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 For point number 1- kaley/jim grade-A-chemistry
For point number 1- kaley/jim grade-A-chemistry
Listen people, I am posting this because I want to. And hopefully if some of आप L/P shippers read it, आप will at least try to understand and see the brilliant light that is Sheldon/Penny.

Also I would actually enjoy your opinion on the matter.

Right... So this is a रिपोर्ट on the third episode of Season three; when Sheldon trains Penny with चॉकलेट blah blah blah can't be bothered लेखन description, आप all know what ep I'm talking about.

P.S. No copyright infringements intended, because this is not my report, it was written द्वारा a person named Arabian on Livejournal. I'm a big प्रशंसक of her/him?...
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