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Okay, so I am a bit bored and I thought of making a सूची of what I've seen through the years of being in the Teen भेड़िया Fandom... So this is a सूची of the most hated and most beloved characters द्वारा the majority of the fandom based on what I have seen being on this site for a few years, Teen Wolf's फेसबुक site and countless YouTube वीडियो about Teen Wolf... They all points in this direction:

Most Hated.

1. Theo (now). Allison (before).
2. Scott (now). Jackson (before).
3. Allison (now). Kira (before).
4. Liam (now). Scott (before).
5. Malia.

Most Beloved.

1. Stiles.
2. Lydia.
3. Derek.
4. Isaac.
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Scott & Alison शावर, शॉवर scene | Teen भेड़िया 3x06
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