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Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Jackson's POV

"What happened?" I asked looking at the भेड़िया in front of me.

"I don't know." the भेड़िया कहा sobbing over 2 other wolfs

"Do आप know who did this?" I asked

"Yes... I do but आप won't believe me." the भेड़िया replied

"Who was it then?" I asked

Before he could answer he was shot in the head द्वारा a rock and was knocked out cold. I turned around to see the pack leader and 3 other alphas with him.

"What the fuck is your problem! He was just about to tell me who did this!" I yelled

"I'm sorry but it's obvious that he did this. Do आप see anyone else around? I don't, so I'm sorry but he's going to be in some big trouble." the leader said

"Let him talk first! I know he couldn't have done this!" I replied very angry

"I'm sorry but I don't need an explanation about what happened here." the leader replied and with that he left.

I turned around see what had happened. (There's no way he could have done this, not him.) I thought to myself
Fan fiction by SanaliWolfofLuv posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chapter 1
The Plans

Oh Humphrey! What are we going to do? Asked a Blonde She-Wolf. What Do आप Mean Honey? Answered A Black and Grey wolf. Ugh! आप Know what I Mean! Its Just 2 moons before our pups will Head out and look for there on dens. They will be all grown Up! कहा The She-wolf Almost at the verge of tears. I Don't want my baby's to grow up!. Its was almost like it was Yesterday That they had just opened there eyes! She cried! Kate,Its ok. We Knew That This दिन would come. Believe Me, i'm not happy about this either But there's nothing we can do. Humphrey कहा trying to comfort his mate. Kate Sniffled then Smiled. Uh Kate? Why are आप smiling? Humphrey questioned. Because I have an idea! Exclaimed Kate. Like what?
Well Lets go on a family vacation! One last time before they leave. For आप know, old time sakes. That Sounds Like a great idea! Your Such A genius Kate! Chuckled Humphrey. We could Go Back to Idaho! कहा Kate. That Sounds like a great plan! कहा Humphrey. Ok Now Lets go get them! And With that Humphrey and Kate Rushed to tail there Pups about the news.
Fan fiction by Rockowolf123 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*I don't own A&O but I own Rocko only my फ्रेंड्स can use him but प्रशंसक art is very flattering and आप don't need permission *

Lilly was still crying on rocko's shoulder
"Lilly आप can stop now" Rocko tried to calm her
"What will the pack think" Kate asked
"Who knows but I know someone I want to see first" Rocko said
"She is in the other room" Kate said
As Rocko and Kate walked in the other room
Daria was sitting with a blank face
"Daria" Kate whispered
"Oh hello Kate" Daria कहा in a sad tone
"I got a gift for you" Kate said
" Oh that's cool I guess" Daria said
" I'm sure आप will प्यार this" Kate replied
Rocko then kissed Daria on the cheek
"Hay baby, I missed you" Rocko कहा softly
"Rocko" daria कहा in a shocked tone
Daria hugged Rocko the best she could
As she teared up
"How are आप alive" Daria asked
"I didn't die that's how" Rocko joked
Daria kissed him as accurate as possible
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Kyle's POV

It was a sunny दिन with not many clouds in the sky. Kate and I had woken up early to continue the खोजिए for Humphrey and Lilly. We had caught some squirrels for a snack while we walked. Kate had a depressed face when we had left the den.

"Kate, what's the matter?" I asked curiously

She then began to cry. "That मांद, डेन we stayed in... It was where me and Humphrey stayed one night when we were coming back from Idaho..." Kate replied tears running down her face.

"Oh I'm so sorry I didn't know." Kyle replied

Kyle went up to Kate and gave her a big hug. He stayed there until Kate stopped crying. She felt so badly about cheating on him that she cried for over an घंटा on my shoulder. She finally stopped which was a relief because my shoulder was cramping from staying in the same place.

"Are आप feeling any better my sweetie." I कहा चुंबन her on the lips.

