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Gwen and Arthur - ❝I can't save us❞

Merlin - Arthur & Gwen - Blue

♦ Arthur/Gwen | Hold on

Arthur & Gwen | आप Make Me Whole

Arthur & Gwen | Wherever आप Will Go

Arthur & Gwen: When आप Sleep

Arthur & Gwen Storybook प्यार


Bradley James - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Arthur & Gwen || Somewhere

New trailer with Bradley!!

Multicouples || आप Can Be My Hurricane

Arthur+Gwen AU (Dyin' Ain't So Bad)

Arthur & Gwen ~ Time

Merlin; Arthur and Gwen, Not about एंन्जल्स

Arthur & Gwen - प्यार is in Bloom

Guinevere Pendragon | Soldier On

with all my दिल || arthur&guinevere ||

arthur + gwen || we seemed like a good idea

xX Merlin/Arthur/Gwen: Beautiful Boy Xx

Arthur/Gwen - Song of Hope (LOTR Musical song)

Arthur & Gwen - Say it now

Arthur-Gwen///with all my heart///thousand years

Get lucky

Arthur & Gwen || It Should Be Easy

Arthur/Gwen - Say something

Arthur & Gwen | Young and Beautiful

Arthur & Gwen (5x10) - How beautiful my क्वीन is..

Arthur & Gwen ~ Time

Arthur & Gwen - What's left of me

Arthur + Gwen || best is yet to come (small AU ending)

Arthur & Gwen || Monster

Against all odds - Arthur/Gwen

Arthur & Gwen // Where was my fault?

Arthur+Gwen || Never Stop

arthur + gwen | and I loved him

♚Arthur x Gwen-Say Something♚ (Happy ♥ Day)

Never stop

Never let me go (5x09)

और than what I wanted

Once upon a dream [Modern AU]


Blue Jeans (Modern AU)

I look at आप and I see an एंजल



King and Servant

For the Rest of our Lives

The One That Got Away Arthur Gwen

Arthur + Gwen AU || If These Wings Could Fly

Come घर cause I've been waiting for आप so long

It gets me everytime

All I want [Merry Christmas]

all i want for क्रिस्मस is you!♥

The little bracelet AU *part 1*

Sally's song

My क्रिस्मस wish

I'm with आप

With all my दिल

Merlin - all deleted scenes in one place

Just say yes

आप found me

Merlin tribute

Arthur & Gwen | फूल In Your Hair

Guinevere's Tears AU

We can grow together

One of the most beautiful ( sad ) Arwen vids

Arthur/Gwen- दिल द्वारा दिल

Slow-mo of Arwen चुंबन

I will go down with this ship

Loved me back to life

Till Kingdome Come

If our प्यार is tragedy, why are आप my remedy?

किस me like आप wanna be loved

Crazy प्यार

A प्यार story

Complete Merlin DVD Box set

looking right at the other half of me [AU]

I just don't want to lose आप

Come back to me

Modern Merlin AU

Never stop


I miss आप

With all my दिल

Part of your world

What about now

और than ever before

Can आप feel the प्यार tonight

How we say goodbye


A thousand years

Your प्यार carries me so im letting go

May I

Still with Hearts Beating

As it was made to be

Always Been आप

Future Starts Slow

Arthur & Gwen [Modern AU]

Give me प्यार