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A resume.
1.Mark & Lexie:

so.i`m so pissed at the writers.what ae they doing? i`m waiting for like a season now and they never happen.and when thy FINALLY got together the broke up after AN EPISODE.what? are आप fcking serious?

and how stupid is the baby storyline? i loe mark and callie but only as friends.and i don`t want them to have a baby.i want mark and lexie to have a baby.that`s so stupid.callie arizona and mark as parents.please let callie lose the baby.!!!
i want my sexie back.

and jackson is द्वारा far my least favourite character.i hate him so much. he`S annoying and like i can do anything...
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Reasons Why प्यार We Spuffy!

1)Because she only dates hot dead guys.
2)Because when he first saw her dancing at the bronze, he couldn't take his eyes off her.
3)Because he's loved her ever since the first time he saw her.
4)Because he wants to save the world.
5)Because they're in a band.
6)Because maybe she hates him, but he's all she's got.
7)Because he knows love's a funny thing.
8)Because she brought him घर to meet her mom.
9)Because he called her cutie.
10)Because he's love's bitch.
11)Because she can't fool him for some reason.
13)Because her new boy's got, what's the word? Vulnerability.
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I thought since I did a सूची for 'My चोटी, शीर्ष 10 प्रिय couples', that'd I would do one for my least प्रिय या non-favorites. Now if आप like some of these couples that's fine, it's my opinion, and I just don't care for these couples at all for many different reasons. And there will be no pictures cause why would I want to have pictures of couples I practically despise on my laptop? So, here we go.

1. Stiles/Lydia from Teen Wolf

I have never been a प्रशंसक of this couple. My opinion if Allison hadn't set them up for the school dance, Lydia wouldn't have known he even existed. I found her to be very...
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