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Selena Gomez just shared some super duper happy news with her fans!

“Momma [Mandy] and [step-father] Brian are finally letting me share the news,” the 19-year-old teen sensation tweeted. “My mommy’s carrying my baby brother या sister :) I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gomez

We’re so happy for Selena and her family!!!

Earlier this week, Selena joined BFF Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट on stage at her final Speak Now tour तारीख, दिनांक held at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

DO आप THINK Selena Gomez is going to have a baby brother या sister?
Justin Bieber has made good on his promise to take a DNA test to prove that he’s not the father of Mariah Yeater‘s 4-month old son, as she has claimed in a lawsuit against the pop star.

TMZ reports that Bieber took the DNA test on Friday at a laboratory in New Jersey, and that there’s been a tight watch on who’s been handling the test to avoid any possible arguments from Yeater’s team as to the validity of the results. There’s no word as to when the results might be released.

From the beginning, Bieber has insisted that he is not the father of Yeater’s baby, and has made several public statements stating his case. During an interview on Today, Bieber took a stand, saying to Matt Lauer: “I’d just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true … I know I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim.”
Demi Lovato wraps her dark locks in a head scarf in this behind-the-scenes look at her shoot for “The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer.”

The 19-year-old musician is just one of many celebs featured in the upcoming coffee तालिका, टेबल book which benefits brain cancer research.

All the monies raised from the book will go to fund both SNOG (Sydney Neurology Oncology Group) which aims to improve the management of brain tumors through targeted research, information and constant scrutiny of treatment options and HEADRUSH, a solely volunteer-run, USA Madison-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to significantly improve the future of Brain Tumor research, treatment, and survivorship.

Other celebs involved in the project include Dianna Agron, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, Liam Hemsworth, Daren Kagasoff, Leighton Meester, Brittany Snow, and Shailene Woodley.

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Bella Thorne took to Twitter yesterday to let her प्रशंसकों know that she wasn’t having the best दिन – but that her फ्रेंड्स Zendaya Coleman and Kenton Duty were able to make it better! Here’s what Bella पोस्टेड along with the funny video below:

So here’s the thing..my दिन was like ech. i was feeling blue. my besties z and kenton came thru & said..u could do betta.

Bella Thorne And Zendaya Coleman On The Set Of “Shake It Up” November 2011

Here is a चित्र of Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman on the set of their डिज़्नी Channel Original Series “Shake It Up” this month! @DisneyChannelPR पोस्टेड the picture along with Tweeting:

@bellathorne & @Zendaya96 between scenes while filming this Sunday’s SHAKE IT UP episode ‘Double Pegasus It Up’

We प्यार these girls!
Wilmer Valderrama gives Demi Lovato a smooch as he walks her back to her car outside his घर in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (November 1).

The two were linked together last year, just before Demi, 19, entered rehab for an eating and bipolar disorder.

Demi recently told EXTRA that she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment, though. “I don’t have a boy,” she declared on the program while talking about future संगीत singles.

Looks like the चित्रो tell a different story…

DO आप THINK Wilmer and Demi make a cute couple?
Jennifer Stone watches as guest तारा, स्टार David Copperfield performs a magic trick in this new still from Wizards of Waverly Place.

In the episode, “Harperella,” after Harper (Stone) begins to read one of Alex’s (Selena Gomez) wizard storybooks, she is transported into a Cinderella-like world where she encounters her evil stepmother Theresa (Maria Canals-Barrera) and stepbrothers Justin (David Henrie) and Max (Jake T. Austin). In order to turn back into Harper, she must rely on the help of Alex, her fairy godmother.

Jennifer chatted exclusively with JJJ and told us that even though she got to play a Cinderella-like character in the episode, her personal प्रिय fairytale character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

“Beauty and the Beast was my end all as a kid,” Jennifer said, “I liked that she was a strong woman. She was a book nerd. She wasn’t just the swooning princess. She didn’t have to be taken care of.”
There’s quite a bromance brewing between Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. The singers have been hanging out in Park City, Utah together and seem to be having a lot of fun. Wearing Louis Vuitton jean jackets, jeans, furry hats and “swag boots,” the teen stars posed in matching outfits, and the Biebs पोस्टेड the pic on Twitter, writing:

“Uh oh new @swagboots the world doesn’t know what just hit them haha.”

