

Gwen with an active role in ruling the kingdom.

No more angst involving Lancelot.
Some kind of storyline with Gwen and Elyan.

Arthur and Merlin acting like adult friends. Don't mind the lightheartedness, but please an end to the slash bait.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना lailastar said…
yes now that Arthur is a married man enough of the slash/bromance between Merlin and Arthur, time for maturity. The only way Arthur will forgive merlin for his deception in keeping his magic a secret is for Merlin to somehow use his magic to save Gwens life.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MOPENDRAGON said…
I'm loving all of these wonderful posts & I'm so excited about this venture to makes our voices heard to the Merlin creators.

I agree with so much that has been written already but here are my thoughts...

*Most importantly the Gwen enchantment reveal early in the series/season. Want Gwen to stop hating & doubting herself, don't want this cloud over the Pendragon marriage & don't want the people of Camelot to disregard/disrespect their new Queen as a former servant & a cheating whore.

*Absolutely more Arwen scenes and longer than a minute Arwen scenes.

* More Arwen in all its forms:
-Intimacy - sharing a bedroom, hugging, hand holding, kissing, sex scenes of a tasteful nature and flirting. To this end can TPTB request a later start time to 9 or 10pm?

-Communication - talking about their mothers, Gwen's dad creating Excalibur, having children, matters dealing with the kingdom, laughing & joking w/ each other, magic and generally more scenes like the infamous deleted Arwen scene in 4x03. Also I would love scenes of Arthur & Gwen each in their throne chairs in the throne room receiving vistors, knights, etc at court.

-Quests & Adventures - Even though Arthur can be very over protective would love to see Gwen & Arthur on more quests together like in 4x13 and the Castle of Fyrien epi in season 3. And with this request Arthur desparately needs to teach Gwen to sword fight and I wouldn't mind if there was a scene or two where Elyan or some other knight teaches their Queen to sword fight.

*Magic Reveal - But I want Gwen to figure out Merlin has magic, the same way she figured out Morgana had magic. Merlin then confesses and they share this secret for a minute. Arthur finds out, he's pissed at Merlin & Gwen for keeping it secret BUT by this time late in the series/season Gwen is very pregnant, so Arthur does not stay angry at Gwen and he forgives Merlin once he saves Gwen & their baby in childbirth-in the exact opposite way magic killed Arthur's mother in childbirth. IMO I believe that the only & I mean only way that Arthur would ever forgive Merlin's years of deception is if Merlin used magic to save Gwen's life and/or their child. This magic reveal-will Gwen die in childbirth angst would be a good way to end the series/season.

-Personally I think a Pendragon heir is important and correct me if I'm wrong but a I thouht it was a major duty of a Queen to produce an heir and preferably a male heir. We saw how important an heir was to Uther and so now the issue of an heir is moot to Arthur-doesn't make sense, especially when you are trying to create this wonderful society of Albion for who to inherit-Morgana? An heir is an important issue to any king and on the shallow side I don't want my Gwen to be percieved as barren, b/c that will be the perception if she fails to produce an heir. When I recently tweeted this question to Julian during an interview he said they had not thought of a Pendragon baby... and maybe there would be one in season 8...I'm like WTF???? I'm shocked the creators had not thought of a Pendragon baby but at least I planted the idea in their minds and our letters will drive the point home even more!!!

*Make Gwen a real queen, a warrior queen, a co-ruler with her husband, not background fluff, real Gwen character development and keep her looking hot and sexy w/ great hair, make-up & a royal wardrobe.

*Merlin promoted to advisor. No more scenes with Merlin and Arthur with his trousers down EVER!!! Let George come back as Arthur's manservant..lol. Would like Merlin to have a girlfriend but he may be too busy fighting Morgs, Mordred & Aithusa.

*More backstory on all of the knights.

*More female characters on the show. Gwen's maidservant...I hope she's awesome. There also needs to be more mother energy on the show i.e. have Gwen's mother turn up or move Hunith to Camelot. Bring back Queen Annis.

I think that's it for now...sorry for being long-winded :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना 2Sam11 said…
"But I want Gwen to figure out Merlin has magic. Arthur finds out, he's pissed at Merlin & Gwen for keeping it secret BUT by this time late in the series/season Gwen is very pregnant, so Arthur does not stay angry at Gwen and he forgives Merlin once he saves Gwen & their baby in childbirth-in the exact opposite way magic killed Arthur's mother in childbirth"


And thx for sending the baby question! i hope they will remind it!
You`re right! The heir was always important and also one duty of a queen! I can`t see how they can NOT involved it!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kenya1234 said…
1. I would like to see the enchantment reveal.

2. I would like the magic reveal of Merlin as well. It can start in bits and pieces if you will. It can be first revealed that Balinor was Merlin's real father and that Merlin is a dragonlord. That would explain the appearances of Kilghorrah and Aithusa. The prophecies of Merlin and Emrys can continue into the season leading up to the series finale. This would be a big thing for Arthur and Merlin as well all know they are best friends now.

