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 Long Live the Queen.
Long Live the Queen.
I was honestly okay with the ending. दिया the state of the world and perhaps the limitations of what can be fed to and received द्वारा the audience at this time. What a tear-jerker. Honestly... I feel like writers, in their humanity, found themselves in too deep. Like to be able to write something so epic and ecstatic as what was to come when Magic flowed freely in Camelot.... was too much for the writers to handle या too much for the audience at this time to "handle" या both.

In addition, I think the actors were done. The interviews with the actors always speak of 5 seasons, 5 years, nobody as...
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    Merlin gapes as he looks at Gwen. She looks stunning in a purple गाउन with सोना embroidery. With her hair let loose around her shoulders, face enhanced with a minimum of make up, Guinevere looks absolutely beautiful.

    Arthur elbows Merlin.

    Merlin turns towards Arthur, blushing at being caught.

    “What are आप looking at?” Arthur asks, arching his brow.

    “Hmm … just admiring her beauty.”

    “Well, I hope आप remember to whom she belongs,” Arthur...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 35: link

Who’s who:
Thomas Uther, 49, wife Sarah
Sons Arthur, 16, and Ryan, 12.

Grainne Vanora, 47, husband Tim
Daughters Jennifer, 15, and Rachel, 9.

Elliot Merlin, 41, wife Claudia
Son Mateo, 8.


June 22, 2013. Guinevere’s 75th birthday.
    “Hello, Baby,” Gwen says, tilting her cheek up to receive a किस from Elliot.
    “Hi, Mom, happy birthday,” he says, bending to किस her cheek.
    “Happy birthday, Grandma!” his eight-year-old son, Mateo, comes barreling in, hugging his grandmother.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 34: link

A/N: I know आप all want me to go on forever with this story, and while it technically is possible, I just can’t. This chapter is a timeline of some significant events (not all, obviously) through history and how Arthur and Gwen react to them, leading up to the present-day epilogue.

Civil Rights Act of 1964, July 2 (small jump backwards)
    Arthur is sitting at the रसोई, रसोईघर table, पढ़ना the newspaper, poring over the front-page news about the Civil Rights bill passing. Gwen is seated with him, eating her breakfast. Obviously this is a big deal for him in many...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 33: link

    They हटाइए August 22. The house was ready that Wednesday, but they officially moved in on Saturday. Gwen wanted to start bringing things over little द्वारा little, but Arthur put his foot down.
    “Guinevere, that’s why we’re hirin’ movers. Plus, you’re about ready to pop. You’ve been complainin’ for weeks that your hips hurt all the time. And what if somethin’ happens while you’re bein’ stubborn and carryin’ things?”
    “Then I’ll go to the hospital and have them call you,” she जवाब mildly,...
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    Gwen walks into her chamber and stops. She looks ahead at the तालिका, टेबल where a vase that had been empty a while पूर्व is now filled with beautiful flowers. She looks down at her hands. She is holding fresh फूल herself, but the ones in the vase are और beautiful. Looks like someone has beaten her to it.

    “Do आप like them?” someone asks from behind her, almost stunning Gwen.

    She whirls around and finds Arthur looking at her, smiling. She blushes and looks down.
    “Is that for me?” he asks her,...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 32: link

    Gwen sits in a pew in the front, the only representative of the groom’s family, Arthur beside her, looking very handsome in his suit. Merlin sits behind them with Freya and the rest of their friends: Gwaine, Percy and Vivian, Leon and Mithian, and Duncan and Ezra and their wives.
    The maid of honor, Latoya’s younger sister Larissa, has just come up the aisle to stand beside Celia, and soon there are soft coos as a tiny फूल girl makes her unsteady way forward. Gwen turns and looks, but she cannot see the child yet. She looks forward...
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A/N: Thanks must once again go to withkissesfour for editing this chapter. I would also like to dedicate this chapter to her as it was her birthday last week! Happy Birthday withkissesfour!



~Chapter 2~

Merlin’s shoulders are shivering. He feels incredibly cold.

Arthur notices this and laughs, “Why are आप always shivering like a little girl?”

Merlin gives him an annoyed look and is about to आग back a retort when a fierce breeze sweeps past from the other direction towards Arthur. Now Arthur is shaking and Merlin can see a little fear rising in his blue eyes. And notices how quickly...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 31: link

    Gwen is up early, too anxious and excited to sleep in. She takes a shower, comes back to their room, and sits down on the बिस्तर in her bathrobe, staring at the wall. A मिनट later her head finds the तकिया and she is falling back to sleep.
    Arthur wakes an घंटा later. He sees Gwen lying there, sleeping on चोटी, शीर्ष of the covers in her लबादा, बागे and smelling freshly-showered. He shakes his head and chuckles at her. The clock says 8:12.
    Arthur goes to the bathroom, empties his bladder, and brushes his teeth. He hears his father...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 30: link

    March 16, 1964. Arthur and Gwen arrived घर from their honeymoon two days ago. Two blissful weeks in Hawaii, just the two of them. Gwen’s morning sickness had abated in late February, thankfully, so she was feeling healthy as can be, if a little tired, for the trip. They swam in the ocean. They saw Diamond Head, the Pearl Harbor Memorial, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and countless beaches of different colored sand. They went to a luau and had roast pork that had been cooked on hot rocks in a hole in the ground. They tried poi. Arthur decided it was...
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I had the great opportunity to go to the expo with my friend. We left for Sydney on the Friday morning and attended the Expo on Saturday and Sunday. There were a lot of प्रशंसकों there, it's really amazing to see how many people actually प्यार Merlin.