Two guys — one look. Who wore it best? Vote in the मतदान and sound off in the comments.

Last week, Justin hit the stage in Rockefeller Center, and judging द्वारा the deafening shrieks,...
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Miley Cyrus rocks a bright blazer while heading to Maxfield for some shopping on Friday (November 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 18-year-old entertainer recently took to her Twitter page to send out a strong message to those who criticized her weight.

“By calling girls like me fat this is what you’re doing to other people. i प्यार MYSELF & if आप could say the same आप wouldn’t be sitting on your computer trying to hurt others,” she wrote.

“Whoever called आप that has it coming. Miss आप और than ever,” pal Demi Lovato tweeted back to her.
Bella Thorne is always so busy, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for her friends! Bella was meeting with प्रशंसकों and promoting “Shake It Up” and her संगीत recently AND she was hanging out with her BFF Pia Mia! प्यार it!

Have आप heard Bella and Pia Mia’s new song “Bubblegum Boy”? It’s on Radio डिज़्नी – so be sure to tune in!

AKsquared On डिज़्नी Channel’s “Shake It Up” November 27, 2011

The winners of the डिज़्नी Channel dance competition “Make Your Mark,” AKsquared, will appear in the अगला brand new episode of the डिज़्नी Channel Original Series “Shake It Up.” The new episode will air on November 27, 2011 and आप can check out a पूर्व दर्शन of the दिखाना below. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun – especially since CeCe and Rocky open their own dance camp!

Although every effort to present himself as a "chaste and good girl," and this describes the media and her family, 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, who claims that her child did Justin Bieber, no stranger to the publication of nude photographs.

As quoted द्वारा U.S. media, Mariah has a MySpace प्रोफ़ाइल under the name Mariah Laci, and which announced its many photographs, including several nude. On the चित्र is obvious that the tattoo and piercing lover.

Yeater कहा that the son was born "exactly 36 weeks and two days after having sex with Justin Bieber". He says that during this period had no relationship with none other and is sure that the child Biebe's. Bieber denies he is the father.
Demi Lovato’s older sister Dallas Lovato पोस्टेड these pictures to Twitter on Thanksgiving. We प्यार that Demi spent Thanksgiving with her family at home. Who did आप spend Thanksgiving with?

P.S. Demi looks beautiful as always!

Hot Chelle Rae Ft. Demi Lovato “Why Don’t आप प्यार Me?”

Here it is! The full-length new song from Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato. The track is called “Why Don’t आप प्यार Me?”

The song hasn’t officially released yet, but this leaked version has been spreading around the web. Listen below and let us know what आप think!

Allisyn Ashley Arm shared a चित्र of Justin Bieber on the डिज़्नी Channel Original Series “So Random.” Here’s what she पोस्टेड along with the picture:

Sneek peek of the #SoRandom Holiday ep w/ @justinbieber! Weird shot of me. Looks like I’m screaming in his ear. :P

Lol! We’re so glad Justin will be on the show!

Justin Bieber On “The View” November 23, 2011

Justin Bieber appeared on ABC’s “The View” on November 23, 2011. Justin sat down for an interview, and he also performed the song “Mistletoe” from his क्रिस्मस album “Under The Mistletoe.”

Justin also had a special guest शामिल होइए him for his performance – Mary J. Blige!
Just days after Mariah Yeater accused Justin Bieber that he was the father of her young son, Justin's girlfriend Selena Gomez reportedly broke up with the singer.

According to American media, Selena broke up with Justin is eight months long relationship this weekend, but the interruption of hiding from the public. "Selena is hung up with Justin on Saturday," says a close स्रोत who adds that Selena is now agreed to hold in public because of his management that he begged her to wait in order to reduce pressure on Justin to the स्कैंडल with fans.

"His conduct damage control management and want to Selena for some time to appear close to Justin, because they fear that the public would be able to break their experience as Justin's admission that he slept with a प्रशंसक of," the स्रोत said.
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Andrew Manavi - Everyone's Guru

At first glance, Andrew Manavi looks like your typical, run of the mill, incredibly good-looking, confident, teen celebrity; however, there is another side of Andrew.

