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 Happy birthday,sisy<33
Happy birthday,sisy<33
Happy Birthday to my lovely,cuty,osmmmm sis....she makes me laugh sooo much...I just प्यार u,my sisy...ummmahhhh...thnxx a lot for being in my life


 Ur birthday cake!!
Ur birthday cake!!

Thats what my world
has become with you!
On this special day..
sending आप all my love
to wish आप happiness
today and always?


I'm so blessed to have a friend like Many Many ! Happy returns of the दिन :-*

Dua hai ki kamyabi ke har...
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आप are my sunshine.
आप send color to my gray.
When I’m in tears.
आप blow my heartbreak away.
आप make me happy when times are down.
आप turn my world upside and around.
आप catch my tears in your hand.
When I’m in terror आप understand.
When I’m falling to the ground.
आप catch me and twirl my दिल around.
When I’m surrounded द्वारा darkness within the night.
आप come around and cast your light.
If आप weren’t here I don’t know what I'd do.
Sunshine, I really प्यार you.

आप are my umbrella when it rains.
आप cover me up when I’m in vain.
आप hold me in times of need.
आप are my bandage when I bleed.
When I’m lonely and times are rough.
आप प्यार me और than enough.
आप are my sunshine in times of rain.
Please tell me आप प्यार me again.
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