Kate's फर was soaked with her tears. "I-I think s-s-so..." she replied with a sad look.
Opinion by Journeyer posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I'm speaking for area here including other people. And to create a place where everyone can feel welcome for who they are and what they प्यार to express.

From what I can see, seems most members voted on that FanFiction suggestion poll. And I will write for him. If he minds this, I will do something about it.

The fight was pretty bad, and MojoOmegaWolf was really bad and hurtful: Calling him delusional, insulting the way he grew up, telling him that he doesn't care about others, commenting rude on people's works, encouraging people to do action against him, etc. That was wrong.
It's not just him.

Here is some guidelines to avoid future fights:

Respect Fellow Members

♦Please be tolerated on what people express
If they are posting stuff like a प्रशंसक Fiction, a प्रशंसक image, a प्रशंसक video, etc. and they happen to be things आप dislike या hate, please refrain from commenting.
The best suggestion here is to not click on it if आप have problems with it.
Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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This story is of Uahk (Moondragon01) and Ares' (me, AlphaClub)'s RP we have on Chatzy... FYI, I have changed the story a bit, so that it makes sense in an article. :)

There they were... the rogues, coming for Runt. Ares had been asigned to protect Runt, द्वारा his own father, Humphrey. So, 5his was it. His chance to do his job.

As they kept attacking Runt, trying to grab him and run off, like they had did earlier in his young life, Ares kept defending. But he was hopelessly outnumbered. One of them grabbed Runt, and started running.

Ares ran after him, and leaped, landing on चोटी, शीर्ष of the wolf, and bit down on his neck, and the भेड़िया let go.

"Get away from him, आप theives!" Ares yelled, growling.

A moment passed, and the rogues were surrounding Ares, leaving Runt behind the line of rogues. Suddenly, an unexpected भेड़िया appeared. Mojo! What was he doing?

"Ares! I'll get Runt! I'm sorry, but I am no use in a fight!" He yelled, picking up Runt द्वारा the scruff, and running away.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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The sun was out with not many clouds in the sky, making it a nice दिन with a tad breeze. A leaf had fallen down from a पेड़ and was going with the breeze. It floated into Lilly and Humphrey's मांद, डेन and landed on my nose. I stirred awake, blinking to clear my vision. I then stretched and found that I was the only one awake. It was morning from what I could see, so I decided to look for a stream to drink from and maybe even take a bath. I walked out of the मांद, डेन and started to explore the area to find a stream या something to wash up. I came across a river finally after 20 मिनटों of walking. I went up to it and began drinking after that, I got into the river and started to clean my fur. After I was done, I heard something हटाइए in the झाड़ी, बुश across the river. So, I began to start swimming across river to find the स्रोत of the movement. When I got across, I then pushed the bushes apart to see through and what I saw surprised me. I saw two other wolfs playing a game together. But when I saw them they were making out. (That will never be me...) I thought to myself with a depressed face.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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It was a damp morning from the rain last night. Kate and Kyle had got up early and decided to go hunting for some breakfast. They were searching when they came across a very big caribou. Probably the biggest they've ever seen. They stared at it but then ducked into the bushes.

"Okay I'll jump first for his neck if I get a hold of him, jump and try to knock him down." Kate explained.

"Okay I got it." Kyle replied ready to pounce.

Kate was ready to make her हटाइए she waited for the perfect time to get the right attack. Finally, she pounced at the caribou and she was able to grab the neck of the caribou. Unfortunately, this caribou was very strong so it was hard to bring down. Kate was swung around holding onto the caribou's neck until Kyle jumped at the caribou knocking the caribou to the ground. Once it hit the ground, Kyle jumped at its neck with Kate still holding on and began biting as hard as he could to kill it. The caribou continued to struggle until it stopped, just laying in the ground now. Kate and Kyle's mouth was soaked with blood and the ground was stained with blood too.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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The sun had just risen in Idaho. Having it being a nice दिन there were not many clouds out. It was damp outside because it had rained a little last night. Humphrey and Lilly slept longer than they thought as they woke up around late morning (around 11:00). Humphrey began to stir in his sleep but finally woke up then blinking to clear his vision. He then stretched but realized something was missing. Lilly wasn't around, which he realized since he was able to stretch without feeling her fur. Humphrey looked around the cave to see if she was around but didn't see her. He started to walk out of the मांद, डेन and started to look around.

