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 Watch True Blood Season 6
Watch True Blood Season 6
सूपरनॅचुरल drama and horror दिखाना is all set to premier its action packed sixth season. The storyline of the दिखाना is taken from a series of novels, which is based on the existence of vampires. The दिखाना has ten numbers of episodes, whose very first episode is premiered on 16 June, 2013 on HBO. Like पूर्व seasons of the show, Sookie Stackhouse, Sam, Bill, Tara, Jason, Andy, Eric, are the central characters of the sixth seasons. Apart from them, there are several other characters, which can be seen paying various roles.

The first episode of the sixth season opens with Sookie, Jason, Eric, Jessica,...
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this लेख is about sookie stuckhouse from true blood and elena gilbert of the strongest from the vampire diaries.

first of all don't get me wrong i प्यार both sookie & elena and i admier them, they are both one of the strongest and smartest female characters on tv, both are kind,funny,sweet,smart,beautiful inside and out and they make one the hardest choices almost every दिन in their lives but when it comes to the matter of their दिल they really blind and make the wrong choices.

what most woman want is that the man they प्यार is to be honest with them no matter what, and since दिन 1 both...
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True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 Highlights

Well, True Blood Season three episode one premiered FINALLY and for those of आप who missed out on the episode, here is a recap of the episode highlights (and low lights) here.

These spoilers will spoil just enough without giving too much away.

First, the True Blood Season 3 episode 1 was good, not amazingly awesome but very good. It did contain some mind blowing stuff but Sookie's character didn't have much meat.

Jessica, however, was very noticable in this one. Our little Jess is coming into her own and potty mouthing up a storm which made her both funny and...

Since True Blood is returning to HBO this Sunday for its सेकंड season at 9PM, we have वैंपायर on our minds!

We started to wonder...what would happen if some of the most known वैंपायर from both TV and film faced off against one another in a battle? Who would emerge victorious? That's for आप to decide! Help us out द्वारा voting in our Ultimate Vampire Face-Off!

Round 1 begins Friday (6/12) and will end Saturday at 2PM PST. There will be a new round everyday this weekend until a winner is declared Tuesday, so check back to add your vote for each round!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
True Blood Season 3 looks promising !

Our friend , Meredith at i09 finds some goodies from last night

What did आप think? Did आप see our main vampire lady Pam getting strung up द्वारा the magistrate? I swear, if he hurts her before she gets to have a lesbian vampire sex scene, there will be hell to pay.

Meanwhile, last night HBO hosted a little panel with Alexander Skarsgård (Eric), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), Anna Paquin (Sookie), Stephen Moyer (Bill), Sam Trammell (Sam), Ryan Kwanten (Jason), Rutina Wesley (Tara) and showrunner Alan Ball. Here's what we learned:

The werewolves...
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With True Blood's 2nd season premiering June 14th, it's always nice to review what happened last season. So for True Blood, what better way than reviewing with the चोटी, शीर्ष 10 truly juicy moments!

1. Sookie uses a chain to attack Mack's vampire-blood-stealing butt! Even though Sookie just met Bill at this point, she didn't hesitate to fight to save him when Mack and nasty girlfriend Denise were starting to drain Vampire Bill of his blood. - 1.1, Strange Love

2. Sookie gets beaten द्वारा the V thieves and sucks Bill's blood. We learn True Blood isn't afraid to get bloody when Mack and Denise came back...
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OMG I प्यार Alex Skarsgård. I thought this track 'Death of Me' द्वारा Damn Terran I found on iTunes is perfect for Eric & Sookie. All footage thanks to HBO. No copyright intended. This is my first प्रशंसक video so I hope आप like it!!!!!
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