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Chapter 2

Brandon and Marlene were out for a walk around the zoo when they spotted the penguins belly sliding away from the new habitat. The otters stared in wonderment as they watched the penguins head back to their HQ.

"Huh? I wonder what that was about," Marlene pondered.

"I don't know, but let's go find out," Brandon said.

Marlene nodded and they ran over the पेंगुइन HQ.

~Penguins HQ~

"So tell me Kowalski, what are भेड़िया doing in our zoo?" Skipper asked his Lieutenant.

Kowalski began going through his notebook and said, "Well Skipper, it turns out that human tourists प्यार wolves. But there aren't too many in the zoos around New York. So they just captured some from the wild and put them in here."

"Hmm sounds logical. But we can't let our guard down. We can't risk them going around eating us."

"But Skippa maybe they won't eat us. They seemed ratha nice to me," Private said.

Skipper glared at Private and said, "Well so did Savio Private and look how well that turned out."

"Oh. That's right."
The fishbowl entrance opened up and down came Brandon and Marlene.

"Hey guys," Marlene greeted.

"Hey पेंगुइन dudes," Brandon कहा after Marlene.

"Well हे Marlene," Skipper कहा and he pulled Marlene towards him and they shared a kiss.

"Hey Ariana," Brandon कहा and he kissed his girlfriend as well.

"So we saw आप guys sliding away from the new habitat. What's going on?" asked Marlene.

"Huh? Oh just some new animals," Skipper said.

"New animals? Who are they?" asked Brandon.

"Oh we have some भेड़िया neighbas," Private कहा and then was smacked in the back of the head द्वारा Rico.

"Really? Sounds awesome," Brandon exclaimed.

"I agree. Let's go meet them," Marlene कहा and then she rushed out of the HQ with Brandon following.

"MARLENE! BRANDON WAIT!" Skipper called out, but the two otters were long gone.

Skipper sighed and said, "Well boys and Ariana. Let's go get them before they get eaten."

The guys and Ariana all saluted Skipper and they rushed out to get Brandon and Marlene.

~Lemur Habitat~

"Maurice; another ठग, चिकनी please," called King Julien.

Maurice let out a sigh and began making Julien's new ठग, चिकनी while Mort was eyeing Julien's feet.

"BRANDON! MARLENE! DON'T GO OVER THERE!" Julien heard Skipper call out.


Julien growled and said, "Who dares to be disturbing the king during his personal time."

Julien got off his सिंहासन and Mort jumped at Julien's feet and began hugging them.

"Ah Mort. Do आप always have to make things go to the worse?" Julien कहा and then kicked Mort off his feet.

Julien jumped from his सिंहासन and down to the arguing animals.

"What is going on here? Your king, which is me, is trying to enjoy himself. What is all the yelling?" Julien demanded angrily.

"That's classified Ringtail," Skipper कहा to Julien.

Marlene rolled her eyes and said, "We have new neighbors."

"They're wolves," Brandon finished.

Julien perked up at the sound of Marlene and Brandon's words.

"Ohh. New subjects. As your king I decree that we go see these new subjects and have them worship your king," Julien announced and began running off, but he came back a moment later.

"Um where are these new subjects?" Julien asked.

"Just follow us Julien," Marlene कहा and then she and Brandon ran off with Julien running after them.

Skipper sighed and said, "This is going to be a disaster."

He and the other penguins belly slid after the otters and lemur. The mammals entered the habitat with the penguins right behind them.

“Listen here mammals, this is dangerous place to be! These भेड़िया will eat आप all!” yelled Skipper.

“Aw come on, Skipper, your just over reacting.” कहा Marlene.

“No I’m not! भेड़िया are evil!”

“Gez, Skippa, आप really have a bad fear of भेड़िया like I do with badgers.” कहा Private.

“I’m not scared of wolves! Who कहा I Was scared?”

“Well no one did, but-”

“Exactly! I’m not scared end of story!”

“What’s with all the yelling?” asked Humphrey, who showed himself.


