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posted by yoshi5678
One day, Yoshi was playing with Diddy kong in the Kong house. "Yoshi! Diddy! I need to tell आप guys something. There's going to be a bake sale at the मशरूम Kingdom. आप have to figure out what to make for the bake sale." कहा Yoshi's mom. When Yoshi & Diddy left the kong house, Yoshi said, "I प्यार bake sales. I'm going to make a Yoshi Berry cake for the bake sale."
When Yoshi and Diddy went in the castle, Yoshi asked her फ्रेंड्स what they were going to make for the sale, आड़ू, पीच was going to make a Loving दिल pie, Mario was going to make fireball cake pops, Her other friends, Dog Yoshi...
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After the ball, Princess Yoshi told her magical story to the other princess Yoshis. "Then some birds puted the royal crown on me and I became princess"said Yoshi."That's a betuiful story, Yoshi." कहा one of the Yoshi princesses. Then, Princess Yoshi's teacher said, "Today, we're going on a field trip to Hawaii to see the princess of the coconuts there. Did आप lovely princesses get your bathing सूट्स on?" "Yes." कहा the princesses."I can't wait to meet the princess of coconuts."said Yoshi. "Okay class, time to go." When they made it to Hawaii, Yoshi said, "I प्यार Hawaii." Then another princess yoshi from Yoshi's class jumped into a swimming pool. "I'm in."said Yoshi. Before she came in, she saw Hawaiian dancers doing the hula dance. After the field trip, she came back to the kingdom of एनचांटेड yoshis and they lived happily ever after.
I'm going to tell आप about new इंद्रधनुष powers. On the first power, Yoshi twirls in a वृत्त and throws rainbows to confuse the other players and aims for her goal. On the new सेकंड power,Yoshi does a little dance and throws a Yoshi egg with a इंद्रधनुष trail sparkling on Yoshi and aims for her goal. On the third power, Yoshi blows इंद्रधनुष bubbles and takes a bubbly bath and throws इंद्रधनुष rubber duckies to confuse the players and aims for her goal. On the fourth one, Yoshi spins until she gets dizzy and aims for her goal. On the fifth one, Yoshi performs a back flip Then, she makes a BIG इंद्रधनुष bubble and aims for her goal. On the last power,Yoshi balances on one leg and sings then, she makes her self इंद्रधनुष glow then aims for her goal. We'll see आप अगला time on the Yoshi loves इंद्रधनुष power series. Bye!
posted by yoshi5678
Yoshi is going to the YOSHI CUDDLE palace with his friends, Yellow yoshi, गुलाबी yoshi, Blue yoshi,and cyan yoshi. When they got there, Blue yoshi said,"wow!". Then Yoshi said, "Yoshi cuddle time!" The yoshis Cuddled and hugged each other. Then yoshi कहा "Hugs, kisses, Every thing That has cuddles." while they were walking home, they saw a beuitiful palace that looked like the YOSHI CUDDLE palace. "That is a BIG palace and it's so beuitiuful" कहा cyan yoshi and contiuned walking. when they got घर their mother said,"How was the hugs?" then yoshi कहा "it was Perfect!" and they all lived happliy ever after.
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