winx vs w.i.t.c.h Club
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It seems to me that most of the fight here is always going on about how W.i.t.c.h copied Winx या Winx copied W.i.t.c.h, but I doubt either of them copied the other.

It is true the W.i.t.c.h comics came out first, but do आप really think that the Winx Club would copy a comic when there's Sailor Moon?

Similar thing with the W.i.t.c.h TV series, why would they copy Winx Club when they are already copying the comics?

Many of आप points out that W.i.t.c.h only has one transfomration (two in the comics) while Winx Club has a new one for each season. That itself points out how the shows are different....
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The following लेख is against Winx Club.If आप are a die hard प्रशंसक of Winx Club that gets butthurt when they find out that there are some people who don't like Winx Club than don't read this लेख because it certainly isn't for you.
In my opinion Winx Club is the worst excuse for a magical girl दिखाना that was ever created and here are the reasons why:
1.The Plot
It is a fact that Winx Club has a very unoriginal plot.Let me mention the many shoujo manga/animes,books and other कार्टून that Winx Club copied:
1.Sailor Moon-Bloom is basically a copy of Usagi:Let me point out...
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-NOTE: I'm pretending that Earth forgot about magic again, since if they do know about magic, this story is not going to work.-

It was mid October, the autumn winds blowing into सूखी घास, घास Lin's face. सूखी घास, घास Lin smiled as she felt the breeze, she loved the wind, after all, they were part of her element; air.

Hay Lin and her friends, Will, Irma, Taranee and Cornelia was walking towards the local mall, Cornelia leading the way.

"Hay Lin, you've been quiet, is everything alright?" Will asked in concern.

"Next time, ask after you've seen her face," कहा Irma. "She's smiling with the wind."...
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