"Lilly where are you?" Humphrey said

He got no response and began to खोजिए around their मांद, डेन but couldn't find her scent. Humphrey walked around yelling Lilly's name but getting no response.

Humphrey suddenly saw a black tail sticking out of the bushes and instantly knew who it was. "Ah so that's where आप are." Humphrey कहा silently.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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It was morning in Jasper but all the wolfs were asleep except for two. Kate and Kyle had woken up early for their journey to start. They had कहा goodbye to their फ्रेंड्स if they didn't come back and also to say goodbye to their parent. After they did all that they met up at Kyle's den.

Kate walked in seeing Kyle waiting ready to go. "So are आप ready to go Kyle?" Kate asked

Kyle then turned around and walked up to her. "Yes sweet दिल I am ready" Kyle कहा giving Kate a किस on the lips. "So where are we going to start"

"I say we take the train and stay there for awhile" Kate कहा with a smile.

"If I may suggest, while we wait for the train, why don't we catch some squirrels for snacks on the train" Kyle suggested

"That's a great idea. Let's starts walking to the railroad tracks and on the way we can keep a look out for squirrels." Kate replied

As they were walking they got half way there. They had about 4 squirrels with them at that time. But suddenly 3 wolfs jumped out of the झाड़ी, बुश and stopped them in their tracks.
Fan fiction by Rockowolf123 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Rocko got runt घर सुरक्षित and undetected
"How are आप alive" runt asked
"Easy I faked my death,to see if आप were ready"Rocko replied
" I'm not ready" runt कहा in shame
"No आप are almost ready" Rocko added
Runt walked in his mothers den
"Oh my god what happened" Kate कहा worried looking at the scar on Runt's cheek
"I can explain everything" Rocko said
The room stopped and stared
"You look like आप seen a ghost" Rocko joked
Kate started crying
And she hugged her brother tight
"Please don't leave me again" she cried
Rocko held his sister
"Don't worry I won't" Rocko tried to calm her
"Now please explain what happened" Kate कहा in tears
"Ever since he was ten he was climeing trees for one thing" Rocko said
"Mom I'm an assassin" Runt finished
" That explains a lot" Kate कहा in shock
Out of no were Rocko was tackled
"Rocko why would आप do this to me" lilly said
"Sorry lilly I just had to go but I'm here now"
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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It was around early morning in the train where Lilly and Humphrey slept. The sun had not risen yet so it was still dark out. Lilly and Humphrey were pleasantly sleeping snuggled up अगला to each other. Lilly was just sleeping soundly, having a great dream. But suddenly her dream turned into a nightmare which made Lilly wake up all sweaty and panting. She then noticed that her फर was black again from the nightmare since it had made her scared and fearful. She then slowly got up so she didn't wake up Humphrey. Lilly then walked over to the open train door and sat there enjoying the scenery.

"Bonjour my little friend" Marcel कहा as he put his head right in front of Lilly's. She jumped back frighten द्वारा him.

"What happened to your फर miss Lilly" Paddy asked

"Long story, what are आप guys doing here" Lilly replied and asked

"Just checking up on आप guys" Paddy said

"Well we're doing good. Thanks for checking"

"You're welcome. So have आप done anything 'interesting' with Humphrey" Marcel कहा with a wink
Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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BTW, before this लेख starts, I wanted to say that I will be using OCs of me and Rocko... Rocko gave me permission to use his OC, so, dude, hope आप enjoy this! :)

It was night, and everyone except the alpha guards were sleeping. My friend, Rocko, was on the east side of the camp, and I was on the western side. The north and south sides were protected द्वारा lage cliffs, towering above the camp, keeping our घर safe.

