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Not only was वैन, वान Sant set on screwing the life up of River Jude.
He got Joaquin to sign up and play the part of a desperate person.

Joaquin was 1. NOT DESPERATE.

Do the moving pictures artists know what the finished piece is going to be like?

Surely when they see a script,they know?????

To die for, was a very strange movie.
Seems low budget yet again compared to private idaho relied on the sexual element to carry the WHOLE picture.
Such small brain like वैन, वान could think that AMAZING usual thing and pretent it was something different to everyday usual type of thing.
To die for!just everyday thing put into movie.
Not worth,the cinema tickets i never bought.
Joaquin is a good person.
Hes quite saintly.

Hes a good work of art.

Hes like Saint Francis of assisi.
But goes out into the world.

Like it says in scripture,stay away from the world,then go out into the world.

Hes not to let himself be frightened of any directors,like his brother.
But be strong in faith.

His brother River Jude was most definately a saint without any doubt what so ever in my mind.

River Jude was Saint Sebastian,and like Saint Francis.He had a large amount of holy spirit upset when forced to sin.Yet the sin belonged to another because of the abuse,and not freely done द्वारा his own free will.
He was like a priesthood being able to give peace without being fully dedicated.But being semi-dedicated,because he needed to be known.We are always well when we trust in him and are known द्वारा him.We have a name and he knows it.Being where" every eye can see" and know येशु is Lord. celebrity.