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posted by peachdaisy432
One दिन in the मशरूम kingdom called Toad Town, Princess आड़ू, पीच was having a चाय party with Pauline.Then they saw Mario and Luigi running after shadow क्वीन theres my boyfriend Mario कहा Pauline then आड़ू, पीच got mad at Pauline and pulled pauline over to her then आड़ू, पीच put paulines head in her mouth then pushed Pauline further then bit Pauline in her mouth then she swallowed Pauline what a yummy Pauline कहा आड़ू, पीच SHUT UP आड़ू, पीच ONCE I GET OUT OF YOUR BELLY I WILL CHAIN SAW आप IN HALF कहा Pauline
posted by DaisyIsStupid
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i'm so sad right now because peachdaisy432 left फैन्पॉप i mean why did she have to go? I did not even get to say goodbye to her! Does anyone know why she left? she कहा the reson why she left is because of poop sucks and she also कहा that if poop sucks leaves फैन्पॉप forever then she will come back on do आप guys miss that very mush well I DO? and i don't care if आप guys रिपोर्ट this लेख या say mean टिप्पणियाँ on this लेख anyway
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Princess आड़ू, पीच walked her way घर with daisy.say daisy,how is your husband?oh hes wonderful!luigi been saving me and taking care of the baby ever since like non-stop!how is your husband?oh,mario hes fantastic he have taking care of me plus the baby.they reach the गढ़, महल and when they walked in and see pauline.well your try to take my mario away.princess आड़ू, पीच कहा hes not your mario hes my mario and द्वारा the way....GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!geez.pauline walks out of the castle. and द्वारा the way what a horrible castle.(princess आड़ू, पीच gets angry and pushes pauline in the water where she can might drown) curse आप princess peach!yea i hate आप too!(pauline almost drowns)