3. Gwen and Arthur together. Moments on quests, moments romantically, and bed scenes. Let's face it. If Uther can be in bed with a troll and Arthur can be in bed with Vivian, even if they were enchanted. Arthur can be with Gwen. Love scenes do not have to only be in relation to an enchantment.

4. More moments with the knights and their stories. Arthur still does not know that Gwaine is of noble blood.

5. The magic reveal has to happen to allow Merlin to grow more in his gifts. He is becoming very powerful but he could be more of a help to Arthur if he were able to use his gifts more out in the open.

6. A change for Morgana. Some more reasons for her hatred of Arthur. Arthur always cherished and took care of her. A flash back or something to go further into the storyline. Do not make every episode about Morgana. This took a lot of time away from Arthur and Gwen in season 4.

7. No episode fillers. You once said you wanted to make movie episodes. Do that if you must. Do not make fillers cramming everything in during episodes 1, 2, and 5 and finally between 9, 12, and 13. This does not show anything to the viewers. It leaves for things to be left out and it is not pleasing. When I look at the repeats there are several repeats that I do not view at all. I like shows where I can watch all of the episodes.

8. Longer episodes or special two hour episodes would be great as well. Many shows have this. Also the season finales and the season premieres should be two hours long instead of breaking it up into two parts.

9. Merlin needs to move from the servant status and be promoted to counselor of the king. If he stays a servant so be it but allow him to receive more respect from Arthur and give him some new clothes why don't you. He has been wearing the same clothes for 4 seasons. I am sure that Arthur has something in his closet that he does not wear anymore.

10. The dragons. We only saw a few episodes with the dragons in season 4. I miss Kilghorrah's guidance of Merlin. He needs that to grow in his magic. The Druid people know more about Merlin's magic than he does. Merlin needs to know more as well.

11. The truth about Arthur's birth revealed again. This is necessary. Especially if Gwen and Arthur do intend to have babies. I know that you did not consider them having children until season eight but in that day of history the King and Queen do look for children as the next heir. I do not wish to see Gwen pregnant in season 5. Maybe season 6, though She can become pregnant at the very end of season 5. I would like to see them try and I would like to see the struggles but no more breakups.

12. You have to repair Gwen's honor. Bad enough you made her a servant and not a noblewoman as in the legends. You can atleast keep her honor. Arthur does not need to ever feel betrayed by her. He did need to recognize he cannot live without her, mission accomplished. But the truth needs to be revealed because everyone else in Arthur's life has lied to him in one way, shape, or form. This is including Merlin and I think everyone knows how Arthur feels about being betrayed. He is going to need Gwen to ease the blow when the truth about Merlin comes out.

As I think of more I will post more. This was a wonderful idea. I hope that we get to see some of our thoughts in season 5 and others to come.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Bonne-Bell said…
These are great ladies. Keep 'em coming.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना nessarthur said…
big smile
oh god i love all of these i agree with so many of them - just a little idea from me for now; a scene which some how involves arthur saying "get your hands of my wife!" i dunno, lol, maybe someone is harassing his missus! or "get away from my wife" instead - god when bradley said the wife word in 4.09 - it was HOT ..... hehe
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Lucerne28 said…
I have to add a part 2 to my wish list:
For the love of all that is sane, ENOUGH with the story line of Camelot being invaded by Morgana; Arthur, Merlin and company running for their lives, to return at a later date to overcome nearly insurmountable odds to retake Camelot. Two almost identical series finale (3 and 4) is enough. Can we please have a finale that does not entail Camelot being invaded? For a supposed mighty kingdom, with supposedly the greatest knights in the 5 kingdoms, they sure get their butts kicked a lot.

Also, enough with people Arthur love and trust betraying him and trying to over throw him.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना EPaws said…
LOL! I think we get the Saxons next, Lucerne and it will be welcomed. I am with you.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना itsastart said…
Thoughts on series 5:

Enchantment reveal
Arthur and Gwen visiting other kingdoms
Guinevere ruling Camelot and making decisions while Arthur is on a quest
Guinevere interacting with the people and being loved as in the legends
Exploring Arthur's birth in a storyline about Camelot's next heir
Marriage tiffs with romantic make up scenes
Guinevere rescuing Arthur from danger and him not being clueless about it
Picnics and humorous conversations between Arthur and Guinevere
Loved Molotnikov and Pillai directing
More Watkins, Mc Brien, and Mitchie writing

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Circles90 said…
big smile
LOVE all of the suggestions so far. I think Arwenites should just write the damn show from now on (or at least replace Julian...*cough*). :)

1. The enchantment being revealed is definitely at the top of my list. I'm BEYOND thrilled that their love is stronger than any betrayal, but I need vindication for both Guinevere and Lancelot. Lancelot's memory would be forever tarnished and Guinevere would never be able to understand or forgive herself for her actions on that fateful night if this doesn't happen. I feel like there would be a black cloud over Arwen if the enchantment was never revealed.

