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***/****/****/**** ***||****||****||******
***||****||****||****** **(-----------------)***** **(-------Happy------)*** ***(-----Birth-day----)*** ***(______________)***

Do u know how many words i write 4 u r just little 4 a really special candle like you.
1st of all
i wanna दिखाना आप the poem i wrote 4 you

You're such a special friend! It's a pleasure to remember आप anytime, especially on your birthday. Have a Great दिन ahead!
The perfect recipe for your साल ahead should be 20 percent प्यार mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on चोटी, शीर्ष 20 percent...
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Umm. I doubt if आप still remember me ! But i do !
you're still the same person close to my दिल !!
I miss आप a ot ! Its been ages since we talked last time ! I'm sorry i cant really come over here !
Im messed up to be honest !!
I came here cuz its your दिन today ! You're 16 WOW ! Days went so fast !
I remember when it was my birthday and Now i really want a party studded full of harry potter and daniel stuff !
I miss आप ! Hope you're happy and awesome !
Be strong and Don't really let anyone to let आप down ! आप always have my back ! Even tho i dont come on here often ! Just message me :(
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