Rizzoli & Isles Name that Tune!

Crouse posted on Mar 18, 2016 at 06:28PM
In Season 6 Episode 18, A Shot in the Dark, there is a catchy tune, with Lyrics,

"And the party don't start 'til we get in there
I can make lightning flash/if I clap my hands/ooh yeah
I can make the devil sell me his soul/and then calmly sing woo woo woo
And if I get too mad/I can make the thunder roll
All white everything 'cept the watch/and the watch made of all white gold
Let me know if you get me
But you don't wanna see/and she don't wanna leave
Baby I'm too hot/just dance with me
We just came to party"

Can anyone name that tune?
Thank you!

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