2. A change, preferably a radical one, in the Arthur/Merlin dynamic. There was too much focus on their relationship this year, without any progression at all. I feel like they've just been going round and round in circles for the past 4 years, but I've noticed their scenes getting a bit stale this season in particular. I'm finding the constant "You're an idiot Merlin/You're a cabbage-head Arthur/You're a good, wise friend and I trust you Merlin/You'll be a great king, Arthur and I have faith in you/But the rest of the time you're a complete idiot Merlin now go clean up all my shit" scenes in every damn episode is getting tedious. It's time to freshen things up, methinks.

3. More knightly bromance and fleshing out of their individual characters. I was discussing this with Stacey the other day on tumblr. This show is blessed with an amazingly talanted ensemble cast and the writers just seem to be completely blind to all the interesting relationships/storylines they could explore (instead, they seem to be content with re-hashing old ideas and old scenes). Even little scenes like the one in 4x10 with them discussing how the banishment has affected Elyan go a long way. There's SO MUCH potential for greatness so USE IT please. Oh and enough of them ganging up on Merlin, especially Gwaine (who never would have done that in S3).

4. Arthur and Guinevere ruling Camelot together as equals. I want to see more mature, serious conversations like that deleted scene from 4x03. It would be really interesting to see them have a disagreement about something relating to the running of the kingdom and then working through it together. And I want longer scenes too. Also, I want cute, happy domestic Arwen scenes (stuff like her sitting on his lap, or adorable Eskimo kisses). And a scene of them waking up together in bed (obviously keeping it PG for the kiddies). And for Arthur to practice sword-fighting with Guinevere. And for there to be some sort of celebration where we get to see them dancing together. And is it TOO much to hope for an Arwen-centric episode? Basically, LOTS OF ARWEN would make me an extremely happy fan. :D

5. If I have to go through another year of watching Morgana scheme in her emo-cave, I will throw something at my tv. I want her to meet up with other magical people, preferably the druids and Mordred. Just have her actually do something productive with her time, give her a bloody life outside of plotting against Arthur.

6. Please remember that Guinevere and Elyan are brother and sister. Please. This ties in with point in #3 - the writers seem to be afraid to venture outside their comfort zone and explore new territory. I, for one, would definitely love to know more about Gwen and Elyan's mother. Alternatively, you could have Guinevere make Elyan the Court Jester as pay-back for being the worst brother ever this year..hehe..:P

6. Okay, I've just realised how long this comment has gotten. So LASTLY, please let Merlin be less secretive next year. He says he has such faith and trust in Arthur, well it's time for him to SHOW it. This isn't even just about him having magic - it's about things like him knowing that Lancelot was a shade or where Morgana was hiding and not saying anything about it. He's already keeping a mountain of lies from Arthur as it is, so please don't add to it unnecessarily next season.

I've got lots more ideas but I've been ranting incoherently for long enough! Congratulations to anyone who manages to read all of this crap. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना chattawak said…
Hi everyone,

Hope I'm not too late.

LOVE all of the suggestions so far, especially the ones about Gwen's/Arthur’s mother and definitively more Arwen scenes including sexy/funny scenes.

Otherwise, I'm confident that S5 will be neatly tied, especially as TPTB knew they had a fifth series during most of the time they were working on series 4.

Besides, I believe that S5 will more focuses on the birth of Albion and how all the characters fit into that...therefore more development with the Knights.

I have no doubt about Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic. They always planned for a five series show, so the reveal must happen in S5.

As regards the magic reveal, I would like Arthur to witness magic being used for good in front of him. I don't mean from Merlin in particular. I think that would really help prepare him for finding out Merlin has magic. Also, I'd like to see Arthur figure out a little on his own before the reveal.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Bonne-Bell said…
Hi Ladies, we're going to start culling and pulling together the ideas now. If you really want to add something please do so now.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना DarknessToLight said…
Many good ideas and I agree with most of them. So I will only add one that I think hasn't been said:
Arthur finding out about Gwen's crush on Merlin, because it would be really funny.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kbrand5333 said…
Liz, Bradley made a comment similar to you last point in an interview once - that he'd like to see Arthur find out about Merlin's magic on his own and then have to deal with how to handle it, rather than Merlin outing himself.

Kenya, your #12 is spot on. I feel that Gwen needs to know she was enchanted so she can forgive herself, but your point about Arthur knowing that someone in his life hasn't lied to him is very valid.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Bonne-Bell said…
Okay, ladies, this thread is officially closed. Thank you all for your entries. Once we are done, we will show you the final product before we send it off.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना 2Sam11 said…
thx for the idea and work you (2?) put in ♥
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