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posted by AlphaOmega18
it is a nice night at Jasber park.

at the moonlight howl Humphrey was all alone because Kate went with garth and howl together.
(Humphrey) why all of आप alphas hate me for a reason. than claws says something mean.

claws) BECAUSE ALPHAS AND DELTAS भेड़िया can't not feel in प्यार with an OMEGA she said.

HUMPHREY) well how come I make आप smile than
CLAW) because its funny to see an omega to be kick in the face.

SCAR) ha ha my mate is right because omegas are weak and cannot fight he said.

Humphrey kick scar in the face and lots of blood come out his nose.

CLAWs) grrr I will hurt आप for that.

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okay so द्वारा now, we all know that all the Alpha and Omega sequels are directed द्वारा Richard Rich. and so far, he's done a decent job with them, especially with Alpha and Omega 4. but ever since Lionsgate announced a new partnership with Splash Entertainment to make the 3 new sequels, there been rumors that all three sequels: The Big Fureeze, Dinosaur Digs and Journey to भालू Kingdom are probably gonna get a new director. now, i'm not 100% sure if this is officially confirmed द्वारा Lionsgate या Splash Entertainment, but thanks to these rumors: there's still a possibility. okay, now i'm gonna say this...
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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
October. 6, 2010

Kashuru was going through the whole दिन off and on her own. It was great to see she has been in a pack of the alpha and omega. So she continued on walking to the waterfall and goes in and paws first in the water. Then settled in and relax and enjoy the weather as the warm sun sets on her beautiful golden brown fur.

Kashuru: ahh yea that feels good to me

soon as the घंटा has passed she finally got out and dries off on a rock * lays down with belly facing the sun and then flip to her back to the sky *

Kashuru: mmmm that is what I like to do in a time like this.

However Humphrey...
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It is October 1st, 2010. The event of alpha and omega.

I started walking around in my मांद, डेन thinking about the one female भेड़िया that talked to me that day. I realize how she knew my name? I think it is way she could have done something to make sure that I am not a problem . The only thing that I know * goes out of the मांद, डेन and sit down on a rock * once I get to know the pack and maybe even some of the stuff that I can do to help. If they do accept me as one of them.

* looks around and then hears a भेड़िया chuckled in the distance between the two trees and I wanted to investigate and look at them*...
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posted by runt-the-omega
हे im runt, Humphreys pup, im good at climbing trees and i saved daria. i got into trouble once with the rouges. thats all i can think of. well and the fact im 2 मिनटों younger, heh. also, i wasn't afraid of that ghost because, im the king of the forest. just hope daria is fine. im also the runt of the litter (well आप can tell). (IS THIS MAKING ME WRITE A ESAY?) sorry. i have a bro called stinky and a sis called claudette. stinky is... well.... idk but claudette is the best runner, we wouldn't of won the great भेड़िया games without her.
posted by AlphaClub


There was a लोमड़ी, फॉक्स kit, about three months old, and an adult भेड़िया who had crossed paths. The लोमड़ी, फॉक्स kit, named Jix (Jee), was chasing a तितली in the forest, jumping at it but failing each time, being playful as ever, despite being an orphan with no घर या parents.

The भेड़िया was only taking a stroll though. भेड़िया don't like foxes, and will kill if a coyote या लोमड़ी, फॉक्स enters their territory, and sometimes eat it.

The भेड़िया growled and snarled at the kit when it ran out from the bushes and right in front of him. "A fox..." he snarled. "My अगला kill. Alright, kit, last words? I'll be sure to make...
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posted by AlphaClub
Basic singles:

c = z
d, e, o, i, u = u
f = l
g = q
l = t
m = n
n = m
r = h
s = ts
t = k
w = v
y = i

Old translations that stuck:
son = Tsunu
Daughter = Uiekah

2-3 letter combos:

A = an (also ant, and, are)
B= Br
H = He and/or hu
J = Ja, jen, ji and ju
K = ke, ki and ku
P = pi and pu
Q = q, u and que
V = vu, vue and vi
X = xe, xi, and x
s = ts
Z = zen, zed, ze, zi

Translated English to Annakian alphabet:

An, Ant, And, Are
He, Hu
Ja, Jen, Ji, Ju
Ke, Ki, Ku
Pi, Pu
Q, U, Que
Vu, Vue, Vi
Xe, Xi, X
Zen, Zed, Ze, Zi

(Gotta make लेख longer, WTTF...)





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posted by AlphaClub
Hello everyone! I am here to inform आप that I am open to any video editing requests! I do light to medium video editing and advanced editing if ABSOLUTELY needed, and I can render anything up to 1080p! I use VideoStudio x7 ULTIMATE 64-Bit for editing! Here are what I need in a PM to me if आप want a video edited:

- The main video, and all the other FX, audio clips, etc. that आप want added in if needed!

- Your ई मेल address to swap files

- Instructions on what आप want in the video and how आप want the video arranged and any additional info

- Anything else आप need.

I will give आप my ई मेल IN PM! Also, be aware that I will not be able to get them done right away, and I will only be able to work on them on my free time!
now like i कहा before: i'm not really happy with the new titles on the final 3 sequels. i mean, sure. i'm still gonna watch all 3 of them, cause i'm a Alpha and Omega fan. why wouldn't i? i'm just sayin': they could've made much better titles. that being said, even if the शीर्षक of Alpha and Omega 8 still sounds kinda ridiculous - i mean, Journey to भालू Kingdom? really? - i'm not gonna lie: i actually see hope to this last movie. yea sure, it's called like that for some reason, but what if it's just the name of the place they're talking about, like there's just a lotta bears around there and...
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posted by HumphreyWolfMan
Please note: This लेख was originally also going to be about something else too, but I decided against it because it would make the लेख too long. Some parts of this लेख could slightly be based off the other part.