It was all but light, although the pale moonlight illuminated the trees, and the wind made their leaves sway in the night, creating soft, quiet, swishing sounds, giving संगीत to even the night.

Now, me and Rocko were both sent to guard the two main east, and western camp entrances, in case of attack, या any other danger. It worked out erfectly with our dark pelts; Rocko's being dark grey, and mine being midnight black all over.

It was silent for a while, all except the trees and the howling wind above, and the sky was clear of clouds. Suddenly, I heard something out of the usual, coming from behind a tree, so I went to investigate. But what I saw, was very, very surprising.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Kate's POV

It was turning morning with the sun high in the sky. All the wolfs were up except two of them. The sunlight finally shined into the मांद, डेन of the 'couple'. They then woke up standing up at the same time, finding that their noses were touching.

"Well looks like you've moved on from Humphrey" Kyle कहा with a grin

"Well no I haven't" I replied feeling bad for cheating on Humphrey." But yet she didn't feel that bad.

"Well actually somewhat I mean he started to lose his funniness. He also didn't know what it was like being an alpha." "I tried to दिखाना him some moves so he could help me hunt but he was just too lazy." I कहा starting to find Humphrey annoying

"That's the girl I know and प्यार so much" Kyle कहा चुंबन me on the lips. I giggled a little after the kiss. I then remember about Humphrey being alone last night.

"Oh shit I fell asleep here and not with Humphrey." "He's probably wondering where I am. I'll be right back" I कहा before turning around and heading towards the entrance.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Lilly's POV

Humphrey stood there फ्रोज़न in place. He couldn't believe that was his best friend that was a girl. He just stood there staring at her for about 5 मिनटों straight.

"What, आप don't recognize your girlfriends sister" I कहा in a seducing voice.

"Lilly... What happened to your fur?" "How did it change from white to black?" Humphrey asked a little scared of her now. "And why did आप kill Garth"

"I'm pretty sure आप have many सवालों for me on why I did what I did and how I changed to black." "Well here's how it went...


"When I was first born I wasn't born with white hair. I was born with pure black hair, my father thought it came from him since he had black fur... But he was wrong. The first time I took my first steps I wasn't a good little omega like the others. I was a bad भेड़िया pup I would go up to other wolfs and leave marks on their backs from my claws, I would also bite their tails. I was having a hell of a time being bad I would break so many rules I would get in trouble all the time and I couldn't care less if I did. It felt so good to be a bad pup... Until आप showed up. As...
Opinion by DancingHumphrey posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Also, I still stand on my stance about me standing up as a bisexual furry. I forgot about that, so I don't want people to mislead that either. I believe standing up as one is NOT a rude thing and claiming it is anyway can be unfair and bias.
Update Done

Before anyone reads, I don't think I'm fighting with Jett, I won't mention him in here other than this note to make things clear first.

I'm glad the fight is very tamed down.

But I still want to let people know that it takes one person to trigger a fight. But of course, आप need two people to have one, but while there is two people: "Hitting the person first" is what causes problems.

I still believe that Mojo has caused a lot of problems and is very wrong on many of the things he कहा about me, especially his crap about how I was 'raised'. That was very offensive of him. Sorry but it really was.

He was the person who caused almost every active प्रशंसक to turn against me and promote harassment. It made me feel like I was banished, and I'm sorry MojoOmegaWolf, but I cannot forgive या forget आप for that.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Humphrey just stared at Kate mating with a different wolf. He was heartbroken to no return, he was so confused on why Kate would do this. He stood there for a मिनट just watching them mate and hearing Kate yell for the भेड़िया to go deeper, faster, and harder. After a मिनट he took off russling the झाड़ी, बुश as he turned to run. The two wolfs stopped mating for a सेकंड just standing there looking at where the sound came from.