Skipper leapt on Humphrey and started to attack him.

“OW! Knock it off!”

“Never! आप won’t eat my friends!”

“What? I don’t want to eat आप guys.”

“That’s what आप want us to think, but it won’t work!”

Skipper kept attacking Humphrey while he was trying to shake him off his head. Kate came and took Skipper off of Humphrey and Skipper was ready to fight but the rest of his पेंगुइन unit held him back.

“Let go of me!” कहा Skipper.

“Skipper, आप need to क्लैम down!” कहा Kowalski.

“Their going to eat us! Can’t आप see it?”

“Relax, Skipper, they really seem nice. Hi there, my name is Marlene and we welcome आप to the zoo!” कहा Marlene.

“Hi there Marlene, my name is Kate and this is my mate Humphrey.”

“Sup?” asked Humphrey.

“Hi there, sorry my boyfriend attacked आप like that.”

“Its alright, is he okay though?”

“Yeah, he’s just paranoid about…everything.”

“I’m not going to ask why.”

“Good idea.”

“Hello there wolves,” कहा King Julien. “My name is King Julien, and as your new king आप may worship me now.”

“Say what?”

“Say द्वारा me, now worship your king!”

“Julien, don’t be rude!” कहा Brandon.

“But I am the king and-”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re the king and blah, blah, blah.”

“How dare आप speak to the king like that!”

“Just shut in Julien. So are there any other भेड़िया here?”

“Yeah, my sister Lilly and her mate Garth is with us too.”

“Where are they?”

“Over there.”

Kate points to the other side of the habitat, Brandon looked over there and saw Lilly. Brandon’s eyes widen and just stared at her, he never seen such a prettier भेड़िया before. Her white fur, her purple eyes, and her hair was a site Brandon has never saw before. Brandon’s eyes turned into hearts and started to drool.

“Hi there, my name is Lilly.”

“Hi there, Lilly, I’m Marlene, this is Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private, Ariana, and my younger brother Brandon.”

“Uhh, is your brother okay?”

“What do आप mean?”

“Look at him.”

Marlene looked at Brandon, waved her paws in front of his face but still had दिल eyes and was still drooling. The habitat was starting to flood. But before it did flood all the way Marlene pulled the plug and all of Brandon’s drool went down the drain. And Ariana was giving Brandon a mad dog look.

“Brandon, what is up with you?” asked Ariana.

Brandon then quickly snapped out of it. “Uhhh…nothing?”


Ariana then grabbed Brandon द्वारा the ear and dragged him out of the habitat.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! My ear, ow!”

“We’re going to have a serious talk, mister!”

“I’ll talk to आप later, Lilly. Call me!”

“Hehe, he’s kind of cute.” कहा Lilly.

“Lilly don’t get any ideas.” कहा Garth.

“Don’t worry, your still my number one guy.”

“Well, it was nice talking to आप but we better get Skipper back to the habitat so he can cool down.” कहा Kowalski.

“Yeah that’s a good idea Hey, Marlene आप wanna hang out sometime?” asked Kate.

“Sure, I don’t see why not.” कहा Marlene.

“Aw, that makes me want to hang with someone now.” कहा Humphrey.

“Me! Me!” कहा Rico.

“Well okay, we can hang later पेंगुइन with a awesome Mohawk.”


"Guys, we can't 'hang out,' we need to find a way out of here and get back home!" कहा Garth.

"Come on Garth, I know we have to get घर but we could stay here for a bit." कहा Kate.

"Since when आप became all relaxed about issues?"

"Since Humphrey and I got together."

"Figures much, well आप guys hang out all आप want. I'm finding a way out of here."

Garth left the habitat and went around the zoo looking for a way to escape the zoo. The rest of the भेड़िया just stared at him, then looked back at the zoo जानवर just ignoring Garth.

"Well anyways, see आप all later." कहा Kate.

"Bye आप guys." कहा Marlene.

Marlene and the penguins left the habitat, seems like everyone is getting along now…expect for Skipper and now Garth.
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