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posted by Tristans_Isolde
I recently पोस्टेड a series on the history of The Abduction Club over at my blog.
The posts aimed at "getting to the bottom" of the truth in the story portrayed in the film.

आप can read this series द्वारा following the लिंक्स below:

Part 1- "The word Abduction"

Part 2- "The Irish Abduction"

Part 3- "The Abduction Club"

Part 4- "The story of the film"
posted by Tristans_Isolde
Album Title: The Abduction Club (Soundtrack)

Composer: Shaun Davey

Year: 2002

I am really enjoying listening to this Soundtrack; it is just as I had hoped it would be. The संगीत is composed द्वारा Shaun Davey, conducted द्वारा David Brophy and performed द्वारा the Irish Film Orchestra and it is absolutely lovely. I find as I listen to many of the tracks I start remember sequences within the film where the संगीत is playing, it’s wonderful :)

I had hoped that this soundtrack would be one I could play while I was sleeping या even trying to sleep however unfortunately some tracks are louder than others and give...
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