"What was that?" Kate asked

"I don't know, maybe it was just a squirrel." the भेड़िया replied

"Yea I guess your right" Kate replied licking the भेड़िया above her.

"So shall we continue my love" the भेड़िया asked happily

"Of course we can, give me all you've got BIG boy" Kate replied with a super cute voice.

"I प्यार आप Kate" the भेड़िया said

"I प्यार आप too Kyle" Kate replied as they continued to mate.

Humphrey was running as fast as he could, tears were falling from his cheeks as he ran from the scene. (Has Kate been doing this the whole time... Wait a मिनट last night I remember her hair was all tangled...) Humphrey couldn't believe he didn't notice it. (She never went...
Fan fiction by Rockowolf123 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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It was months after runts uncle died
He was still depressed
But he had to go out again
To assassinate general Mon sue no
"Why don't आप tell stinky your secret" Claudette asked
"It would not be a secret then now would it" Runt replied
"Are आप OK" Claudette asked
"I miss him sis he was my best friend" runt replied
" I do to,I will see आप later brother" Claudette said
"Maybe" runt replied
*moments later*
Runt found him self running through a tower
And he finally found his target
"You are brave" the man said
"But आप can't kill me" he added
"I beg to fucking differ" runt replied
As runt ran at him
He was knocked down with a gun pointed at him
"End of the line wol...aaaagh" the general fell
With a new white figure over him
"Looks like आप still need me" Rocko said
"Holy shit" was all runt could say
"Let's go" Rocko said
As they escaped

Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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(Next Morning)

The sun was rising over the mountains of Jasper Park. It was shining bright this morning sense there were no clouds in the sky. The light shined into Kate and Humphrey's मांद, डेन shining onto Humphrey's eyes. He began to stir and roll trying to block the sunlight but to no success. He then opened his eyes, blinking several time to clear his vision. He then stood up and stretched to feel और comfortable but was depressed to see that Kate was gone. (She's probably on her morning hunt.) Humphrey thought. Just then a rock flew into the मांद, डेन and bounced around the walls and finally hitting Humphrey in the head.

"OW!" Humphrey yelped.

Right on cue Marcel and Paddy flew down to see that they hit their friend in the head.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Humphrey sir I guess I need to work on my swings." Marcel said.

Humphrey chuckled. "Yea I agree 100%" "So how's it been going in Idaho." Humphrey asked.

"Its been going good." "I keep missing a birdie on hole 9 all because that silly bird keeps stopping my ball from going in."Marcel replied with an annoyed voice.
Opinion by shadow-omega posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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It was a cold spring night in Jasper Park, Canada. It has only been 3 months after the stampede incident. After the incident the packs were no longer fighting over anything. Tonight was the night of the moonlight howl so everyone was excited to go. Humphrey and Kate were getting ready for their howl tonight, so they went off and got a little spiffed up for each other. Humphrey had asked his फ्रेंड्स to help him getting ready for Kate. Kate had asked for a little help from Lilly and Kate even helped Lilly look good for Garth. After Kate and Humphrey got spiffed up for each other they then met at the howling rock.

"Wow Kate, आप look so beautiful" says Humphrey give her a soft kiss

"Aren't I always" Kate कहा with a grin

Humphrey was surprised that Kate didn't notice that he was spiffed up for her, but before they began walking Humphrey was tackled to the ground द्वारा his friends.

"Hey Humphrey did Kate like your new look" asked Salty
Opinion by DancingHumphrey posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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If आप don't want to create drama, then don't post anything offensive to others in the future.
I did, but only because some of आप did it first.
This isn't even a website rule (The WHOLE फैन्पॉप site is broken anyway).