At the tender age of 22, he has sold over 1M in reported revenue, making him one of the wealthiest self-made men of technology. A graduate of UC Berkeley, with an honorary PhD for his magnificent restructuring of a European विश्वविद्यालय just before they filed chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In the buisness world, you'll see Andrew Manavi with a backwards hat lecturing to a group of marketing fanatics, hanging on to every word of his. He'll be unshaven, and ungroomed, which he transforms from in the teen Pop world. Andrew Manavi is reportedly so rich he can retire at 22.

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Zendaya Coleman sat down with Ernie D on Radio डिज़्नी to talk about her new song “Dig Down Deeper.” The song is from the डिज़्नी Channel animated special “Pixie Hollow Games.” Have आप heard “Dig Down Deeper“? If so, what do आप think of the song?


Zendaya Coleman Flashback Friday November 11, 2011

Aww, how adorable is this चित्र of Zendaya Coleman and her grandmother? Zendaya posts a picture from her past each Friday, and this is one of our प्रिय so far! Here’s what Zendaya पोस्टेड along with the picture above:

Flashback Friday!! me and my grandma!!

Do आप have lots of pictures of yourself and your family from when आप were little?
Justin Bieber was in great spirits during his visit to The Late दिखाना With David Letterman Wednesday evening, during which he poked fun at some of his questionable wax figures, discussed his paternity स्कैंडल with Mariah Yeater and tried to name all seven continents.

The 17-year-old pop sensation, who was there to promote his new CD, Under the Mistletoe, provided some pretty awesome running commentary as Letterman showed him some pictures of his infamous wax figures. “I don’t know what they were thinking,” Bieber quipped.

“It doesn’t look like me at all,” he कहा of one in particular....
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At a Radio डिज़्नी event in Chicago Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman, from “Shake It Up,” danced to the song “Twist My Hips.” Watch below and let us know what आप think of each ladies’ dance moves! They’re both such great dancers!

Have आप been lucky enough to see Bella and Zendaya live in person at an event? Or, do आप watch their डिज़्नी Channel Original Series “Shake It Up”?


Disney Channel “Frenemies” Promo

Here is the first promo to be released for the डिज़्नी Channel Original Movie “Frenemies.” The movie stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman from the hit डिज़्नी Channel Original Series “Shake It Up” alongside actress Stefanie Scott from the डिज़्नी Channel Original Series “ANT Farm.”

Watch the “Frenemies” promo video below and let us know if आप are as excited for the movie as we are!

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Andrew Manavi - The Scoop!

Signed to Jive Records after graduating from UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2011, Andrew Manavi decided to pursue his dream of संगीत in Los Angeles.

He was quickly signed to Jive Records due to his soothing vocals and boyish good-looks. While under Jive, differences with management arose, which although were unclear then--have become clear recently.

In a radio interview November 2011, Andrew Manavi stated: 'I was simultaneously building my internet company, which had become और successful than I had ever imagined.' This, according to sources at Sony (Jive), was the reason...
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Now that Justin Bieber has taken a DNA test to hopefully squash allegations from Mariah Yeater that he fathered her 4-month-old son, Yeater’s camp is saying that her son Tristynn will indeed take a test as well despite nearly a week of silence since Bieber’s submission.

Yeater’s lawyers tell TMZ that the 19-year-old will प्रस्तुत करे her son for testing, hoping to prove her claims that Bieber is his biological father. The lawyers also say that someone from their team should have been present when DNA samples were taken from Bieber so that they could ensure the accuracy and reliability of the tests.
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Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट steps out of Rugby Ralph Lauren on Bleecker सड़क, स्ट्रीट on Tuesday (November 22) in West Village, NY.

The 21-year-old musician sported a Ralph Lauren Black Label Cable Cashmere Sweater while out and about.

That evening, Taylor performed at Madison Square Garden as part of her Speak Now World Tour 2011 where pal Selena Gomez made a surprise appearance!

Taylor and Selena sang “Who Says” together and Taylor told the crowd that in the four years they’ve been फ्रेंड्स they had never performed together!