I really thought about talking about this, but it seems to bother me whenever someone tries to compare these भेड़िया to real भेड़िया like all the time.
Some people seem to think that these भेड़िया must never know anything humans know.
I think my main disagreement was whenever someone tries to bring out 'human' knowledge of the wolves.
And one other part is that some people even...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
(+Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure is officially 2 years old today)

okay so द्वारा now, we all know that the official clip - या sneak peek - of the new sequel Alpha and Omega 6: The Big Fureeze is already out on the internet. hell, i even पोस्टेड it on my channel, cause i'm tight like that lol. and surprisingly, a lotta प्रशंसकों like that clip. seriously, i can barely find any bad टिप्पणियाँ about it, aside from either 2 या 3. and i can totally see why: that 2 मिनट clip makes the movie look a lot better, even with the crappy title. yea, even if i'm definitely gonna watch these last 3 sequels,...
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well, how ya doin' everybody? today, i'm back with a new Alpha and Omega update. just now, i was on फैन्पॉप and i found out we're already starting to get और info on the अगला sequel. first of all, the official plot for Alpha and Omega 6 is out:

Preparing for the holidays, Humphrey and Kate leave in खोजिए of food. Their three pups, Stinky, Claudette, and Runt, are left in the care of their grandparents, Winston and Eve. With a severe storm approaching, and no sign of Kate या Humphrey, the pups take it upon themselves to fight through the snow in खोजिए of their parents. Joined द्वारा a few of their...
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posted by TheChriZ1995

So its only been a couple of months since the release of the latest sequel to the movie Alpha and Omega, and already I have found और news about the अगला three films. It seems Splash Entertainment has finally updated their website to include a section on Alpha and Omega, and on this section includes the titles of all three sequels, plus a short clip of the अगला coming sequel to be released द्वारा them. Now for those of आप who don't remember, back in April Splash Entertainment announced that they would produce three और sequels to follow after Family Vacation. This was great news but after...
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posted by TonyxWinston
Humphrey POV

"Why did she marry that loser Garth!" I yelled at the bottom of Howling Rock.

Kate married Garth to unite the packs and I couldn't do anything about it.

Hate Garth but I hate Kate even और she doesn't care about my feelings. All she cares about herself and proved that to me after I talked to her.


"Hey Kate can I talk to you?" I asked. "You already talking to me." Kate कहा snobby. "Okay... I want to tell आप I प्यार आप and hate that you're marring Garth today. I'm going to leave because if I saw आप with Garth it would kill me." I said. "You प्यार me. ha ha ha ha.... that...
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wow! it's been a while since my last review, but at least i'm back. and i know this review's super duper fuckin' late, but now that i'm back to doing movie reviews, i'm gonna talk about one of the most hyped straight-to-DVD sequels of 2015 (or THE most hyped, depending on how आप look at it). ever since the enormous success of the fourth movie, प्रशंसकों of the franchise (myself included) were really excited for the other sequel, and now that it's finally out for the whole world to see, will this movie be as good and entertaining as we all wanted, या will it disappoint to no end like The Great Wolf...
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posted by TheRealAleu1
I watched her from across the room. All the boys stare and go out of their way just for her. What was it about her that made them like her so much. She was Unfaithful, deceptive, shallow and above all else a Liar. it never mattered what she did या how she did it. As long as there was a sap to believer her sob story, she would always win in her eyes. She had all of them wrapped around her finger, kneeling to her every whim like her pets या slaves. I don't know what is sadder the fact that she gets away with it, या the fact that the boys don't realize she is just playing them and putting them...
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Hi I'm new to फैन्पॉप and this is my first Fanfiction on here. So here it goes.

Winston POV

"The nerve of that Bitch!" I yelled walking in the woods.

Eve thinks I can't do anything and butts into my private business. Eve is always giving me commands and always taking over when I've the situation under control. And Thing I hate the most is when she threatens everyone.
आप don't need to threaten everyone to make sure the pack is safe.
I hate Eve, I never loved her. I only married Eve so I can get my family off my back. I don't even like girls like that, I like boys. I like Tony.
I loved Tony ever...
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It was an unruffled autumn morning, and Kate was laying द्वारा a tree.
    She began to think of Garth. She honestly felt like he was lame, and the last thing she wanted to do was marry him. He was only interested in Lilly, and tried to “impress” Kate द्वारा “howling” at the moon. She fumed and expressed her hatred over him.
     Suddenly she heard Humphrey holler, “Kate! We’re leaving!”
    “Coming!” she called back. She jumped into the car trailer and off they set.
    Kate hopped onto a small bed, presumably...
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 Cover for the story
Cover for the story
“I won’t let her marry him,” Winston insisted, his voice firm as a tack. “Your son is interested in Lilly, not Kate.”
    “It was you, Winston,” Tony argued, “Who gave the big speech that your daughter, Kate, and my son, Garth, would marry and unite the packs.”
    “Look at you,” Winston growled, “arguing with me like a pup and his mother. And that was before I knew about the relationship between Lilly and Garth. And besides, can’t they get married and unite?”
    Tony recalled this piece of information: “You...
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posted by RadLilly
It was an immensely quiet, but quite a peaceful दिन in the Western pack. No fights were to be heard. The entire pack of भेड़िया were happily safe. Joyful, delighted. But that always seems like a process that repeats itself every single day. But that entire process is finally starting to come to Humphrey's realization, as he is slowly getting over the loss of his family. He is starting to feel fortunate and चार्म्ड to be alive in this world. He feels very lucky to be found द्वारा his best friend Kate when no one else would find him, animal या human. He wouldn't even be alive if he were killed by...
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