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I recorded all spanking scenes from Sailor Moon in an updated video. I recorded scenes from Sailor Moon R Episodes 60 and 63. And from Sailor Moon Super S The Movie.
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 Innocent moments.
Innocent moments.
Hi guys, since I am a प्रशंसक of the original ऐनीमे series. So here are my reasons and opinions on why I prefer the original over the reboot.

My Childhood

I grew up with the original and I used to watch it in English dub, but upon watching it again recently in English. I found out that they actually cut out a number of things until the हाल का re-dub of the 90's version, despite that I am currently watching the original Japanese dub.

About Sailor Moon Crystal

Okay, I saw चित्रो and वीडियो of it, considering that I read the मांगा before watching the anime. I was not happy with it, especially about the एनीमेशन style. In fact, I had mixed feelings about the दिखाना as doesn't really make much of a difference to me!

The Songs

I प्यार Japanese and English pop music, so I प्यार both the soundtrack in both dubs. It has meaningful lyrics I have to say!

Fighting Evil द्वारा Moonlight

So are my opinions about the fame ऐनीमे show, do आप agree?
 Loving these casts!
Loving these casts!
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