It's a fact that if आप don't want to start causing people to uproar the place, then don't post anything that hurts others.
Those टिप्पणियाँ on sanman7's लेख was offensive, and what causes fights. Same with posting anti-relationship rules (Redwolf blames I start it या ruin everything when I stand up against dictation, another victim blame).

If आप all were sorry for what you've done to me, and sorry for blaming me when all I did was suggest nicer things.

Then I would fucking say sorry back.
ALL OF IT other than trying to address rude behavior.

After that, then POOF. The fight is dead.
Gone, forever, etc.

Mojo doesn't even have to say sorry as I can reply back at him within the लेख and रिपोर्ट him.
Opinion by DancingHumphrey posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?
And so a person wanted to argue me, and शामिल होइए the evil side of the Alpha and Omega fandom.. आप know, the place I can no longer enjoy due to rude opinions*?

Well let's start judging and argue back like what a normal debater would do.

"I did take a look at this particular लेख myself and in my honest opinion, they weren't all that bad. In fact I don't really think any offense was made."

So आप think आप get to decide over others of what counts as offensive now? Do आप even know what offensive is? आप can't decide over other people not you.
And here is the case closed argument that disproves your bias selfish देखा गया over others:

आप don't have the right to define offensive over others.

"He claimed and still claims that these टिप्पणियाँ are rude and he so desperately wants an apology. He seems to think he knows everything and believes he is always right."
Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?
What I think Humphrey's father would look like if he was alive still, and in real life! :)
This will be my first 1st person fanfiction, so... beware!!! ;)

It was morning, and I had been asked to go along with Hutch on his hunt for two. Now, normally we would hunt in groups, but today, Hutch asked me to tag along because he wanted company. His mate, Grille, had just left him, and he was staying at my den, which was shared द्वारा me and my mate, Kate. Hey, that rhymes! But this morning, Hutch wanted me to accompany him on a hunt to vent his frustration, and I had nothing to do, so I accepted.

It had been about an hour, and we hadn't found anything. No sign of any other जानवर other than birds, and there were few of them, as well, as it was winter. "Hey, Hutch? Could we head back? It's getting late, soon it will be time to eat the noon lunch." I said, looking at him.

But he didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then he said, "Bear!" But it was too late. The भालू had him pinned, and was already crushing his entire body with it's massive paws.
Opinion by AlphaClub posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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सड़क, स्ट्रीट Fighter (Dubstep Remix, या the dubstep rap version) - Antoine Levanant

The अगला Big Thing - Throttle

Ideekay - Ephixa

To the Stars - Braken

Emergency - Pegboard Nerds

Bangarang - Skrillex Ft. Sirah

Crossroad - Au5 Ft. Danyka Nadeau

Jumble - Deficio Remix

Better world - Direct and Labische

Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds

Dance to it - Tut Tut Child

Seduction - Varien

Energy Drink - Virtual Riot

Time Bomb - Feint

Follow आप - Au5 (Beware, sexual wording is existant)

Outside - Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding

Here it Comes - Pegboard Nerds

I remember - Tristam (My personal favorite, could sing the whole song without music)

Iceladen - Favright

Soldiers - Nitro Fun

Airwaves - Noisestorm

Breakdown - Noisestorm

Opinion by DancingHumphrey posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?



Before anyone कहा anything, yes I'm wwwarea. I'm just using this account for now. Not sure why, but I think it's for the better for this. Since I don't want my gaming name on here much anymore.
It is better to remain as a separated society anyway.

It is quite possible that I could of handled the hatred from sanman7's लेख better. The way I react on walls sometimes and such could of been handled better obviously.
I guess the reason why I did it a lot sometimes was because certain people could of missed my replies.

And that Bisexual Furry Gay लेख I made. The reason why I made it was because I thought it was rude of OmegaKing to tell me that Bisexual furries don't have the right to stand up for something that actually DOES fit there identity. Bisexual people (Furry या not) are allowed to make Gay focused stories in...