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I'm not sure if I can write this type of story on here, but I will anyway because I don't where else to write this. I hope it doesn't suck too bad. Enjoy. Notice how there's no exclaimation point after "Enjoy". This shows I'm very non-chalant when it comes to writing. If आप don't know what non-chalant means, look it up. Anyway, here goes.

Star's POV
"What do mean get out more", I screamed at my mother."I get out plenty."

"Sweety", कहा my mom in a loving yet annoyed voice."I just think आप should stop studying, and get outside. Enjoy the fresh air, आप have all summer to study."

"But Mom, I have...
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Noah (Lucas in French), labeled The Schemer, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Screaming Gophers team. He is currently unqualified to compete in Total Drama Action.

Being born in a large family with numerous siblings, Noah hardened himself over the years to prevail through life's obstacles and learned to overcome problems द्वारा using his intelligence rather than his physical strength. He has been कहा to be an avid player of video games and has nearly-encyclopedic knowledge of modern literature and other forms of media. In school, Noah performs well and is even competent (and...
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(lol I प्यार Noah so I decided today (reinactment) me: I'm sooo fudging booooored :P! Tiny me (WTF?): write a Noah article... Me: But what about my other story? Tiny me: आप ALREADY DID PART 2 SO MAKE THE FUGIN NOAH ARTICLE! Me: 0.o (end) well enjoy :D)

1. He's so fuggin epic
2. Cause he's Noah
3. We all प्यार his sarcastic टिप्पणियाँ
4. He makes everyone lmao
5. He has enough guts to team up with izzy
6. He has sexy hair!!!!
7. His famous line "Come fly with us! Come die with us!"
8. His little girl scream
9. His team spirit (Go. Team go. :P)
10. He was the first one who figured out Alejandro was evil...
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