We waited in line for the group shot and we were probably waiting for over an hour. We got told that we had to be very quick and not ask for hugs etc as the Merlin panel was meant to start soon as they were already running late.

Finally it was our turn and my friend tapped Tom on the shoulder (my friend is a huge प्रशंसक of Tom's) and he recognized us straight...
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    Gwen’s दिल thumps quickly as she and Uther near Gaius’ chamber. She hasn’t released Uther hand since she grabbed it in the corridor on their way to meet Arthur. She is scared and doesn’t know if she has the strength to see Arthur at all, especially in the condition Gaius explained to them a while ago. But she wants to. She needs to. It’s her husband lying there, possibly dying, and he needs her. She wants to see, but how will she cope? How will she endure? They near the chamber and as Gaius opens the door, Gwen wants to rush in. But she doesn’t, instead...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 29: link

    “Guinevere?” the nurse calls, looking at a folder on a clipboard. Gwen stands, Arthur trailing behind her, clearly feeling out of place in this particular office.
    “I’m sorry, sir, आप can’t go back there,” the nurse says to Arthur.
    “He can’t?” Gwen asks, furrowing her brow. “He’s my husband, I’d really like him to come…”
    “Oh! He is? Oh, I’m sorry…” the nurse answers, clearly flustered. She looks at the file. “Pendragon… oh, right,” she mutters,...
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Part 28: link

    Gwen stirs and wakes, blinking her eyes open. How did I get here? I remember leaving church, and that’s it. She looks down. I’m in my nightgown. Arthur’s arm is wrapped around her waist and she can hear him snoring softly behind her. She reaches back and puts her hand on his hip, feeling that he’s in his usual sleeping attire of underwear.
    One of the first things Gwen learned about Arthur after they were married is that the only reason he was wearing pajama pants to sleep at Gaius’ house was because he was around other people....
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    Arthur sits द्वारा the tent, sipping his water, when Merlin approaches him.
    “Penny for your thoughts?” Merlin asks, slapping Arthur’s shoulder and circling his friend around to stand facing him.
    Arthur looks up at Merlin and seems surprised. “Huh?”
    “You seem deep in thought …”
    “I am? I didn’t realize that,” Arthur says, drinking again.
    “You can lie to anyone Arthur, but not me. I know आप too well … what’s on your mind?” Merlin...
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Part 27: link

    “Gwen! आप got the results back?” Alice asked, her voice full of hope.
    “Yes, the nurse just called,” Gwen answered. “It’s positive.”
    “Oh, that’s wonderful!” Alice squealed, immediately excited. “Why don’t आप sound happy, dear?” she asked, realizing that Gwen is strangely silent on the other end.
    “I am, but… I’m a little overwhelmed. I wasn’t expectin’ to be, well, expecting so soon… Though I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised, what with the frequency...
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So many of आप may know (or not) that I'm going to Sydney to see Bradley,Eoin, Rupert and Tom at the Supanova Expo. I'm most likely going to go to the panels and such and would प्यार some suggestions of some सवालों I could ask. I already have one सवाल in mind and some others, but I'm so open to suggestions.

They can be Arwen related या not. Whatever आप would like to know, just write it down. I'm looking for some great, original, intelligent questions. Funny ones are also और than welcome!
posted by kbrand5333
Part 26: link

    “No, Mr. Alator, we don’t need financing, we intend to buy the lot outright. Yes, that’s correct.”
    Arthur taps his pencil on his calendar Monday morning as he listens to the land developer telling him that what he’s doing is very unusual.
    “Unusual, yes, but it’s possible. I have the funds, I assure you.”
    He picks a piece of egg out from under his fingernail. How did that get there? “Excellent. Today, if possible… The largest of the three lots, yes… Four o’clock?...
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Title: Am I Awake या Am I Still Dreaming, Part 1
Author: me!
Word count: 2,712 (so far)
Fandom/s: Merlin and Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Gwen, Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Elyan, Leon, Morgana, Agravaine, Doctor (Eleven), Rory, Amy, OC, Arthur/Gwen and Amy/Rory.
Spoilers/Warnings: None!
Disclaimer: I don’t own Merlin या Doctor Who. They belong to BBC and Shine!
Summary: Arthur and Merlin get mysteriously kidnapped and find themselves in two deadly situations and it’s up to Gwen to go rescue them. Lucky for Gwen she finds three unlikely companions to help her with her mission. For they...
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Part 25: link

    “I’m sorry, Mr. Pendragon, I don’t know if I’ll be able to दिखाना those houses to आप and your wife,” the realtor’s voice says over the phone. It’s clear he’s not exactly excited about speaking with Arthur.
    “Would आप care to be a little और specific, Mr. Borden?” Arthur asks.
    “Well, it’s a problem of… neighborhoods, आप see…” he starts uncomfortably.
    “Not any clearer.”
    “May I be blunt with you?” he finally says.
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