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added by Helly-hamster
Source: They have the same personality and same favourite color,and more.
posted by Helly-hamster
(The girls are entering the studio and searching for the main director.)
Becky:Excuse me,excuse me...
Gina:Stand back...EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!(Everybody turns around and looks at them.)
Gina:We are searching for the main director,so,where is he?
Director:I am,over here.
Gina:Hello,we are Gina,Becky and Helly(Showes at them.)and we want to be the real singers...
Helly:And dancers!
Director:I dont think आप can do that,look at you.You are too small.
Becky:we are not!Anyone can be a singer.Dont underest our talent!Come on,let us try.
Director:I dont think so.
Gina:Come on!One time,one chance.
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posted by Becky-the-fox
(Gina,Becky and Helly are sitting on the bus and starting their journey.They are so littel that one girl didnt saw them and almost step on them.)
Gina:Hey!Watch out!We rae comming throught here!
Girl:Sorry.I didnt saw you.
Gina:Well,quess what.We are ower here!!(The girl passes द्वारा them,while everyone else is looking at them.)
Gina:Pih.Blind girl.
Helly:Why is everyone looking at us?
Gina:Now, atenttion.Lets just go.(They sit and the other girl turnes around and askes them.)
Girl#2:How are you?Why are आप here?
Becky.We are the Animettes and we are going Hollywood .
Helly:We are going to be...
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posted by Gina-the-dog
Gina:What?!?!We cant do that!(Gets up from the cauch very mad)
Becky:But we could!If we want to,we just have to try!
Helly:I dont know,gals.It seems hard.
Gina.It is,Helly!It is too hard for us!(Gina looks at her and Becky too.)
Becky:It is not!Gina,remember when us three first meet.We were all alone,nobody else from our famillies were there but,still,we became फ्रेंड्स and started living our life in the wild.
Helly:Yes,nobody was there to help us,except each other.
Becky:Yes.And,tell me,when आप wanted to build a house,and what did i said?
Becky:And,i later कहा yes.But what would be if i...
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posted by Gina-the-dog
(The girls find a house on the end of the सड़क, स्ट्रीट with a whole in the window.)
Gina:Let`s hide here!Come on,Becky give me bost!
Becky:Ok.But,watch out there might be dangerous.
Gina:Come on!An ordinnary house like every other.Now,give me a bost.(Gina enters and pulls her sister up too.They look around the house.)
Helly:Wow!The house is really nice.
Becky:Yeah.It shines and sparkles.
Gina:I bet that a pretty girl lives here.(Somebody enters the room.It is a guy with lifted-up brown hair and he sits on the couch.)
Becky:You see it is a guy!
Gina:But,how is then the room so tidy?I mean,guys should be un-tidy...
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posted by Helly-hamster
(In the forest,Gina,Becky and Helly run in front of the hunting dog.) Gina:Run,girls!
Becky:We shouldnt do this,no,no,no...
Helly:Chill out,Becky!Everything is going to be fine.
Gina:Up to the house girls!Fast!And help me this time i cant climb.(They get to their house in the hole in the tree.Helly and Becky climb.The dog is fast and comes after them quick.He runs in the पेड़ wanting to grab Gina that left behind but,Becky pulls her up in the last second.)
Gina:Ha ha!What do आप say on that,ha?(Turn around to the dog but,as she stands on the edge almost fells.Becky and Helly grab her legs and pull...
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