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 Noah & Allie.
Noah & Allie.
A few years ago, I watched Nicholas Spark's The Notebook and I noticed a number of similarities between this movie and टाइटैनिक that I would like to write it down.

The Notebook

Noah reminds me a lot of Jack, because he comes from a poor family and falls head over heels with Allie on the first दिन that they met.
The beginning is also very much similar like the beginning of Titanic, because when our 2 characters are old and tells us during their younger days. The same with Rose when she told her story to her granddaughter and the other researchers on the doom luxury ship.
Allie comes from a very...
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I was actually going to write these in "Wall" section because it might be spam (it's mostly about my personal feelings and experiences.) But there was a character limitation. So I had to write as it is an article. I'm sorry for the inconvenience...

I watched टाइटैनिक in 3D two days ago. I can't say I'm a big प्रशंसक of the 3D thing for this movie. But the movie itself is wonderful and that's the point. Watching टाइटैनिक again in theatre is definitely priceless! I'd go and watch it again, if it were to be released 10 years later...
My problem is, I'm thinking of Jack since I watched it two days ago....
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 Ready to beloved?
Ready to beloved?
Okay, aside from My दिल Will Go On, here are a number of songs from other फिल्में या sung द्वारा other singers that may suit this young couple!

So Close (Enchanted)

I have always प्यार this song, and the lyrics fits both Jack and Rose. In fact, this is the better choice as the theme song for the film itself.

Can आप Feel the प्यार Tonight? (The Lion King)

This song should definitely play during the flying scene, it's like they're telling each other whether they can feel the atmosphere of love!

I Swear (All-4-One)

I grew listening to this song when the band sang this at Circus of the Stars goes to Disneyland. Rose promises Jack not to let go!

Far Longer Than Forever (The हंस Princess)

For the finale when Rose reunites with Jack, this song will be the perfect duet as everybody whose lives were perished on the ship look on.

So Close, Yet So Far!

These 4 songs are my favourite songs and enjoy listening to them!
 Hello Simba!!
Hello Simba!!
 To that happy ending!
To that happy ending!
 I swear द्वारा the moon and the skies.
I swear by the moon and the skies.
 Far Longer Than Forever.
Far Longer Than Forever.
हे did आप hear about the दिन April 15 1912 the दिन that the most long and best ship called the टाइटैनिक when the टाइटैनिक was on there way to New York city but on April 15 1912 at 2 o clock they crash into a iceberg then they sank in the bottom of the ocean it was all over the world it was on a lot of news and in newspaper it was so sad and good for the people that made it and went to New York but in 1997 a group of people going to find the टाइटैनिक in August they look everywhere but they found it they also found died bodies on the broken ship and the mud they also found a persons बोन्स on the...
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